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  1. you have exposed a stupidity. claiming FTF means nothing. come to think of it, BEING FTF doesn't mean much either.


    i'm a FF whore and a numbers whore. i have been on trails with no gloves and no flashlight at eleven at night and seventeen below to get a FTF. i have searched the same little patch of forest for seven hours straight after having dashed out the door in the morning without so much as having brushed my teeth. i have leapt out of bed at five on a february morning to drive across the state in a snowstorm and completed the cahe at a run. i carried a pair of speakers up a mountain on a cold winter night so when my group found the container, i could play "we are the champions".


    :rolleyes: Apparently it means a lot to some people.

  2. I also agree with the idea of non-regional groups. I'm a member of MAGC as well, and although we have our own forums on the MAGC website, I think its a pretty good idea.


    On the other hand... having groups like GC4C under the organized geocaching header could be interesting as well. For us Catholics, we could hide the communion wafers and scramental wine in different locations around the chapel and chapel grounds and everyone can go and find them :unsure:



    I'm just thinking of a way to promote the groups, like is done for the regional ones. Did also find a listing for Geocaching Pilots Association (GPA), that would fit the bill. There must be other interest based groups out there.

  3. I think I'm normal, but enjoy the "thrill" of the FTF. I currently have 5 out of my 223 finds. I got one last night at 8:25. The e-mail came at around 6:30 AM, but no one had logged it on line by the time I was ready to leave work at 4:30. I got back to home around 6:00, but wasn't able to actually go for it until 7:40. I definitely did not expect to be FTF, but sometimes just like to at least make a first day find. See the cache closer to how the owner left it, get better swag, and maybe get FTF and a nice prize. Last night, it was a $25 gift card to Borders. One of my other FTF's was a similar situation where I had to wait to get off work and fully expected some one would have hit it by the time I got there. Sometimes you get lucky.


    I have noticed on thing about some of our area FTF hounds. It seems that once they know they won't be FTF, the put the cache on the back burner. I think that is a shame. If being FTF worth so much effort, why isn't STF or TTF worth anything?


    I have a coin, DudleyGrunt's MarkTa 2TF Geocoin, that somes up how I feel. I'd like to be FTF, but...


    I launched it in a cache I was co-STF (or 2TF) on.



  4. What say you? Are FTFs a reason to break the law?


    No, of course not. However, last night I was close to getting my car locked in a park. BTW, I was FTF on the cache in question.


    I got to the park about 7:40 and expected a fairly quick find in a new neighborhood park. Actually, the cache was 0.4 miles away and I had to actually head farther away at first to get to the right path. Made the find at 8:25 and got back to the parking lot about 8:45. The local park volunteer was there calling out that she was about to close the gates. I actually got to talk to her about geocaching and she thought it was pretty interesting.


    The cache.


    Happy trails...

  5. I agree with both of you, and so do the people who administer these forums. That's why we have the Organized Geocaching forum for groups like yours.


    Then why aren't the "Geocaching Groups by Region / State" and "Geocaching Groups by Country" listed under "Organized Geocaching"?


    Actually, the subtitle of "Organized Geocaching" is "Here you can share ideas on the next level of Geocaching - League games and other organized sports using GPS units." Given that, it doesn't really seem to be the place to list groups (whether by state, region, country, or interest) whose intent is to get geocachers together to participate in standard geocaching activities.


    The Military Association of GeoCachers (MAGC) isn't intended to introduce geocaching into military operations and GeoCachers 4 Christ (GC4C) isn't designed to take congregations on caching quests. The purposes of both are to bring cachers together that share a common interest, as opposed to a common border.



  6. A wall needs to be part of the solution, along with other deterrents. If we have enough deterrents, then it will become less appealing to bypass our legal immigration process. It is a tragedy that so many die trying to sneak into our country. That is way stopping ILLEGAL immigration is a humanitarian effort, NOT the aim of racist xenophobes as many in the open borders camp seem to believe (or at least assert).


    It does aggravate me to no end that so many seem to not understand that being against "illegal immigration" is NOT the same as being against immigration or hating immigrants. Just as I don't mind people having nice things, I don't thing they should get them through theft. No problem with people driving cars, but they should be licensed and their cars registered. When it comes to immigration, some people don't seem to understand the difference.


    ILLEGAL immigrants are not vital to our economy. There are enough people around the globe that want to come here that we could easily fill any gaps in our job market with those willing to play by the rules.



  7. I have thought about creating a site for Christian cachers and maybe even developing a place to post Christian caches. If anyone would think this was a good idea let me know.


    Check out my signature for a group you might appreciate - GeoCachers 4 Christ.



  8. We have forums to let folks know about geographically based geocaching groups, by state and country.


    Would it be possible to add an area for non-geographically base groups? I belong to two - MAGC and GC4C (see signature). Neither of which are limited by borders. I imagine there may be others based on occupation, interests, or such.


    I looked for the best place to post this and while there is a forum to discuss the geocaching.com site, there is not one specifially to discuss features and issues realted to this site.


    Does anyone know of other interest based groups?




    <corrected typo>

  9. "The Curmudgeon" is also free... but Curmudgeon and Curmudgeon1 and Curmudgeon49 (how does anyone choose that?) are, sadly, taken.




    Coincidently, my uncle is Rookie49, but I don't think there are 48+ other Rookies. I think it's the year he was born. I wouldn't (obviously, since I didn't) feel a need to suffix my name like that, but hey, whatever.


    In addition to being a curmudgeon, he's also somewhat of a hermit. I would be shocked if he were get into the hobby. I have another friend, though, in DE that I'm trying to get to try it out with his kids. He's got a coworker that caches, so maybe there is hope.


