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  1. Hmmm. I'm sensing perhaps there's a problem with the name "Bird Cage" for caches. GCD531 Note that the Bellevue Bomb Squad signed the log on that one...
  2. I resent that! There are plenty of hard mountains around here. Take Cascade mountain. Northeast of provo, utah where BYU is. Most of it is at least a 30-45 degree incline unless you take the nice part of the trail, a.k.a. the bottom half(even then it is still near the incline of the rest of the mountain) and goes up about 6000 feet above the valley, ending at about 10,800 feet. And for those of you who don't hike a lot, that is actually pretty steep. It is actually harder to climb by a good length than Mt. Timpanogos next to it is, even though Timp is about 1000 feet higher. I don't understand the source of your resentment. You do realize Utah isn't in the midwest, right? In fact it's a full state removed from the midwest. And the midwest is much more flat than Utah. Having a pretty diverse sampling of cache finds by location myself, I have to say I have also noticed a strong regional bias to ratings. Terrain especially depends on the overall terrain of the area as another poster described. Identical actual terrain caches in very flat region would be given a higher rating than it would in a more hilly/mountainous area. I've similarly noticed regional difficulty rating differences too, but mostly that Seattle area people all think their caches are much easier than people in other places who rate their similar caches as much more difficult.
  3. Ah! That explains the weirdness I was seeing with my attempt to update at itsnotaboutthenumbers today with the My Finds I generated earlier. I see that distinction between today's and the last one I ran in August. Any chance I can get a reset too? Pretty please?
  4. OK, further info on my failed update, in case it helps someone. As mentioned previously, it lists only 9 of my 219 finds. Of the types of caches I have found, the following types of caches show up when I update from the new PQ: Event CITO Webcam GPS Adventures Maze (though still not listed as such in the tables) The following do not: Earthcache Letterbox Hybrid Multi-cache Project APE Cache Traditional Cache Unknown Cache Virtual Cache
  5. Well, I just re-loaded my August PQ at the site and it still works fine. So it's something about the PQ I got today that is my problem. Whether it's something specific to the formatting of this one or if it's something to do with my finds since the last PQ, I can't be sure. Perhaps I'll poke around a bit and see if I can notice something that stands out. It's too bad because I was looking forward to seeing the three new counties colored in on my WA map.
  6. I seem to be having a similar problem. I just tried to update my info over there. My previous update was in mid-August and I had 210 finds, and all was well. I just got a new My Finds and now the stats from itsnotaboutthenumbers say I have 9 finds and it's split up randomly over the last three years. My stats went all haywire. I'm assuming there's a glitch somewhere in the system. I came here to see if anyone else was having an issue and here I see it listed right up top. I also didn't do anything any differently in the past. I guess I'll wait awhile and try to re-upload and perhaps have to wait another week to get a new PQ. Oh, and I opened up the PQ to check, and all my finds are in there.
  7. You are both trying to use the wrong code for your respective coins. You need to enter the code as found on the coin itself, not the public code you see on the web page for the coin. If you don't have the coin any more, you will need to contact the owner to get it.
  8. After you create your log, you'll then see the option to upload image on the top right of the log page. You can't add it while you are first creating the log.
  9. They might have "Allow friend requests" disabled in their profile.
  10. I was about to walk out the door on Sunday when I got the cancellation notification so I stayed home. Now I'm kind of sorry I missed the fun. I have other plans on May 24th. It's just about the only day I do unfortunately. If you do have it that day, have fun!
  11. The People's Democratic Republic of Yemen The first obvious mistake is abreviating Democratic as Den And the second is that it stopped being it's own country in 1990.
  12. Which makes me wonder, is it specifically a problem with showing them on the map? Would it be possible to add an ability to search by distance in list form? The loss of this feature really bothers me too. It'd be nice if there could be some kind of compromise.
  13. People Den Rep Yemen does appear to be a mistake.
  14. What's wrong with that? You can also go to your accounts page and click on the "Map it" icon on the top right. This will start the map at the home coordinates you entered.
  15. Also on the edit profile page, there is a field for country at the top, but there is also a field for "location" at the bottom which is what is displayed on your profile.
  16. For those who say it looks "normal" are you looking at the 12 images on the gallery page? Or just the cache description?
  17. I've seen that in every gallery with cache page pictures for as long as I can remember. I don't think it's new. XP Pro, IE 6
  18. It shows it for the 30 days following the date you post a "will attend" log. This is regardless of when the actual event occurs. If you post it 35 days before, it will disappear 5 days early. If you post it 25 days before, it will hang out for 5 days after the event.
  19. Looks like if you go through the activation process again, you'll be able to finish everything up.
  20. Congrats for another "small" milestone. I was happy with my 100 on the 5th. I had some family in town to help me out.
  21. It shows it for the 30 days following the date you post a "will attend" log. This is regardless of when the actual event occurs.
  22. Just by way of FYI, I checked this on my work computer before the revert. It also has IE 6 (which, officially, I'm not supposed to change, though I was secretly given the power to. I like to play by the rules on this and not piss off IT.) It operated the same as my home computer. No change in caches appearing, only changes in my finds.
  23. It works for me. Try checking or unchecking a box and then zooming out to refresh the map. Nope. I just checked in Firefox and see how it's supposed to work. When I open in IE 6, the boxes come up unchecked at the start. Checking, unchecking, scrolling, zooming in, zooming out don't change the caches that appear (all of them). "Hide my finds" also starts unchecked and works correctly when I check or uncheck it. Please don't make me upgrade to IE 7. I don't wanna.
  24. The new maps are beautiful!! Is there a trick to getting the individual cache types to show/hide? Checking and unchecking the box doesn't appear to do anything for me. Hide my finds works though. I feel like I'm missing something.
  25. Not just you. It's been hit and miss for me for a few minutes. (Or at least "hit and really slow") Probably just a wee hiccup.
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