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  1. Alright, so far I love it. Took me a few minutes to figure out how to get the filter option to exclude finds and hides of mine but once I did, I love it. Only thing that I don't like, is that I can't BOOKMARK that page of results that's been filtered out. I try and bookmark it and it takes me back to the NEW SEARCH page. If there could be some sort of way to bookmark directly to the filtered out page listing all the nearest caches. And as everyone else is screaming about, the State Map feature. But that's not terribly important at the moment. I'm a webmaster too and I can understand the implementation of new features, 1 step at a time. One more thing, on the HIDE/SEEK page, I think the FILTER option should be included there too. Keep up the good work Jeremy and let me know if you ever need help with anything. I'm can't code to save my life, but I'll try my best to help. Morty from Morty's Twisted World (.com) GeoCache now, die later!
  2. Thanks for all the tips. And I'm totally against anything that hogs the site. I'm still amazed we don't have to pay more than we do to be premium members. Its worth every penny and then some. But other than using some program, I wanted a "preference" that could be set on my account that way no matter what PC I may be at in the world, I can just log in and it automatically knows my settings and shows me basically what all of you are saying I can do with a program. Again, if anyone knows of a way just to make it possible when viewing the actual website itself, please let me know. Thanks. GeoCache now, die later!
  3. Thanks. I'll give that program a try. I was just hoping there was a way on the actual GeoCaching.com website to make it list only UN-found caches. Hopefully it will be a feature in the near future. GeoCache now, die later!
  4. Does anyone know if the site has any sort of option where I can make it NOT show all the caches I have found near me. Reason I'm asking, when I click to see the nearest caches to me, 98% of the first few pages are showing the ones I found. I would like to clean it up where I can toggle those off so that on the first page, it re-sorts all the one's I haven't found and list the closest UNfound caches on that first page. That way I don't have to toggle through so many pages just to see 20-30 UNfound caches since I have found such a large number of caches near my home. Hope that made sense GeoCache now, die later!
  5. Another thing you can do is search by STATE. And it shows all the caches along with all the major highways and most streets the more you zoom in. If you know your maps well enough, you can look at this map and it shows all the geocaches along the road. Do a search for your typical cache close to your zipcode and when the page of caches appears up at the top there should be a few choices. One being search "locationless" and another being search by STATE or something along those lines. Sure there is an easier way but I always start by using my zipcode then look at the map exiting my zipcode towards my destination. Morty GeoCache now, die later!
  6. All I was asking for was a given set of rules that are detailed. I had no problem with the admins being against my poor choice of wording. That's very understandable. And I understand that the link to my personal website wasn't agreeable as you mentioned in an email that some kid may disregard the OVER 18 on my site and go right in. Just like kids do on anyways. I understand that. Poor choice to put my website address in the box that says YOUR WEBSITE ADDRESS. Just habit more than anything and didn't think about the kids that aren't being supervised or on PCs without parental control. I understand all that. I started this post as a simple request for a list of rules. But from the links that several people have emailed me, I realize the rules I've been reading is all there is and all there is going to be. And that I can understand too. Morty GeoCache now, die later!
  7. I enjoy GeoCaching for the hunt and trying to use my GPS to guide me through woods, parks, mountains, and streams. Its like taking my computer with me but having more fun with it. Opening the cache and choosing between the happy meal toy or the beanie baby isn't the part I look forward to. Its the hunt. I just figured there might be other people out there who feel the same and they would be the one's going for the hunt I set up. If its not there thing, they wouldn't waste their time with my cache. But as to the Admins being damned if they do or don't, there wouldn't be complaints or at least I wouldn't be complaining at least, if I could have a set of rules, that are set and locked down for me to follow. If they are strict, oh well. But if each "type" of cache category has its own set of rules, I would be more than happy to follow them. Its when a category sounds like the idea in my head would be good, and then it turns out to be denied, that's when it gets frustrating. Don't get me wrong, I think the Admins are doing a great job. I just think it would be easier for them and a heck less frustrating for the average cacher if there were a set of rules in print. Something more than what's already displayed. Morty GeoCache now, die later!
