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  1. I just checked, and they seem to be pretty good. The batteries are a pretty tight fit still. Enough that it's almost troublesome to get them in and out. I suppose that's a good thing. Good idea about the master reset, I didn't even know about that. I will try it if it comes up again.
  2. Well, either eliminating all the languages I wasn't going to use, the profile pictures I wasn't going to use, and the GPX files I WAS going to use did it, or the update did. Either way, it's staying on, for now.
  3. Oh bugger. I downloaded the web updater, ran it. It said there is hundreds of megabytes of updates. I was a bit surprised, but okay. Then, of course, it failed to complete. It says there is not enough room on the disk. Maybe this is a good time to mention I have the 400c, with the marine maps. That drive has 992mb free. I have a wee little sd card in the back with the street maps on it. It has 2.5 Gig free. So, ahhh... hmmm. I guess I better delete the waypoints, and gpx files to run this update. I will put them in a folder on the desktop for now.
  4. I am on a trip, and this afternoon, my Oregon shut off while I was driving. I thought maybe the power cord fell out, or was not seated properly. I checked that it was, shrugged, and unplugged it, knowing it has batteries in it. Then it shut off again, but maybe the batteries were pretty old, I thought, at least a few weeks. So I put new Duracell batteries in it. Shuts off. I tried it a dozen times, even swapping out the new batteries for more new batteries. I plugged it into my laptop for power, and it's getting sketchy now, because I am still driving. Nope, shuts off. I am using the Garmin cord it came with, for what it's worth, when plugging into the computer. Just now I arrive at the hotel I am staying at this evening (early, I know) and plugged it into the laptop, and entered mass storage mode (it prompted me), and it does not shut off. Hmmmm..... Should I download latest firmware and upgrade? I don't have mapsource on this laptop, this is company issued. I have a track on there I really really really want to save, I made it only yesterday, it was a fantastic ride I took on my motorcycle (brought it with me!) and I want to ride that route again someday. Maybe tomorrow. Help! Thoughts, suggestions?
  5. The 2720 uses a standard mini-USB, available just about anywhere. Nothing special about it. For power? The connector I had for power was a rounded triangle sort of thing. I know about the data connector. I just tried the mini-usb, and it doesn't power up with that alone.
  6. For example, I find this for the round plugs. If I could only find a similar diagram for the street pilot, that would be great.
  7. I am searching for the pinout for a Garmin 2720. My wife borrowed it for a trip to North Carolina a few weeks ago, and left the cable in the rental car. I was looking for it yesterday, and she mentioned that she left it. Could have mentioned it sooner, I think. I am about to leave on a motorcycle trip tomorrow morning. DOH! I know I can make a temporary cable from some bent flat pins and a credit card, but I don't know the pinout. Can someone find a diagram, or tell me which pins to use? I have been searching, but it has been fruitless. Thanks in advance!
  8. I found out what it was. I had been using the wires from the phone charger without opening up the case of it. There was three, a red, a yellow, and an orange. I measured the 4.3V across red and either of the others. So, I chose red and yellow. When I opened the case of the charger, they were labelled on the board. One was v+, one v-, and one was vs. Yup, the yellow. So, I switched it around, and viola. Works like a charm.
  9. I assembled a car/PC cable using an E2plug and a cell phone charger. I ensured the voltage is correct, at about 4.3Vdc, and the polarity. I have triple checked it. However, when plugged into the etrex, it will not turn on. First time it happened I thought I must have done something very wrong, but then I popped batteries into it, and it works fine. I made sure the pins are projecting far enough out of the e2plug, and checked voltage/polarity again. Seems A-ok. I used this previously, but with a different power source, another adapter for another cell phone. But, the adapter was shut in a door, and the housing fell apart, so I had to get another. This one is a bit different, but voltage is still within the etrex's range of 3 to 6 volts, if I remember that part right. I have heard of the screen going quite dark if the voltage is too high, but that doesn't appear to be the trouble. The screen is not dark, it is not on at all. Any ideas?
