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  1. jholly

    Cachemate 4.1

    where does one find the syntax that can be used? The %dif=1 is a bit obscure as is the %drop2 TIA, Jim
  2. Day pack thingy from Wally World. Ten bucks. Carries all I need. Jim
  3. Thanks for the additional info. Lakeuk hit the nail on the head. My GPS-48 is serial but was thinking about getting a Vista Hcx, hence the question. I have a Palm. Jim
  4. Wondering if anyone has used a usb-serial converter on the gps and hooked that up to a PDA. Does it work? TIA, Jim
  5. where does one find these maps? TIA Jim
  6. Where does one get a cable to connect a Palm IIIxe and a Garmin (round plug)? Jim
  7. jholly

    PDA to Garmin

    Some have posted about downloading waypoints to their Garmins from their PDA's. Where do you get a cable? Jim
  8. jholly

    Pocket Query

    While we are asking for features, how about the ability to download caches by polygon? Over lapping circles are a pain. Jim
  9. I was at GCYW3D and picked up a TB. It is not AMY since that was logged as picked up 6/7/07. The "bug" I have has an engraved (not stamped) tracking number of <tracking number removed by moderator>. If I use that to look up the bug, the info does not seem right and the bug that pops up has a different reference number. I'm confused. Helpful pointers appreciated. TIA, Jim <please do not post tracking numbers in public places>
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