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  1. We had our Halloween lunch / party today at work. Only 5 of us dressed. We had three devils, one nun, and me. And, of course, JuniorNimrod had his own costume. I wore the mask (yes, I am wearing it in the picture) when I walked around with my son.
  2. Gee, that was simple enough. I'd tried that, but I think the key was logging out of both first and closing all my IE windows. I usually come into the forums from a link my my personal website, so don't normallly use the GC.com link. Thanks. My updated sig is below. Dave
  3. I'm not new, but each time I've modified my signature on my Geocaching.com profile page, I've had trouble getting the update reflected in the forums. I remember finding something once that said, "Click the reset button and you'll be good." Or something like that. I never could figure out where that elusive button was supposed to be. Now, I can't remember how I eventually got mine changed last time. Doing a search for "signature" in the Getting Started forum didn't bring up anything useful and it doesn't seem to be included in Jeremy's FAQ list, so I thought I ask here, so that others would be able to easily find the directions. Can you help me? Please include specific step-by-step directions, to make this the most useful to future seekers. Thanks, Dave
  4. Thought I better post here about how much I now like the new maps, since I'd posted about not liking the intermediate version. The new maps really do have some nice features and include all that I missed from the old ones. Thank you!
  5. I've been keeping my eye on the DoC.A.R?T Moving Cache for some time, but am thinking I might get lucky soon. It'd be my first.
  6. You may want to try posting on the Geocachers of Kentucky site (http://www.geocky.org/).
  7. While it part of the log, this is really a humorous photo and description: Note I Left In Hotel Bathroom This target of this note wouldn't make a very good cacher. She might be one, though. We all know her kind are too numerous. Dave
  8. On the flip side, my first and only (so far) hide was recently muggled. No trace of any of the contents were found anywhere nearby. The ammo can was left behind. I found it ironic since it was likely the most valuable item. Obviously, this was either a non-cacher (as I assumed) or a very dim (in addition to evil) cacher. The box is "secured" to a tree to keep if from sliding down hill, but is not locked. I just used a small carbiner clip to attach the ends of the chain. Dave
  9. I'll add my two cents to this topic and take some new ideas. I've found caching to be a great way to get rid of small toys, pins, buttons, trading cards <shock>items relating to my faith (including...gasp...small Bibles or NT's)</shock> and other items that I've collected over the years and just never wanted to throw away or had anyone give them to. I'll also visit the dollar store or search for bargains at CVS, Wal-Mart, or such for various camping, outdoors, or patriotic type items. I often pick up new Matchbox or Hot Wheels cars to leave, especially if they under a buck. I once got a couple of dozen at a KB Toys that was going out of business for around 50 cents a pop. I guess it would be simpler if I'd ever settled on some sort of signature item. The closest I've come to that were some Brain Injury Association wrist bands in honor of my wife and her struggles that last couple years. Turned one into a TB, too, so it could travel places she can't get to right now. Back on point, I seldom take swag myself, but always like to be prepared. Partly becasue I often cache with my son (JuniorNimrod) or will just leave stuff to improve the state of the cache. Basically, I'll leave anyting I can get my hands on failry inexpensively (or free) that I think someone might think, "hey, cool." Dave
  10. I let mine lapse back in June and was able to renew it with no problem, so it can be done. Are you positive that the e-mail is correct and that you don't have your registered e-mail forwarded to where you are actually receiving it? That is what I'd check.
  11. Caches are not supposed to be of a commercial nature or solicit folks to patronize a particular business. As the owner, you could justify it as allowing folks to contact you in reference to the cache. Especially if they have accidently found it. Dropping them in caches to get leads or to solicit business would not be in the spirit of the game.
  12. Welcome. Hope you enjoy the hunt. Glad to see you have a number of interests that balance out your being a "big video gamer". Happy trails...
  13. Down on the farm? Not sure exactly how extensive they are, but I know around here we have a number of "OYR" Wannabe caches that are located at a somewhat similar chain. Can't say anymore without giving away info that it in the hints.
  14. Thanks, Professor Uto Keystone. Just for reference, is there actually something on geocaching.com with these guidelines? Happy trails...
