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  1. Can someone kindly tell me how to add a photograph to the The 2013 TB christmas card postcard mission please. I have looked at the symbols above this posting but cannot see how to add one. I am on an Ipad at the moment if that is of any help.

    Thank you


    Had a look on the lap top as well but still cannot see how to add the photo I see the icon at the top of the posting space, but it asks for a http: I am stuck! <_< Told you I am no techie :blink:


    I use Photobucket, then click copy Image and place here....under image...

  2. Sorry I am a little slow replying. My parcel was duly sent off on the 26th November and I received a lovely package on the 25th November. It was a lovely surprise and now reading the previous logs I understand why there was a photo and not a postcard inside! I will be e-mailing my benefactor with my thanks. Hope my parcel has arrived okay? A very Merry Christmas to everyone and hope we do this again next year. A great idea. Like Ayrbrain I too do not know how to post pictures.


    1. Participating Date 24th October

    2. Received Name Date 15th November

    3. Mission Complete Date 26th November

    4. Mission Received Date 25th November


    Hope you liked it......glad it arrived safely.....

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