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  1. Well it is thursday already!!! Swizzle
  2. I hear ya man. I went through about 10 pages just looking for my caccoon cache back on #1951. Its almost like seeing some of them first the first time. I can't believe I didn't remember all of those. Defiantely worth a trip back through the pages of time. Swizzle
  3. It's not much but I decided to throw together some quick and dirty instructions on how I made a cheap waterproof micro. To start I went to my local dollar store and they had these up by the counter. I know not every dollar store will have these so if yours doesn't then this is gonna cost you more. Peel off the sticker and sand it down good to get all of the shiney off of it. I was suprized at how nicely 1/2" plastic conduit slides right in. $0.92 at Home Depot. I just cut it so that it slides down into the neck just a little. Then just make yourself a scroll log and a cache pencil. If you put in to many sheets of paper they will be hard to pull out. The next thing I'm going to try is to make a ring out of the conduit instead of a tube and see if it makes it easier or not. I have one of these underwater in the field and its still nice and dry. I've also tested this inside a jar of water. I filled it with toilet paper and had my 6 year old put the top on and then I let it sit completely submerged upside down for a week. These containers will work just as good as anything with a rubber O ring. But as with any container they will only stay dry if the last cacher puts the top back on right. Which in this cache should be rather simple. Swizzle Edited to add more: I cut about a 1 inch ring and that seems to work much better. Swizzle
  4. About that super micro cache that we were "discussing" earlier. The post I was refering to is #1951. Swizzle
  5. That lock n lock n lock is cool. Instead of a pill container I think I would have used the smallest lock n lock they sell. Nice work. Swizzle
  6. I just saw the coolest sig. item in another thread and thought it would be great to open a thread to see other people's handy work in creating their own sig. items. Maybe you can show everyone how you made your sig. items from scratch? After seeing that thread I'm strongly thinking that I need to make some of my own sig. items but I'm drawing a blank on where to start. Swizzle
  7. Those are definately awesome. How would one go about making these into geocoins? This thread gave me an idea for a seperate thread on sig. items. I'd like to see more handy works like these. I never really considered using a sig item but maybe I should. Swizzle
  8. With a cache that small that you could hide it inside a nano I'd personally like to see a little more creativity. I could make a cache that size or smaller myself using a coffee stirrer if I to the time to do it. Why not go to the dollar store and buy some fake insects. Cut the wings off of a plastic fly and glue it on. What you have is the skeleton that could be full of possibilties. I believe my caccoon cache is still on page 39. I had someone else post it for me so locals wouldn't cheat by seeing it in the forums. Its been out for a while now so I don't really care if they see it now or not. We're not all badmouthing you. Its more like cunstructive critism. Some are better at giving it then others. You cache has potential to be so much better then just a tube glued to a magnet fragment. Its up to you to decide if you want to create the worlds smallest cache or something a little bigger then that. Swizzle
  9. Personally I'd make a fake prickly pear cactus and put it in the middle of a nice patch. Maybe have a rubber rattlesnake keeping guard. How big are you looking to hide here? Bison tube wired to a fake scorpion. Bury the bison tube in the sand but have it wired to the scorpions abdomen. If its sand you could probably "cover" a whole ammo can with a layer of sand. Don't bury it!! For some humor you could turn a pair of boots upside down in a small sand dune and stick a cache in that. Just make sure your hides are off of normal walk ways and hiking trails and go with it. An old wooden cross with the post hollowed out and placed behind a pile of rocks. Unknown size cache and cachers would be tossing that rock pile all over looking for the cache and maybe find a plastic skeleton for their troubles. Those are just a few examples that I just came up with. I live in NY. Sandy beaches around here need to be restocked every year. You have an endless supply out your way. Be creative and think of a few yourself. Micro in a tumble weed. Just wire the tumble weed down so it ain't blowin' away. I'm sure I could think of a few more. Swizzle