  15. I just had a cacher post the tracking number for one of my TB's in his log. I dropped him a note asking that they edit their log and let him know that, in general, tracking numbers should not be made available to people who have not seen the actual TB or coin. I included a link to the pinned "HOW TO LOG A TRAVEL BUG OR GEOCOIN" topic, but is there a Groundspeak policy / guideline anywhere that states this? I've read that trackables have been deactiviated when the owner doesn't properly protect the tracking number. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks.
  16. If I'm on foot, I stick with the haunting melodies in my head. If in the Cache Retrieval Vehicle TB, usually the XM. 10 - America (classic country), especially Outlaw America T/Th 5-6:30 12 - X-Country (progressive country) 13 - Willie's Place (more classic country) 46 - Top Tracks (early classic rock) If it is Sunday, I'll likely be listening to my local Christian music station (WGTS). Not music, but often on... 121 - Fox News Channel 168 - Fox News Radio Local news / talk on 630 WMAL. Dave
  17. Gee, people are acting like every other thread in the forum is a completely serious discussion based on an actual real world situation. OP seemed to have a good grasp of his audience. I'd probably be willing to spend $10 a month. If I slipped and let my current membership lapse, that is.
  18. Oh, I should note that I also took offense at the derogatory reference to law enforcement and our military. Though, not a part of either, I have friends and family that are. Dave, member Military Association of GeoCachers (anyone that might be interested should check the link in my sig.)
  19. I think we all should be policing ourselves. That includes removing inappropriate items and even...gasp...criticizing poor caches. While I do not think that moving a cache to a "better" location is within the realm of what folks should do, I have moved one cache from where I found it. I found the container completely exposed due to recent weed trimming. I moved it about 3 feet and immediately wrote to the owner to advise her of the situation. I sent her pics of the before and aftera and offered to return and place the cache as I'd found it. This was part of a series of hers and a number had been having muggle problems recently and I was pretty sure she'd appreciate the anti-muggle precaution I took. She did and all was good. This was a rare case and not something I would do lightly. If coords appear to be off, I simply note that in my log so the owner can determine if it is where it should be. Of course, if a cache has been muggled or ani-muggled, I try to put it back together as best as I can and place where I think it was supposed to go. Then I'd write the owner after posting a NM log. I have found a number of caches that I don't think follow every aspect of the guidelines. Usually, I make a decision as to whether or not to either finish my search or to actually retreive if I do find it. If I think it is really a problem, I'll write to the owner with my concerns. Only if it is especially egregious will I either log an SBA to alert the reviewer.
  20. I don't want to say what cache it is, but it is hidden in a bird feeder. When you open the front of the feeder, a ball of brightly colored fuzzy stuff comes flying at you. In that first split second, it could be mistaken for a bird. It's spring loaded and can be easily replaced by each finder. It was a shockig find.
  21. That's great! If you can't think of anyting to say about the cache, don't let that squelch your creativity. Not to assume that your cache isn't worth commenting on, but it was a cool log. (Wasn't sure if it was a log you wrote or a log on a cache you own.)
  22. I just checked and I'm the second wordiest cacher in Maryland (79.9 wpl). That only accounts for those that update their stats to www.itsnotaboutthenumbers.com and have selected a home state. I just did the latter myself, but hey, it's still pretty cool.
  23. This is a great thread. I agree that it is really disappointing to get the "teenager speak" (VERY few words) logs on my cache. So far, I just have the one and I eagerly look forward to each new find and seeing what folks say and what they thought of the hide, location and overall experience. "TNLNSL" doesn't really convey much. Might as well write, "This is the text of my log." The following is my favorite log to date, not just because of the nice things, but because he took the time to tell me what he thought. DragonsEar is an experienced cacher and has some very nice hides: Of course, if the cache is not particulary interesting, I won't write much, so I wonder if the folks that don't write much for my cache, didn't think much of it or are they just naturally brief. I don't take the time to search their previous logs, though, so I'm not really that bothered by it. One of my logs for a 1/1 mag key holder, LPC or similar... (1 star on DG scale). For a very easy cache, but at least a small container (2 star on DG scale) Typical log for a cache on the 3-4 star range on the DG scale (this was more of a 4): When I really enjoy the cache or have much more of a memorable experience going after it, I'll get even more verbose (like this post)... In closing, I like to write worthwhile logs when the cache deserves it and always do more that "TNLNSL. TFTC."
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