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  1. Log date: 6-23-06 Located this easy cache while out swimming a few laps around the pool. Unfortunately, the cache somehow got wet and all the contents inside were soaked. Couldn't sign the log so please accept my DNF on this one. Thanks! I KNEW you should have asked for directions. -sigh-
  2. "first my pool, next a lake, then.. THE WORLD!' OR 'MUAHAHAHA! I pity the poor,poor mortals who still have to SWIM!'
  3. Awwwww. I'm so sorry ;_; Was your stuff visible? When me,mom and my sister are out for a while, we cover up the goodies we leave in our car. Just hope that helps any of the other chachers out there. ^^
  4. Have you had any cache experiences? somthing funny,weird,scary or gross that happenee during caching? share all!
  5. my sister, my mom and I went to a cache and it was next to these two people fishing. WE told them what was going on -about geocaching and all that and we found it and left. A few days later we found out that that cache had been peed in and the contents scattered about the area. gross, no?
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