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  1. I'm surprised no one has brought up duck and swan poop and itty bitty slug poop. Oh this nature stuff isn't for the faint hearted.
  2. Well done for finally realising who owns the place. Us geocachers.
  3. i see the fight over Tupperware goes on rather disappointing on how this has all turned out over a game very difficult in life to keep all things equal.
  4. There is a reverse side of a log book? What is this madness you speak of. It sounds like witchcraft to me.
  5. A big splodge of this on the dashboard holds my GPS just fine. Cheap, easy to use and you can remove it without leaving any trace so thieves dont brake your car window to see if you have left the GPS in the cubbyhole.
  6. A sport without a scoring system sounds like a game to me.
  7. The other side of a log book? What witch craft is this you speak of. Is it something like another dimension that only a few einstein like geocachers have any understanding of?
  8. There are a lot of people pretending to be me, so to set the record straight it is I who is really the best.
  9. I'm a guy with good knee's and joints and I use two of them when hiking long distances. They are a great asset when walking on flat ground, love them more when going downhill and love them most when I use them to pull me uphill with a rucksack on. Love my poles! Mine are iron and bought in a shop though!
  10. I thought it was great, really intresting and put me to sleep. Leave it to annoy the next cacher! That is if they bother to read it... paragraphs I say paragraphs.
  11. A topic posted by someone who cared about numbers replied to by someone that couldnt care less but had a few too many on a night out and wanted to post a smiley so here it comes ... .. no here it is ... .. ... no here it is no... here P.S. Couldnt care less!
  12. I dont like to leave any evidence that I have a GPS or any other evidence of an electonic gizmo in use any where inside my car so I just use a blob of blutack on my dashboard and stick the gps to that and stick the bluetack in the cubbyhole when I leave the car Cheap but it works for me.
  13. I am a relatively new geo-cacher and something I have being doing more and more lately. I personally find it important to know for myself how many caches I have found and find it important that all those ticks I see are for caches that I have done and have had the experience of being out there to do. Those are my stats and I only care about them so I can keep track of what I've done and where I've being and if I could hide them I probably would since they only mean something to me not to anyone else. I always believed geo-caching was a fun game to play so you could get out there and experience different places where other geocachers believed it was worth while visiting and it was only by reading these forums that I have seen all the politics associated with a simple game. If it wasnt for the high numbers giving the low numbers a hard time then the low numbers couldnt bitch about the high numbers having high numbers, the microcache owners wouldnt be sticking up for there caches against the micocache haters, the purists wouldnt have an issue about cachers finding but not signing a log book and claiming a find, and many more variations on opinions for finding tupperware then these forums would be devoid of any discussion at all. So as has being said many times before.. play the game your own way. I now read these forums for amusement only.
  14. Well considering there are only 4 digits to play with since the first digits are always GC that would be base 32 for each digit multiplied by base 32 for each digit thats 157 thousand or so caches before the need to go to 7 digits including the standard GC at the front so plently of time yet I guess? My maths sucks so the above could be completly wrong but I do believe it will be a while yet before the need for 7 digit cache codes. Edit.. or is that 1 048 576 caches with base 32 but with 26 characters in the alphabet and 10 digits 0 - 9 that would be 1 679 616 caches. Its being a late night, please dont try to fly a plane with these calculations. Night!
  15. Have you setup the software to the same port that you plugged the cable in? Usually it defaults to COM1 I think but the serial port you are using might be different to where the software is looking for the GPS on. Check the setup.
  16. Just go to a store that sells PDA's and buy screen protectors for them and cut them to shape. That's what I did for my CSx.
  17. I am using them on my Garming 60CSx while not very detailed they will at least show you that you might have to climb a mountain from the car park to find a geocache. Its good enough for me until I can afford the over priced more detailed TOPO map from Garmin.
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