  8. The idea of hiding the magnet, like I said, was strictly for the search and nothing more. Area of my cache is covered with metal and it required a bit of logic from my cache description with simple reasoning to narrow down where it was. So back to my original question. Other than reading throughout the forum to get people's "opinions," is there a page with a set of rules that aren't vague? Because the creativity of a cache can be shot down strictly by an admin's opinion rather than the possible quality of a cache. Morty GeoCache now, die later!
  9. I hid a magnet. Just a magnet. Its basically a virtual that requires more of a hunt. You find the magnet that's about the size of a quarter and you will find a secret word on it. And as far as people sharing the "secret" words with one another, who the heck cares. Ya its great to have a high number of finds but if someone is cheating and putting finds that aren't really finds, who cares? Not like there is prize money. What keeps any of us from logging a traditional cache as a find. Really think the cache owners thumb through the log books and compare it to the logs online and delete the people that didn't handwrite in the logbook? Heck no! But to be honest, I think Mtn-Man has it in for me strickly because at one time I linked to my personal website which is considered not to be "family oriented" which GeoCaching.com is. And I have no problem with that. It wasn't something I should of thought better of. My site may have insulted him to such a degree that he wants nothing to do with me anymore and would probably remove me as a member of GeoCaching if he could. Morty GeoCache now, die later! [This message was edited by Morty's Twisted World on March 10, 2003 at 03:47 PM.]
  10. I can't seem to find a decent set of rules for GeoCaching. The admins are tearing me apart with my creative caches. Well mainly Admin Mtn-Man is. So does anyone have a detailed set of rules? I read the rules on the cache creation page, but those are extremely vague. I tried to hide a I micro that doesn't have a log book, but inside it is a secret word that needs to be emailed to me. The idea was its all about the hunt not so much the trading of goodies. Therefore I made the cache an "Unknown/Surprise" cache. It was either that or make it a Virtual. My cache was archived by Mtn-Man this morning, stating that I can't hide a cache without a log book. What's the deal?!? Anyone help clarify things for me? And why are the rules so stinken strict? This sport is suppose to be about having fun. Is it not? Morty GeoCache now, die later! [This message was edited by Morty's Twisted World on March 11, 2003 at 05:04 AM.]
  11. Anyone have a clue how to get my travel bug page to display its mileage? All my other travel bugs are showing their mileage just fine. But one of them, which is moving all over, isn't showing any mileage and because of that, its not displaying the link to show its movement visually on the US map. Any ideas? Morty GeoCache now, die later!
  12. I know its ancient stuff, but why not play it safe and use a floppy disk. But have a locked file on it, such as NotePad since its so small, to use as a template if someone screws up the latest file. BUt have the instructions where people date their file on the disk, and people open the most current file, do a SAVE AS and add their comments, then save their file with a new date on the disk. And maybe have a comment on your Bug page, where people that plan to hold on to it for a few days, send you the latest files on the disk, once you receive the files, you email them back telling them to delete the back logged files, only to leave the latest version that person saved. May be complicated but with a little thought I'm sure it can be simplified. Plus Floppies are cheap, not going to get some jerk decide to keep it to use on their camera or MP3 player. Morty www.MortysTwistedWorld.com
  13. One thing I noticed with people showing how they carry the Travel Bugs with them from cache to cache before they actually drop them off for good is the abuse of Locationless Caches. People find a locationless cache, lets say of a "WindMill" but they find it in Oklahoma, yet the person that created the locationless of a "WindMill" used the coordinates of the windmill near their house in Sweden. Thus the travel bug appears to have traveled to Sweden. Also that Travel Bug graveyard cache is adding 7000 miles to most people's bugs when they bury their MIA Travel Bugs. GeoCache now, die later! Morty www.MortysTwistedWorld.com
  14. One thing I do, is inside the EasyGPS program which is free and a major time saver when downloading the waypoints in my GPS, is to edit the symbols or icons. In EasyGPS, you can edit the little symbol that will be displayed on your GPS. For instance, people put the FISH for where there is a fishing spot, or boat for where there are boats. You could make the reindeer virtuals or the little dot for virtuals and the cross hair for regular caches. It might take you an extra minute, but with the time that the EasyGPS software saves you, it might be worth it. If you input everything straight into your GPS by hand, you can edit the symbols within there too. GeoCache now, die later! Morty www.MortysTwistedWorld.com
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