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  1. For me... putting Geocaching.com on my compatibility list was because before I did it I lost my ability to zoom in on my map page. several months later I had to take it off compatibility because the map page was blank.....all works well at this point in time.
  2. Good Idea. I will try that also. <))><
  3. I have seen this morning that some of my DNF's, the co's had replaced the cache containers. Sure wish I knew when this happened right away. Guess if I put the dnf's on my watch list huh ?
  4. You are absolutely correct..turn off compatibility view (IE, tools, compatibility view, remove geocaching.com if it is in the box)...You've helped me as well.....Thanks bluegilln <))><
  5. I wonder if there is a chance to have some other color smiley show up on our DNF's on the Geocaching map? Or is there and I have not accessed it yet ?
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