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  1. Unless the policy has changed, no user name is ever deleted. I would suggest you contact Groundspeak directly via the help center - at the bottom of the home page.
  2. I ran a PQ for September 2000 and found 9 active.
  3. Will finders have the chance to change the content and/or type of log (DNF to Find, ie) when editing? This question is because it seems that log editions are not registered anymore with an aditional line as it used to be. I edited this log, several hours after having written it and there is no line registering my post edition. There is an allowed window of time for editing without the edit note text. I'm thinking 24 hours, but it might be shorter.
  4. So let me get this straight. This change is driven by security concerns, but yet only a small number of logs use HTML/UBB. How about cache listing pages? Seems to me that the number of cache listing pages using HTML is greater than the logs. So if your concerned about security why didn't you start with cache listing pages?
  5. Thanks for doing this. You probably don't realize how many people use this, but I've gotten several e-mails in the last 24 hours -- "is the bookmark list up yet?" -- so know that your work is appreciated by many. Yes, indeed. There would be no life without the your bookmark and the clever GSAK route numbering macro which allows us to rename the caches with the route number leading the name. Very cool. Thanks for the kind words. After getting a number of comments over the years I was aware the bookmark was poplar. Glad to hear the numbering data and macro is useful. That was the only way I could figure to do it without breaking the TOU.
  6. If there were no restrictions then a business owner could use GS for advertisement purposes. Just imagine all the film cans that would bring you to your local adult toy shop or your local biker dive.
  7. Bookmark has been updated, datafile on the cachemachine website has been updated. GC550FW, #63, seems to have some soft coordinates Both GC282J1, #73, and GC171T5, #75 were marked temp unavailable "Disabling for now".
  8. The bookmark update hasn't happened yet. JHolly will get to them when he gets to them, but if you need it now, I think the only changes are the addition of the coffee stop event (Book-It to Coupeville) and the removal of JJ's Awesome Cache. There may be a couple more, but that's what I remember changing yesterday. The update is planned for later today.
  9. I have a private domain that it goes to, generally I don't miss any. None this week. Other emails are coming through fine. I'll go for the editor on holiday leave or an overly busy party schedule. I don't expect anything until after the 1st.
  10. I know for sure that there is one (the signed version is new) as I downloaded it and it works fine (with the newest version of Firefox) I found it here https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/ by searching for Garmin communicator This is weird. I just now downloaded the version I found as per your suggestion, and it did NOT work. Same error message. I have Firefox 43.0.1 and a Garmin Oregon 450. That is because FF 43.0.1 does *NOT* support the plugin. The boat has sailed and *all* browsers are dropping support for plugins. Soon none, other than down level browsers will work. Technology moves on, so must you. As an example the number of newer apps that support the XP operating system is quickly reaching the number that support win95, which, if you have not checked lately, is zero. GSAK has been mentioned, it might be a good to look into this. It also has mapping tools that will help with selecting caches, and it has tools to download caches in a given area along with PQ's.
  11. Of course you have done extensive research to support this premise. Would you care to share your findings? My findings on my caches is just the opposite. The ones you mention, for the most part, gather few, if any FP's. And if they have FP's, it is generally from the low count, find a few and leave smartphone crowd. Really, for the most part I find that caches that have high FP's are high quality caches worth doing. Granted not all are an ammo can in a wilderness area at the end of a two day hike, and, gasp, might even be in a urban area.
  12. Bookmark and data file updated. My read on the logs of #55 is that the cache is missing. The owner maintenance log was last August and nothing since.
  13. I would log a NA. In you NA log list the points you mentioned in you post.
  14. If your going to use this in an argument, at least get your facts straight.. Trail of Gods was in California, not Nevada.
  15. As I understand your argument, you believe "most" challenge caches require people to find lots of caches in a single day. <snip> Nice post, thanks some reasoned rebuttal. I must say I agree 100% with you, I always felt the sky was not falling.
  16. jholly

    DNF on Profile

    Things fit fine on my profile. Your problem is probably the extra stuff you included. See. A recent update to the macro fixed some of the problems. Try the new version.
  17. But I really don't this was the reason for the moratorium. Yes there were some I can't log a cache I can find complaints, but my impression was the load on the reviewers going over the multitude of submissions that could not be published followed by the inevitable appeal to get it published is what caused the moratorium. As for the I can't log a cache I can find complaints, the change was made a number of years ago so that things like a Thomas guide challenge the final was published, but you could not claim the find until you completed the ALR.
  18. Finally done with power outage and Thanksgiving, back to caching. Good choices again, only found two on the route. #3 GC3KB6J - may be missing according to the last log. #63 GC32H5G - just a note, needs tool, looks like a jug of water #64 GC5A6VR - previously noted, archived. Bookmark posted, web page updated.
  19. The obvious question is if your ignoring them why would you want to download them?
  20. Yep, the CO put a black widow spider in the hole the cache is in, clearly intending harm to come to the finders.
  21. Not as clear cut and easy as you would expect. I live near Seattle, my ISP assigns me an IP that gives a location in or around Portland, OR. Drives me batty because a number of sites are being cleaver and making life 'easy" for me by using my IP to determine the nearest store. I really don't want the Hood River,OR to be my local store when Poulsbo, WA would be a much better choice. So using you approach I would be excluded even though I'm local.
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