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  1. Best that some of these make it to Cairns to see the Great Barrier Reef! Email sent.
  2. I live in Queensland which is part of Australia and I received two packages of coins from the US in today's mail One had two coins in it and was one of those cardboard UPS - Global Priority Mail Envelopes - the postage on that was USD$5.25. The other package was a soft plastic bubblewrap mailer that contained three coins and it cost USD$3.70. These are typical of the packages that I get from California or the United States All packages that I get from overseas have a green customs declaration.
  3. Has your mint sucessfully produced a sample to determine if such a large number of cutouts will be sucessful? The design is striking indeed.
  4. You should put your geocaching name on the coin. Unless you are collaborating with the geocaching community in China then this this a personal project and therefore should be a personal geocoin. I am sure you would not want to mislead potential purchasers with a coin being something that it is not?
  5. nice. if you are drawing up a list please put us down for two.
  6. Wow, even with your offer of no additional freight charges to overseas collectors - it is still more expensive than others coins + freight!?? Handsome coin, but no thanks.
  7. Wow! What talented people - all of you. Very impressive.
  8. I like shiney coins actually I like coins that have a classy design (as determind by me) and a good quality finish. I am gathering an eclectic mix of coins with little or no theme at all except for the fact that they cost a fortune in Aussie dollars to purchase and freight to me. So well priced coins also have a definite appeal.
  9. Don't like it. The design is just a rehash of another idea/cartoon that has been done before in a number of other contexts. Have we used up all the original ideas already??
  10. In my experience the Aussies and Kiwi's will also keep geocoins moving. I have released a couple of coins for US residents and so far (touch wood) so good. If you would like to travel vicariously through your coin in Australia then send 'em over here and we can set them free. Its also nice to see new and different coins circulating - the costs of coins, freight and exchange differences make purchasing coins an expensive passtime for us in the Antipodes.
  11. Yes including a roll of toilet paper in one's goebag is a good idea. I still wouldn't buy a coin in the shape of a toilet roll however.
  12. Hear hear! Agreed from the north of the south! Please put us down for two.
  13. Although it is early days I would be interested in two of each metal please.
  14. We were waiting for a quiet moment to replace a cache in a muggle filled park. One lady stopped while we waiting by the tree that sheltered the hide and asked if we were looking for "that treaure thing?". We looked at her strangely, she continued in quite an agressive manner, "its some internet thing, the treasure is up in that tree somewhere!" We knew that was a silly thing to say....because it was actually sitting at my feet right in her line of sight the whole time!
  15. Thanks for this explanation, I like learning about the cultural icons of another nation. You have put together a very impressive design, well done.
  16. Very striking. Can you explain what the design is on the back of the coin? To me it looks like a stylised image of a crows head but I could be wrong. I am guessing the design relates to an American Native cultural icon but as an Aussie I have no experience of these things.
  17. I would like to purchase some if they are still available. What would be the costs for two coins posted to Australia?
  18. I have a black nickel First To Find coin that is surplus to my requirements. My preference for a trade would be for a coin of similar quality.
  19. 5 Suncatchers have made it to Far North Queensland! Despite everything that has been said on this forum and elsewhere I was still stunned at the beauty of these coins. Well done Crake, you have produced a magnificent piece of art.
  20. Yes, we have vers 3 on one of our computers and vers 4 on another - the Vers 3 shows icons, and vers 4 shows pushpins.
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