  10. I guess I should clarify a bit. When I am using the stylus, where I put it on the screen, is not where it thinks it is. if I were to point to, for example, tuesday, it would click on monday, or not anything at all. The problem seems to be confined to the area above the graffiti pad usually, but not always. Sometimes I cannot get the backlight popup. Hope that makes sense.
  11. It seems that I have to recalibrate my digitizer a bit too often. Some days I need to do it several times, others I can go all day, sometimes a few days. What is causing this? It's a tungsten t, if that makes any difference. Is there something wrong with the screen, or is this an unrepairable problem? Anyone else experienced this? These symptoms started before I ever loaded cachemate, or any other programs. When I was only using it as a memopad and date book even. Michael
  12. He did a terrific job, I have been using it for years! He answered my email for help with speed, and an updated version of the software for me, incorporating my needs. It was simply incredible.
  13. Wow, great job on the stenciling and paint. How did you get it so neat looking?
  14. !Please note sarcasm! For clarification, I do not think anyone else would agree that the proper way to deal with cache bandits is with some kind of retribution. In all likelihood, you would only manage to anger or injure some innocent person or animal. Or both.
  15. Oh yeah. Terrific idea, we should all go and place booby traps in the woods. The whole gamut. ropes, swinging logs, covered pits..
  16. Too $$$ for me. I only get to dream about it. I guess I am a NOLS wannabe alum then, as I ice climb, rock climb, kayak, etc. Even having lead some small trips myself. <--- Just drools about the stuff they do.
  17. This is a winner to me. I actually laughed til I cried. I could just see this exchange in the woods. You slapped a complete stranger while talking gibberish to him!!! ahahahah... Oh criminy. I nearly fell out of my chair. Good thing nobody else is working here today.
  18. wednesday at least. I thought we could just send him the loc file for our own caches, and they could add them. Dunno, havent placed a new cache in a while.
  19. second that. using firefox right now, but I too am seeing this same message over and over. It is practically spam.
  20. Yeah, that's pretty bad. I got a gift card from my employer that they thought was a great idea, give it to me before turkey day, you know, to get a turkey. Makes them feel less like a scrooge, or something. It is for farmer jack, a store in the metro detroit area. $50 too. Too bad I live an hour from detroit, and work here too. Pretty nice. It will go with the giant coupon book they gave me earlier this year. Also for detroit. I gave it away. I couldnt even recycle it, it was so full of coupons, it was thicker than the phone book. I think I will give someone (boss) a gift certificate for someplace that is about three hours from his home. Wonder if they just dont care, and are going to can me.
  21. yeah, I know. That is just what it says on the item description. It was at the link that was posted above. Not to split hairs, the price is pretty close either way, and a few dollars isnt going to make or break anyone who was going to buy a few tb's anyway.
  22. PICTURE TITLE QTY PRICE TOTAL Geocaching.com Travel Bug All Products Remove From Shopping Cart $5.25 $5.25 SUB TOTAL : $5.25 SHIPPING : $1.05 GRAND TOTAL : $6.30 Final total calculated at checkout This is what the checkout looked like as well. 1.05 per item? Yup. I updated the quantity, and it updated the shipping. Each one costs 1.05 to ship. Whew... So, where did you get these prices from?
  23. item number 302, the travel bug, is 5.25 each. I dont see where there are any discounts available. maybe they raised their prices since you posted?
  24. Boring. I marked over 50 bills once, and only got hits on two of them. Of those two, one got two "founds" and one only got one before they were both missing, or uncirculated, or never reported again. I have to think it is a colossal waste of time. I found WG before I found geocaching, and GC QUICKLY replaced wheresgeorge. Like, overnight, I decided that wg sucks, and gc is where it is at. Weeks later, placed several caches. They were found quickly, people enjoyed it, and no dollar bills were damaged in the process. I agree with all the above statements about how it doesnt actually track the natural movement of bills as well.
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