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  1. My guess is that is the line that caused the problem. You probably just copied it from the restaurant's website, but it makes it sound like you have a stake in the restaurant. No, it was specifically the specificity of the price information. I have no stake in the restaurant, other than wanting to maintain good relations and hoping that our servers (even at a buffet) are taken care of. After talking to my reviewer in reference to Keystones consent to StarBrand's suggestion of an approximation / range of the prices, he talked to some other reviewers and agreed to that idea. Since that accomplishes what I was looking to do, I've updated the page and we're all good.
  2. I just put the not-event specific information in a thread on my local club forum. Restaurant details, where we're going caching before and after, etc. We even have a General Events Forum category. And that is what I've done in this case.
  3. While it is sort of expected the restaurant would want people to order something, I've never had that issue, power69. I'd be less likely to want to go back if they really got snippy about one person not eating. Then again, that is why I (half jokingly) suggested that GS may decide at somepoint that having events at a restaurant is incompatible with the non-commercial ideals of geocaching. Keystone, thanks for the suggestion. I wonder, though, that if the place is a buffet with pretty much one set price if "expect the buffet to be about $12, less for seniors and children" would be better than my orginal listing along the lines of ... You know what? I if asking people to "remember our servers" (leave a tip) is considered a solicitation and wouldn't really be allowed because of that?
  4. Thanks for the comments. I guess I should have said that this even is at a buffet, where there is more or less a set price for "admission" and I have found it helpful to let folks know what to expect. I have always listed the prices for my monthly event that has been held at a pizza / past buffet. The same place is now a steak buffet and the prices are nearly double what they used to be. I've not bothered listing prices for your standard type of restaurants since folks have more of a choice as to what to order. For my first event, I did try to list a link to the place, but of course got denied. Again, I just guess I see the benefit providing info to prospective attendees outweighing the damage to the game the taint of commercialism would have.
  5. I have known that when listing an event at a restaurant, you can't put a link to the restaurant on the event page, but now my local reviewer (Dr. MD) says that, after conferring with another reviewer, you can't list prices because it is considered advertising. What about the name of the restaurant? Will that be next? I'd hate for folks to have an idea what to expect when they show up! I have a feeling that at some point, Groundspeak will not allow events at restaurants because they are commercial activities and not in the spirit of the game. It would simply be the same standard applied to other cache types. How many restaurants want a bunch of people hanging out and not buying any food?
  6. I've begun posting my nickel collection on Flickr - HERE. Check and see if I have yours. If I don't have yours, let me know and I'd love to trade.
  7. You are correct. That is exactly what the guidelines mean. If you are not asking for specific non-site related content you can ask for a photo. If you ask for something in the photo that is not related to the educational logging task or the site, the photo must be optional and you can't delete a log based on the lack of photo alone. Thanks for clarifying the new EC requirements. I'd ask two things. First that the new guidellines actually state that photos can be required, as long as they don't require specfic non-site related content. That is what they may mean, but they imply that any specific content can't be required. This additional clarification would help folk who have not read this thread. Secondly, that Groundspeak actually update the requirements as listed in the Cache Listing Requirements / Guidelines page. I'm not sure where the new requrements are listed, other than in these forums, but they are not on the Groundspeak requirements page.
  8. Also, if you are just interested in trading, send me a pm or reply here. In addition to any geocacher's signature item, I'm especially interested in scouting related wooden nickels.
  9. If you enjoy collecting the wooden nickels many geocachers use as signature items - or other types of wooden nickels - check out the new Wooden Nickel Collectors group on Facebook. It's not limited to geocaching, but thought there might be folks here who would be interested.
  10. My Bushnell ONIX 400 came in the mail today from Woot. Now, I'll have to play with it and see how it works. Still interested if anyone else has used one or what others that bought one think.
  11. OLD thread, but FYI, MLW1139's idea did end up resulting in this cache, which is still unfound, except by the owner.
  12. A friend who is insterested in checking out geocaching just got a Magellan GPS 2000 off e-bay for $40. Personally, I think that's way to much for a nine year old unit, but... Has anyone used one for caching (in "modern" times) and have any thoughts? I guess it could be servicible for the first so many caches, but since you can't connect it to a computer to load waypoints or update its software, I don't think they'd use it very long. I tried to get her to tell me what she was bidding on, but never heard back until she got it in. She's also bidding on a Garmin of some sort, but I'm hoping to find out from her what model before it's too late. Just curious. Thanks.
  13. Um, thank you for sharing and for your props to us east coast cachers. Luckily, I've never had to deal with fleas (or chiggers) myself, but have experienced the rest. I count myself very blessed. I can't imagine caching in the woods without having to be concerned about bugs of any kind. Wishing you a speedy return to normality! DG
  14. Thought about tins, but they're not really very weather proof.
  15. Anyone ever see octagonal (8-sided) lock-n-locks or other other suitable cache containers. I'm developing a series and they'd be perfect for the theme. Thanks.
  16. Is there a way to map a PQ or some other way to map only selected caches? I'm going for a particular series and want to plan my route ahead of time and would like to look at a map (on my pc) that only contains the caches I plan to do.
  17. Here is one EC geocoin that caused me some concern when I discovered it. It's coin 4 of 4 "Gone But Not Forgotten Caches" set. CH Quality Coins (Like your avatar, BiT.)
  18. Thanks! I just had a need to send an adoption request and sort of thought it would be accessible from the owner view of the cache page. I couldn't find it anywhere until I found this timely thread. D.
  19. I would like to establish a series of caches in, on, or near phone booths. I have started with one I found near home - PBP#1 -Savage, MD. If you know of a phone booth in your area and please let me know and I will be happy to have you add to the series.
  20. First off, I would like to congratulate fellow cacher USA45 on her winning design and her 2600+ votes. I'd like to thank everyone who voted for my nickel design, though. I will be ordering a quantity of these once I come up with the back design. Watch for me at events and such and I'll be happy to provide you with one of your own. I'm also checking to see the best way for folks to be able to order quantities directly from wooden-nickel.com. Final results... They appear to have contests about every 2 months, so I may be letting you know about another contest if I manage to get selected as a finalist again. Once more, thank you! Dave
  21. I was fooling around with some various ideas to submit for a politically themed design contest at wooden-nickel.com. The first few I did were sort of cute and a poked fun at each of the candidates, then I came up with one that I fell in love with once it was done. It has been selected as one of the five finalists to be voted on by the public. If I win I get 100 free, but will be ordering some regardless once the contest is over. If you feel so inclined, I hope you'll consider voting for it (design 4). It may be my next sig item, I may make it into a MAGC specific item, or just make it non-specific to either me or MAGC. Either way, they will be finding their way into caches once I get them. For those of you would would like to vote, the applicable portion of the rules... So you can actually vote early AND often. I have ordered nickels for my Boy Scout troop and my own signature nickels from this company and have been very satisfied. I think I first heard of them through Mother Wolf who had posted about an ongoing deal where they will send you 4 free Support Our Troops nickels. Chances are that the other finalists are not cachers, so if nothing else, just think of it as supporting one of our own. (edit - actually, I've learned that design #5 was submitted by cacher USA45) Thanks for your support, Dave (If you want to see the other designs I had submitted prior to this one, check out my flikr page.)
  22. Cool! And the best thing is that I can know get to it from my office pc (off the clock, of course), which I never used to be able to do.
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