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  1. OFF TOPIC With GLONASS OFF (just GPS) current draw decreases to 70-75 mA (without backlight, of course).
  2. I used to, but recently they are deaf... Could you leave here confirmation that now i.e. this week this address works as should?
  3. Is this email address valid? I have not received answer since a week.
  4. Send information about crashes to eTrexBeta@garmin.com Attach two files: Garmin.xml and GarminDevice.xml stored in the Garmin subdirectory of the device.
  5. Fujitsu What type do you have: eTrex 20 or eTrex 30?
  6. Truthly saying I have never experienced problems with crashes in eTrex 30. Try to calculate shorter routes (max. 30 km long) and use less-detailed maps. The only thing correlated with current FW 2.90 are bugs listed here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=308077&view=findpost&p=5220313 Nevertheless they should be mostly the same for eTrex 20 and eTrex 30.
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