  10. Actually, a pair of D cells. This gadget takes 3V. Hmmm... do I need one of these? The only gotcha I'd see is cold weather operation. Serious cold will drop the cell voltage a good bit. Wonder how cold these would go on 3V? A cricket chirping in the snow might keep the muggles wondering, too! Ah, I see you are correct. A pair of D-cells would work for quite a while. If I had to guess, a pair of Lithium D's would keep it operational to about 10 below F. The real problem would be the moisture that could get into the piezo speaker. Those are pretty fragile in their own way. I wonder if those re-usable oxygen absorbers would work out ok to help make it a little more water resistant. I see them in survival and surplus mags once in a while. You put them on an oven rack and open the door of the oven. Then you put your oven on its lowest setting to dry them back out. Swizzle
  11. Thanx for all of the info guys. I'll definately make sure to get permission from all coin owners as well as blacking out the tracking numbers. I can see the problem with your "new to cachin" buddy coming over and gathering the numbers off of a couple hundred geocoins and lockin a bunch of them up without realizing he's doing anything wrong. Thanx, Swizzle
  12. Do we need to bring our own pen? I did something similar only I hollowed out a piece of couscous. Sorry I couldn't resist. Swizzle
  13. Your wife puts on a new nightie and the first thing you see is your 2 missing nano's. Swizzle
  14. They only last a few days unless you adapt a longer life power source. I imagine a D cell could power it for close to a year. try the annoy-a-tron http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/electronic/b278/ Awesome. I got that locked into my favorites until I can buy it. I drive by that bag of bones almost every day so changing the battery once in a while would be cake. I'll just buy a half dozen batteries every 6 months. I wonder how well it would sound and weather inside of a decon container? Either that or a lock n lock up in a tree hole. Swizzle
  15. What ever happened to those little cricket devices. You hide them in a small office or room and once every minute or two you hear a cricket chirp for a split second. Those were made to drive people crazy for days. Maybe something like that could be used. A cacher would know he's close and pause to find the source well a muggle would get bored with a dumb bug and walk away. I might see if I can find one of those and I have a location I could set it up in. Well once they removed that bag of bones and finish their investigation on the site. Swizzle
  16. Unfortunately the Swastika has a bad wrap because of Hitler. It was originally used by native americans as a symbol of good luck and often painted or stained onto their teepees. The design was actually used on a lot of household good in the U.S. before the reign of Hitler. But now the good luck symbol is mainly known as the symbol of pain for millions of Jewish people. Sorry just a fact. Swizzle
  17. Here's one I threw together yesterday. I bought the bolt and the metal tube/sleeve thingy at lowes for less the $2. I then used my grinder to grind the bolt down so that it would be small enough to slide inside the tube. When I got it close I cut the bolt down to about 1/4 of an inch. Still a little to big to slide into the tube I ground it down very slow until it wouldn't push in but with a little encouragement (hammer) it is firmly seated. I then sealed it around the sleeve with some superglue (probably should've used some JB) and put a few drops inside to help seal it from the inside out. For the scroll log I used an eraser, (to hold the toothpick and help seal out water), toothpick, tape, and 2 nano logs that I printed and cut out as one. So I basically have a double wide nano scroll log. Taped to a toothpick and rolled up and slid into the tube. I think it'll work. I hope so. Swizzle
  18. You give out bison tubes for stocking stuffers and pre-camoed lock in locks as wedding gifts. You donate a $1 for a worthy cause and get a star or shamrock or somthing like that to put your name up for display and you use your user name. Swizzle was hanging up in our local hess station for a while. Swizzle
  19. Does the fact that its still unactivated make it any more or less valueable? I'm thinking about tossing it in ye ol' wall safe for about 20 years. Swizzle
  20. I had this coin given to me a couple years ago. Is it worth anything and how do I find out how many were made. As of right now its still unactivated. Swizzle
  21. Looks like a brain with a lot of grey matter. Its got the basic shape a design down that's for sure. I'm not sure if they are different by location but the ones I find around here are lighter grey. i've thought about using a real hive after the tenants have been evicted of course. I don't think to many people would want to grab it though. I'd call that one slightly evil. Really evil if you're allergic to bees. Swizzle
  22. It's not a fire ant mound, but I have a 'yellowjacket nest' out in the wild somewhere... Cool, must be a good hide. I see it has 3 DNF's so far since August 14th. Swizzle
  23. Thanx Clan Riffster! You should see my artwork on some of my ziplock baggy caches. I actually just placed this one today and I'm waiting for it to get published. Swizzle
  24. That would be fine with me. I'm not interested in making them trackable. Just a pretty copy to keep. Swizzle
  25. My latest geomural from start to finish. Swizzle
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