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  1. I've decided it is time to retire from bookmark making. It is time to pass the honor to some one else.

    Oh no! :( So many of us rely on your wonderful bookmark lists (and GSAK macro) for the cache machines. I was just looking for it to start planning, and discovered your note. You will be sorely missed and I hope someone takes up the mantle.


    The macros will remain in the website for a while. If anyone picks it up I would be glad to share my setup macros I use on my machine to get the ball rolling.

  2. Does this work for Garmin Etrex 10? I haven't been able to download it correctly:(

    The Etrex 10 has extremely small amount of memory. What it has is mostly unusable for maps and I suspect the tiles from the trail project will overflow the memory. It certainly can't hold a tropo or street map to go with the trails map to make them useful.

  3. Will there be a gpx file?

    No posting a gpx file is against Groundspeaks terms of use. Likely the one posting the file would get their account locked.


    How ever later today or tomorrow morning I will be updating the bookmark to the final route. You can get your own gpx file legally that way.


    ETA: The bookmark will be publicly shareable so the dinner event or any cache on the route will have a link to the bookmark. The major delay now is I need ink for my printer and the FedEx truck has not shown up yet.

  4. Maybe the experience was lacking. :)


    Did they sign the paper log? That might be grounds for log deletion, otherwise it seems the finder found the the cache, signed the log and logged online. The key elements for a valid found it log.

  5. I have caches on a tree farm and the land owner frequently closes the trails during the dry summer months. I temporary disable the caches during the trail closure and then re-enable them once the trails open. Put a seasonable access attribute on the cache and you should be fine.

  6. Where did I say "only people with medical problems"? Never said that, just used it as an example.


    Unless there's an extreme circumstance, like something medical or similar, I'll always believe you should log within a reasonable amount of time.


    Not really an example, the way you said that. Medical, extreme, who decides that? The cache owner?

    I'd go with the coroner.

  7. Did you simply ask the finder why they delayed logging it before starting a thread based on guessing and conjecture in the forums? :unsure:

    That's would really wreck the drama. Much better to bring it here so we can generate some drama and hash it out for 30 pages.

  8. I can't tell how many times I have been in no bars country and caching along without a care in the world with my eTrex 30. Unless you load gpx files your phone is a paperweight. I've dropped my etrex in water, not to worry, got all the dirt off it. How does your phone do? Dropped it on hard surfaces. It bounces nice. How about your phone? Some times I start early in the morning and after 12 hours the etrex is still trucking along on the same batteries. How about your phone? Graphics? besides the arrow what else do you need? Oh, one other thing, my etrex doesn't need a data plan, of course it is a bitch to send a text or answer a phone call.

  9. I all, fairly new and I had a couple questions. Hope this is the right place to ask, if not please move.


    1. I have found a couple letterbox caches and was interested in placing one. Is there anything special that needs to be done other then adding a stamp, inkpad and book for stamping? Didn’t know if they were associated with another website or group.


    2. How do you post pics in the forum? I tried pasting in the img from photobucket but it didn’t work for me. Do you need a certain number of posts before you can post photos?

    Photobucket seems to work for me.



  10. Color me confused. Your going to renew any way, so why is it being automatic such a big deal? Once when I wanted to cancel the auto-renewal I found the help desk lackey easy to deal with and gave me the info needed without the Comcast shamming spiel or the gym membership road blocks. There are a number of viable workarounds if you really want to put the red circle on the calendar to remember to manually renew. Lil Devil got it right, if your offered a free bag of money you would complain that they are all 20's, there should be some 100's in the bag.

  11. I mean, does Groundspeak really desperately need money that much? If so a price raise would me more fair than a rip-your-customers scheme.

    If those are the only 2 options, then I'd rather they go with auto-renewal and easy cancellation of auto-renewal, rather than paying more.





    Jeez talk about a bunch of pissy Wheaties. I went and looked, simple, clean and to the point ... push this button and your auto pay is cancelled. Guess you guys never had to deal with a Comcast representative to cancel your subscription. What is even better is if you paid with PalPay GS has the cancel button, no more hunting around the PayPal site to find where you cancel your membership. I don't see anything sneaky - it is right up front, nor do I see how they are ripping anyone off since you can cancel immediately without any penalty. I guess the only problem is if you sign up for autopay and then drop out you get dinged a year later because you forgot, oh, well, your problem.

  12. Just buy a premium membership gift card and then pay for your own premium membership with the gift card you just bought :)


    jup. Plenty of "tricks" available. I am just mad that Groundspeak is hoping people will forget to cancel the premium membership and just will "let it roll". Thats how gyms make their money. Paying members that don;t show up. I mean, does Groundspeak really desperately need money that much? If so a price raise would me more fair than a rip-your-customers scheme.


    Geez, sign up, next day cancel. I fail to see the problem. At least they make it nice and easy.

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