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  1. Maybe I was just expecting it to email me some stuff. Maybe it does not do that unless I have one of the boxes checked? I checked the one for today, to see if it will email me something.
  2. I thought that might be it, but this is what I got when I went to the page about the terms. Thank you! You have agreed to the license agreement. You can now download waypoints from the web site and receive Pocket Queries if you have a Premium Membership. The waypoint page is a good place to start to download free software to get started. Agreement for your records: So, no dice. I did see the one that I ran in the list though. Any more ideas?
  3. Did that. I also have a folder set up just for geocaching stuff. have had for years. Still no goodies.
  4. Wow. Good job, I would sign up under those rules absolutely. Would this be an offer that is only open to premium members, or do you have any requirements other than be 18 or older yet? Keep up the good work, Michael
  5. Anyone have one that they dont use anymore? Upgraded, dont like it, etc? Thanks, Michael cleenjeep@yahoo
  6. I just became a premium member last week, and have tried several pocket query requests. I have not recieved a single one. I even tried telling it to not send to the registered email address, but to a different one. Still nothing. I do, however still get my weekly updates. Not as useful. Who do I contact? This is a bit frustrating. He he... Michael
  7. I would be interested in participating as well. I have never even used anothe GPS besides my etrex, and a garmin12. How would this begin? Someone has to lay out some cash in the beginning, or get a unit donated. It would be handy if it also came with a data cable to connect to a computer. I would suggest ups, as they include some insurance automatically, or require insurance through whatever shipping method. I think that paying shipping to try out a different unit would be worth it. I can gladly email my address and phone number to be included on a trial of a gps unit. Sounds like fun. I dont get to go caching with others very often, so it would be neat to try another GPSR. Michael
  8. $30. Look on ebay, and on amazon. I got a palm v11 for 26 shipped. Pretty good I would say.
  9. I am wondering what will happen as well, I think that people need to just be cautious about where they place containers of any kind for caching. Kinda On topic, I didnt know anything about michigan charging a user fee for cachers. As far as I know, nobody is charging anything. I live in michigan, and have never hears of this.
  10. Also, a used ziplock makes a good log book cover. Also useful for travel bugs that have bags. Also good for other things in the cache that need some extra protection. All good for many uses.
  11. Any chance of s&t 2005 showing waypoints from the GPS?
  12. Thanks for the reply, I will look into the mapopolis closely. I did find the cable, but now I forgot where. I havent decided to purchase it just yet, for reasons you have listed.
  13. Does mapopolis support the gps connection? What are the options for map programs for a palm? Are there others? It would be nice if they would work on my old 7 too. Showing the waypoints would naturally be a big plus, but not entirely necessary. Michael
  14. how is the quality of the ammo cans at this site?
  15. I usually dont take sig items because I dont collect anything, especially not pieces of paper. Many times, these sig items are business style cards, that get wet, and then mold, or are illegible. This is an example of when I would take it, when it becomes garbage. I think sig items are neat, and I like to look at them, but I just wouldnt collect them. I never collected baseball cards, or the like. Some people do, and I can dig that, but just not for me.
  16. Didnt work on NT. I *dont like strongly* this computer. But, it still works.
  17. the calendar of despair would have to be filled with infamous DNF logs, and photos of very frustrated looking individuals. LOL...
  18. I too started on a 12. I learned to use my instincts when getting close. now I have an etrex, and it takes me so close to the cache that I feel spoiled. On a related note, I recently traded my 12 for a motorcycle. heh... not too shabby.
  19. DO you mean like this? I never knew there were so many barbara streisand fans. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...22-e0ff26ef6a1e
  20. BTW, my sig quote is DA as well. From that last book, the most unusual "salmon of doubt".
  21. Just a little story to share, on the day that Douglas Adams passed away, I was out caching. Had to swim to a mosquito ridden island in a park that was rumored to be haunted by a witch. When I emerged from the sludge pond, and opened the cache, I was rewarded with a battered copy of "so long and thanks for all the fish." So delighted was I, that I attempted to tread water on the way back, but only managed to just keep the book dry. I was caught without my towel as well. For shame. Later that day, I heard of his demise on NPR. How ironic that I should find a DA book on the day of his death, also, it was the only one I did not have a copy of. I had thought of making it a TB as well, so that others may read it.
  22. That coupon code didnt work for me. 7 for shipping on four dollars worth of stuff... nah, I can just go to the dollar store. Anyone else have trouble with the coupon code?
  23. Agreed. I go to two places to find caches. Buxley's is usually first, so I can scan an area, and then to the GC.com page that lists the nearest caches to that one. I feel that the map that GC.com offers is not as good. I dont want panning, I dont want fancy pictures of containers. I think it is not half as good. Their map is small, and busy looking. Hard to pick out caches from streets, and other things. I support bringing buxley back up too. I love both gc.com and buxleys.
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