    We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread....

  10. I largely agree with my neighbor, Hose502 (I currently live in Jessup, but feel more like a Laurelite), other than I think one should always log a DNF online as an aid to the owner and other cachers.


    Of course it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but what would we do with these forums if we didn't endlessly debate things that don't matter. :rolleyes:


    I don't get the folks that claim that, NO MATTER WHAT, if you don't sign, spit on or muddy up the physical log in the cache, it must be a DNF. If that's your personal preference, fine, but some seem to question the ethics of those that don't take such a stringent stand.


    I do think that if there is any doubt as to the authenticiy of the suspected remains of a muggled cache, you should confirm with the owner, but that it would be a find if it was, in fact, the cache. Of course, an NM log should be done, as well. An SBA is probably premature until you give the owner a chance to fix it up.


    Happy trails,





    Hose502, maybe I'll see you on the trails. Keep an eye out for my CRV TB around town. Next time your over in Savage, check out my "Only a Lad" cache (my first).


  11. I know that vtmtnman has made his decision, but I had a similar thought recently. I hid my first cache and listed my son as a co-hider. He actually accompanied me on the placement, but I'd considered having him log a find if he wanted since, as has been discussed, hed have no official credit for it.


    What I did was ask him if he'd rather team up with me on the hid or be able to log it with as a find. He opted for the former. It would be nice, though to have some way to log it as a co-hider.


    Happy trails,





    CurmudgeonlyGal - I've got a friend who my other friends and I have long refered to as a curmudgeon (with love, of course). He whole heartedly agrees and has adopted it as a badge of honor. Even before I came across any of your posts, I'd thought that "The Curmudgeon" would have been a great name for him in the unlikely event he were to take up geocaching.


  12. C. Something else


    I log the find as a completely new log, however, I then change my DNF to a note with the original text intact. I've posted this before in a similar thread and know that folks will think it's pointless or whatever, but it is what I do.


    The reason I do this is so that when I look at "My Account Details > Geocaches > Didn't Find It", I only see the caches I still haven't found. I know I could build a bookmark list or a PQ, but this seems more direct.


    I don't really think it adversely affects the cache owner or other cachers, since the info is still on the page. Also, if I log a find after my original DNF, it is obvious that the cache is in place.


    Can't believe I'm the only one to answer "C".

  13. I guess I'm not a purist, but I appreciate Earch Caches and am sure I would enjoy History Caches. Logistics, aside, I think it would be a positive addition to the game.


    In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I am a MAGC member and know Duke / FalconLoader through the organization.


    Just my two-penneth,


    Dave / DudleyGrunt

  14. Fast forward a year. I'm ready to ask for her hand in marriage. And I would like to create a private cache for her that contains my proposal. Anyone else ever down something like this? Did you put the ring in the cache? Put in a slip of paper and hold the ring? I need some ideas.


    TIA the first half of T&M


    Hopefully, M doesn't frequent the forums. I don't have any first hand experience in this, but a couple did get engaged in this manner as part of this year's "Cache Across Maryland" event. I believe he set up a private cache and hid (or had a friend hide) the ring in the cache. After they hit the target CAM cache, he suggesting hitting a nearby cache. I think the log book had "Will you marry me?" written on the first page. Unfortunately, I don't recall their names.


    I checked both the CAM event logs and the MGS forums, but didn't find any references to this.

  15. I find this rather funny. Those that like it defend their right to do so but if someone places somthing anti in a cache they would have a fit.

    To Shadow's and others that have posted similar statements, can you point me to the topics posted by Christian cachers complaining about the placement of non-Christian religious items in caches.


    Whenever I see these topics, it seems to be predominately people complaining about Christian items being left in caches.


    * * *

    BTW, I have frequently left Christian tokens, crosses and such in chaches and have appreciated some similar items I've found from time to time. I don't leave them to convert anyone, but for fellow Christians (or others) who might appreciate them.


    Whatever happened to the OP? Interesting that I haven't seen any responses from him/her. In addition to polling folks about why we read the forums (info vs. entertainment), maybe we should poll folks as to why they start topics.


    [edit for a typo]

  16. Post your stranger than fiction stories about geocaching here.


    OK. I've been caching since last May and until participating in this years "Cache Across Maryland" (CAM) challenge, I'd only ever run into another cacher on the trail twice. Both times, it was the same person - UFF298. These run ins were seperate days and in different areas.


    During CAM, I ran into him at one of the 10 caches that make up the challenge and when I attended the CAM picnic, I ended up parking right next to him.


    Coincidence or something more?

  17. Received the following for a cache on my watchlist last month:




    Compare with this excerpt from my log:


    #23 - Loved this one. It had such nice ammeneties nearby. AC and restrooms were greatly appreciated. Even the "nearby occupants" were corgial. Somehow, I didn't get the name until I got home.


    The cache is a 1.5/1.5 located at a facility where the employees know all about it and will generally offer some kind of help if they notice hapless cachers wandering around outside their windows.


    I thought the person had logged the wrong cache (my son did that once because he looked it up by name, not waypoint) until I got to the end and realized what day it was.


    Happy trails,



  18. It looks like some photofinishers are all too happy to give up the activities of their customers to Big Brother while those like librarians would rather risk jail time to stand firm for our privacy.


    Some librarians will even risk jail time to protect the 10 year old's right to view pornography on the library computer or to display penile sculptures in their libraries. True heroes.


    Folks have been innocent and proven innocent in a court of law yet that has no bearing on the legal bills and ordeal that crush their lives.


    No one is proven innocent in a court of law. Only not proven guilty. There is a difference.

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