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  1. Thanks for your help. Have been trying to pick up and add the coin. I have the right code (went back to the cache and got that off the coin today), but I get an error on the Track page.


    This is probably part of the reason so many bugs and coins go missing. They can't be logged in.


    BTW, when I went to the Geocoin page, there is no spot to enter a coin code. There is also no coin listed on the map for Key West. And finally, when I go back to Magic of the Music, I can edit my visit but am unable to see a coin and check it out.


    Thanks again. I'll try this again when I'm not so OMIGOD FRUSTRATED.



  2. I grabbed a geocoin from Key West in April and have just dropped it off in a cache near my home in Massachusetts.


    When I dropped it off I forgot to note the number/code on the coin but figured I'd be able to find that in my account because I logged that I had taken it from Key West.


    I was wrong. SO I went back to the cache today, grabbed the coin, wrote down the code, then put the coin back.


    But even with the code that's on the coin I've been unable to log it in or track it or anything. AND my regular cache log doesn't give me an option to say that I dropped off a trackable item in that cache.


    Also, the owner of the coin put a slightly angry note on the cache from which I got the coin in Key West asking whomever took it to not be a ninny and to drop it off soon.


    Is there a logging issue right now with trackable items?


    Because I have a regular account and not a premium, is that why I can't log a trackable when I log a cache?


    What can I do (I've sent an email to the owner four days ago but have heard nothing from him)?





  3. Hey all.


    I've come into some holiday cash courtesy of early Xmas presents and some accumulated Channukah gifts (yes, we celebrate both in my home) and I am thinking of upgrading my Magellan Meridian.


    It's about four or five years old. It's the basic yellow and black model. It takes an SD card and has been with me to Europe and FL and all over. I like the unit, but want to know from others if they think there are MUCH better machines available these days.


    I like the ability to load different maps on different cards and then swap them.

    I like the waterproofness.

    I want something a little smaller

    I have a Macintosh and WOULD love a unit that seamlessly works with my Mac (right now I have to borrow access to a PeeCee to get any maps loaded.


    Thanks in advance!!


    OH YES - What does the little 'r' mean on GPSr????????



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  5. I'm currently having two things happen with my Meridian.


    1. I put in the coordinates for a local cache (in NH) that should have been a mile away. Then I hit goto and selected that waypoint. The goto line went 67 miles right into the Atlantic Ocean. No matter what I did, I couldn't fix it.


    2. Recently I've entered waypoints and then a few minutes or 10s of minutes later shut off the GPS. When I turn it back on, the waypoint is GONE. I have no idea what that's about.


    In fact, I used the GPS for an entire round of golf and did a waypoint at the middle of every green on my local course. During the round I had to change batteries (this was around hole five).


    Once the battery change was done, I lost the waypoint I put in the night before for my home AND I lost the second hole (I hadn't put the first in because we were holding the twosome up behind us.


    Any thoughts???





  6. Well, here's my issue I think.


    I just went to geocaching.com and got this cache as an example..


    Traditional Cache Housecleaning Cache

    by TeamWidget [profile]


    N 42° 13.946 W 070° 55.655


    THEN I went to the map and it gives me....


    Latitude: 42.232433

    Longitude: -70.927583

    Revise | New Map


    THOSE ARE NOT CLOSE AT ALL. So which am I supposed to use? The coordinates or the Lat Long?


    Thanks. Don't mean to be dense.





  7. Hi. My searches into the forums have yielded only minimal success in locating a true solution for my problem(s). In a nutshell:


    I’m new to geocaching, but not that new to using a GPS.

    My Magellan Meridian has a large SD card inside with multiple 16MB maps on it.

    I own only Macintosh computers and have been unable to get the Magellan – and included cables to even show up on the Mac – EVEN WITH VIRTUAL PC and serial to USB adaptors. *(The last time I tried was mid 2005).


    1 – Should I scrap the Meridian and buy a smaller, better Garmin that’s Mac compatible?

    2 – Is there an easy way to load waypoints onto my SD card so that they show up over the existing maps (the files are visible when I use a USB card reader, so if I can get the GPX files I can just copy them over – but I don’t know if that’s all I need to do)

    3 – Tell me more about a premium membership. Will it allow me to download a bunch of waypoints to a file? If not, what other benefits are there as the main stumbling block for me is getting waypoints into the GPS.

    4 – What’s the most similar model in functionality to the Meridian if I do scrap this model and go to Garmin (e.g. – are there models that use the SD card as expandable memory?)






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  8. I am due to visit Mayenne in France to see friends and wanted to find my first Cache abroad. Can any one tell me how to go about finding one. I have used the post code and Mayenne as a search but no results. Thanks


    Try typing in France as a search term and then narrow it down by region and then area.




    http://www.alifeofplay.com - the podcast about having fun.

  9. Hey, all.


    You've all been great so far. I'm NOT going to place anything for a while as I'm a newbie and am caught up in figuring out all the nuances of this great sport.


    (actually interviewed a Geocacher on my most recent podcast - A Life of Play - and that got me all hyped up about finding out more)


    BUT now I have a couple more questions....


    What is the rule about WATER?


    I live near the ocean and in my little harbor are little islands. Can I put a cache out there?


    Also, is it off-limits to do a seasonal cache? e.g What if I wanted to attach a micro-cache to a boat mooring chain?


    In the cache that I place eventually, how much schwag should I seed it with? One item, two, three, 47?


    Finally, do travel bugs go missing very often? In the future, I want to have a bug that travels the world, but want to see how kind the world is to these little adventurers.


    Thanks lots!





  10. Matt,


    I have the same model and it definitely DOES have the GOTO function. I will have to grab it from my car and play with it for a second, but it's EASY to set up.


    If I recall, you enter the coordinates you want which then create a waypoint. THEN you press the GOTO button on the bottom, and choose Waypoint, then it should show you a solid line to the coordinates.


    **You have to set your unit up to DISPLAY the route.



  11. Congratulations on joining the addiction!

    But there are a few things you might want to know:

    ~ The cache that you found (and I'm not knocking the type of hide) is not the only kind of cache. What you found is called a "micro-cache". Most caches are larger than a key case, and contain trade goods. You might want to find a few more before you start placing them.

    ~ If you found the cache within ten feet of where you're GPSr said it should be, you were right on target. The GPS is accurate to within yards, not inches. Being 20 to 30 feet off is normal.

    ~ Attend a geocaching event. You'll meet a whole lot of other geo-addicts who will be glad to guide a "newbie".

    Once again, congratulations and welcome.

    Now quit reading this and go out to find another cache!


    Thanks for all the help and comments.


    1 - the purchase of the hide-a-keys is definitely for the future. As RichardMoore suggested, I'll be trying to find a bunch more before I hide my first one.


    2 - I knew about the GOTO feature of my GPS, just wanted to see how close I could get by maneuvering around. We actually circled the town once before I decided to keep one coordinate about the same while moving along the E/W line to adjust the other one. *As it was my first micro, I wasn't familiar with the placement of these, so I looked all around for about 15 minutes once I was in the vicinity.


    I have more placement questions for the future - BUT I'm going to put them in a new post.





  12. Hi all. I found my first cache the other day and now I'm hooked.


    Can somebody tell me:


    Is there a suggested place to purchase the magnetic hide-a-keys that can be used as caches?


    Is there a symbol on the Geocaching.com site for drive-by caches/ or how can I sort my search by those if I'm planning a car trip and want to remain close to the road?


    Is it considered cheating to type the coordinates into the GPS? I didn't do so the other day, but it found me just driving in smaller and smaller circles until I got the GPS to lock onto the coordinates I was looking for.





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