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  1. You do not. You might have to register to download it, but I registered "part way" and then magically it just downloaded.
  2. The 60csx compass is indeed kinda a pain and needs to be calibrated after every powerup in order to display your direction correctly when you're moving at foot speed. As for difficult to calibrate, no not at all. It is quick and easy -- just annoying to remember to do it. You do need to buy CN but the Garmin topos are so-so. Better than nothing, but not great. You can build your own topos (see thread in this board about it), but they won't have as much meta-data (roads, trails, towns, etc).
  3. Well I got out hiking today and these new maps are the bomb. I think I will change a few things from the instructions: dem2topo with 500/100/25 and then alter the layers to have the intermediate lines appear for one more zoom level before the minor lines appear. Thanks so much for posting these instructions!
  4. Another thing to be aware of when downloading hydro data is that highres data is not available for all locations. You'll get a file with zero Flowlines. When you import it in gpsmapedit, you'll see a blank area with no rivers. If this happens, go back and try medium hydro data. If you're a good person you'll check the square boxes on the hydro site and look at the data before downloading it, but I just grabbed swaths of CA. I've got about 2/3 of the SF Bay Area done in 15m quads but I have to go backfill Pittsburg and Mount Diablo with medium res hydro. Anyone manage to run two instances of cgpgmapper? I've got multiple cpus but one of the copies always dies with an access violation.
  5. Oh maybe the problem is that because these are transparent maps the highres versions are drawing over the lowres version? And indeed that is the case. If I replace one of the IMG with a non-transparent IMG I see only the highres version. So its no one's bug, but simply a step to add to the instructions: If you're using transparent maps, check the "Blank overview maps" checkbox in MSTK when importing your IMG to mapsource.
  6. You cannot. Buy CN, you'll like it.
  7. For the waterways are you downloading the high resolution data. I think the waterways look pretty good. Ok I found the issue. When I'm using mapsettoolkit (1.17a beta) to install the IMG file, whatever I use as the "Mapset Name" is created as a low res IMG file (this is used when you're zoomed out). So for example if I start with 10010110.img and run mapsettoolkit using the MapsetName "Test", when MSTK is done, C:\Garmin\Custom contains 4 files: 10010110.img, Test.img, Test.TDB, and Test.reg. When I choose to display "Test" in mapsource, it displays both Test.img (low res) and 10010110.img (high res original). What am I doing wrong here? How do I inhibit mapsource from displaying the global img when I'm zoomed in? Is this is MSTK bug? [i haven't d/l to the gps so I'm not sure what it looks like there yet.]
  8. This is great. I just did the San Francisco 15m quad. Topo works fine, but I have an issue with my waterways: I get two lines for creeks/rivers one of which is fine, the other follows the general path but is very jagged (ie: a low res version of the former). Also in the instruction pdf, it says to click on the GNIS_Name tab (when importing waterways) -- I think thats just a sorting tab and doesn't do anything functional? Now we need a website to break the country into the specific 15m quads / specify name/map id so we could all share in this bounty.
  9. You'll have no problem. You might even fit it on the stock card. For City Nav I put everything east of TN and everything W of SD in 1g with room to spare. Presently I have topo + city nav for CA, NV, OR in under 300 meg.
  10. Its not that hard to have an up-to-date manual. Make a firmware change and you spit out 1 page of errata and tuck it into the box along with all the advertising crap. Too hard? Fine, post the PDF of the errata along with its firmware version. I agree that you can't include War and Peace in every box. The real problem is that garmin doesn't have indepth documentation online. These are their top-of-the-line models. They should have a website where you can click through the screens and see the options at each step. It's not like they don't know what the screens are and what they're adding and changing. Now to the question: 1. You'll only see City Navigator and US Topo in the list if you've purchased and installed these maps on your GPS. If you have other map "types" installed (ie: custom things you've made) those will probably appear in this list too. 2. This is a somewhat poorly designed menu, although it is a little complex what they need to display. What it SHOULD show you is which maps are being displayed AND IN WHICH ORDER What is actually shows you in what maps you have installed and if they're on or off. For example on my gps it has: Restore Defaults Restore All Map Defaults Show All Show None Hide Basemap Hide Americas Marine Po Hide City Navigator Nort Hide US Topo This is misleading because the order of precedence is: 1. Americas Marine Points (transparent) 2. City Nav 3. US Topo 4. Basemap Ie: hide city nav and topo shows, hide both city nav AND topo and basemap shows. Hide just topo or just basemap and "nothing" happens. So what it should show is something like: Restore Defaults Restore All Map Defaults Show All Hide All Hide US Marine (Overlay) Hide City Navigator Nort Hide US Topo Hide Basemap
  11. I've found two things I would improve on the 60csx. 1) Find Nearest for freeway use. Find Nearest sorts radially outwards centered on the unit. For static use this is perfect. But on a freeway going 80mph, it'd be nice to have a "Find Nearest In Direction of Travel", where I could find a gas station ahead on me on the freeway. 2) With both city navigator and topo maps installed, if you have all maps hidden but topo displayed (for a hike say) and then get back in the car, mysteriously you cannot route. The error message is "no road near starting point" (I was on Hw49 in CA, a major road). I eventually discovered this is because topo is displayed and city nav is not. Show city nav and routing works fine. Language like Show & Hide suggests you're changing only the display; it isn't obvious that it would disable routing.
