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  1. NFA, I also have explored those old buildings being a 46er and all I been up there quite a bit. I would say a tank that size up on the hill there is VERY wierd. Its not like they needed a water source. Maybe chemical storage? They did use a lot of chemicals there when mining. I do have to say there are no other tanks located like that one anywhere around those buildings.


    FYI the town existed in the late 1800-early 1900s as a mining/logging area for metals like iron and titanium. Some of the titanium was used for paints on battleships. Once WWII was over there was no need for the mining there. some strip mining still goes on there but it is very very small.

  2. I am a very avid backpacker. I have been using the same stick over 15 years. All it is is an old piece of birch found on a trek when my other stick broke. EMS and other camping stores are making quite a profit off the ski poles they sell which are no better the a stick found out in the woods. Also the ski pole type rods people use are bad for the environment for the impact they make in the ground, if you want to airate the ground please go to the driving ranges/golf courses not the wilderness.

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