  12. Last summer some friends and I did the "tubing trip of death" down a river where the water level had become a little too low. I took the 60csx and lashed the unit to me -- a good thing because after a set of particularly hairy rapids it was hanging down below the tube. I reeled it in and it was just fine. Total losses for the trip: 1 flask + whisky, 1 pr sunglasses, 1 titanium wedding ring, holed 2 tubes, and lost 2d6 San.
  13. I think he means that when you "mouse" over freeway/highway exits on the map you can get a listing of what businesses are at the exit by pressing <Enter> with the exit highlighted.
  14. I'm sure you know, but in case someone else doesn't -- with a full load of City Navigator for your region, you can Find | <Food> | [Enter] | [Menu] | <Nearest Containing...> and use that to find your nearest Culver's. Too bad there isn't a "Nearest Containing -- but stay on the highway I'm on" or "don't backtrack me two hours" option
  15. You should do the test for us! I suspect that their sorting algorithms are really good, so "find nearest" works great regardless of total data but I'd guess that "find by name" would be slower. Also the vast number of results in "find by name" will hurt. I found this past weekend that a feature I'd like would be "find by name in a specific direction" -- I don't wanna backtrack 30 miles.
  16. I've had a similar problem where if I'm moving (either car or ~3.5 mph walk) the gps takes a long time to get a lock. This is after a multiple hour power-off. Sitting still seems to pick up sats much more quickly. Do others see this too? (2.7/3.0 firmware)
  17. They're PD cheap all over. I got one from newegg for ~$10. You'd like one that is usb2 (if they specify) because its faster. Also many of them will work only when plugged into a powered usb port (ie: on the computer, and often not the ones on monitors or keyboards).
  18. I had a map freeze today. The other screens were still updating. It looks like it happened either from car=>foot or from route=>cancel route. I could get to map setup, but toggling from North Up to Track Up wouldn't change anything. I also had no error circle around the cursor. When we got back in the car, it would update the position, but still wouldn't let me change from North Up to Track Up. Then I cycled fully through all of the screens and (I think) turned routing back on and full function came back. So if you get this freeze, try enabling/disabling routing and see if that unfreezes it? I'm 3.0/2.7 software. City Nav v8. Stock 64m card.
  19. The 76csx comes with a 128meg micro sd card (the 60csx has a 64meg micro sd card). So if you buy a new micro sd card you can increase your map storage space. The 1g cards are ~35-45$, the 512meg are a little cheaper. All of the western US + all of the SE US = ~590meg. Prepare yourself for some waiting even with a pretty darn fast cpu as mapsource grinds through the maps to create the img file.
  20. I have the 60csx with a 64m card. I have the entire SF bay area loaded with room to spare so you'll be fine uploading the NYC metro area. Amazon seems to have the best price on City Nav, but for a few $ more you can support one of the small vendors.
  21. To delete waypoints, FIRST SAVE YOUR WAYPOINTS (in mapsource or easygps, etc) if you've made changes to them on the gps. Then go to the Trip Computer page, hit menu, choose Reset and select "Delete All Waypoints". Then upload new waypoints from the saved set or from a new .loc/etc file.
  22. http://www.gsak.net/ Geo db manager mostly designed for dealing with geocaches.
  23. In my rather informal testing, 3.0/2.7 obtains an initial sync of sats within ~15s after having been off for ~8 hours. WAAS syncs within a minute. This certainly feels faster. It may be my sky right now, but it seems like the new code syncs to a smaller (~4) number of satellites initially and then expands; previously it felt like it'd try to sync to more sats but take longer to obtain the initial fix. Oh, and no hard reset here.
  24. Haven't seen this. Are you running with mapsource maps? Topo? Big sd card?
  25. Nice package from offroute.com arrived today. Install new mapsource and it rules. Installed topo! and it crashes. Is anyone here running Topo! 4.2.3 on an WinXP AMD X2 based system? Thats the only thing I can think it might be. Anyone else had crash problems with national geographics topo! software? Version 3.4.3 seems to run ok.
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