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  2. Tonight around 2am the emails started pouring in and I was already in my car and literally around the corner from the first of an 18 cache series. Within five minutes I was at GZ with my flashlight searching for the first one. I found it, opened it up, and to my surprise the FTF was already claimed. Yet, one of the three people that claimed the FTF in the logbook is six years old and it's 2am. I know they weren't out there because when I say I was literally around the corner I mean it. I was coming off the highway and the GZ was in sight when I got the email. Once I loaded the app and followed it, which took about five minutes, I was there. How do you feel about people logging finds before friends put the cache out or signing the logbook in general before a cache is published? I didn't log it as found yet because I'm waiting to see what they say in their log before I log it.
  3. Shouldn't matter how other people play the game as long as you enjoy it.
  4. To say that I "dislike" buried caches, is a misstatement; this has nothing to do with my personal likes and dislikes. Actually, I thought some of them were quite cool, but buried caches are against Groundspeak guidelines, and I think they would not be permitted by any State Park or most other land managers on their lands. Unfortunately, it seems that any buried cache that is allowed to remain will give some cacher the idea that it is acceptable and a good way to hide another cache. For example: What I "dislike" are micros in junipers. It's not a misstatement at all and has a lot to do with your personal likes and dislikes. You clearly stated that you report these caches because you think they're against your rules, but then you also stated you don't report hooks or screws in trees because while it's against the rules, you don't think it's hurting anything. That's picking and choosing what rules you want to follow based off personal opinion. If you're going to start reporting caches because they are against what guidelines say, start reporting all caches that go against guidelines. The problem here is that you don't stop at just reporting them, you do follow ups. The reviewers know what they're doing. Give it a rest.
  5. I don't disagree with posting a NA. I don't disagree with the guidelines. I do, however, think it's pretty ridiculous to put this amount of effort into the archival of caches you feel broke the rules. To make an update thread 3-4 months later.. actually even thinking about it enough to want to make a thread about it months later seems highly unnecessary. Report the cache, and forget about it. There's absolutely no reason to continue complaining about it after the fact. The reviewers are doing their best, which is more than I would even justify asking for seeing as they also have lives. Something so trivial shouldn't bother anyone this much. Report it, move on.
  6. There's a person around here who disables his caches if they get muggled and starts talking about awaiting permissions, and then if he gets a note stating it will be archived if not maintained soon, he changes the difficulty to a 5 and then republishes it.
  7. GCVlogger is usually good with his info, though his videos can sometimes be annoying. I don't like that only one person can find it. What's the point?
  8. This isn't something I found in a cache, but it's a weird experience. I went caching with a buddy today and it brought us to a road. while the road went on, there was a stop sign that said "road closed" and a guard rail that makes the road only allow one car through at a time. At that guard rail, three cars were parked, one man in each car. We decided to walk around the guard rail and go find the cache. We spent about 15 minutes total there, because the cache was muggled but pieces were still there so we were putting it back together. While this went on, all three cars went further up the road, and a fourth car showed up. It parked and watched us for five minutes, and then went further up the road. Another car parked where that one was and watched. Then went further up the road. A fifth car parked at the guard rail, and an older man got out and went into the woods the opposite side of the road. There was a lot of traffic for a no exit road with nothing on it at the end, but a lot of people going up that way. It seemed like they were guarding something and I thought maybe we were close to a grow op. We decided to get out of there and noticed the man in the woods was just at the tree line watching us. As we got into the car, he came out an stood next to his car and watched us leave. As we left, another car followed us off the road and branched off away from us eventually. We saw about 10-12 cars total, all with one man in them. We ran into another cacher later on who had a similar experience and said there were mattresses and pads for kneeling on throughout the woods. Apparently it's a meeting spot for anonymous activities between gentlemen.
  9. A local cacher found a small glass container on a guard rail near a cache that was also on the guard rail. Inside the glass container? Two balls of tin foil with cocain inside them.
  10. I'd just not bother with the team account. Me and three other guys have a team account for when we cache as a team to display what caches we've found together, but still log them all under our personal names as well.
  11. Some people have full time jobs. The CO in this case not only has a full time job, but that full time job causes him to travel and relocate often. These days, he isn't here through half of the year. When he placed it, he was here all year long. No one logged that it needed maintenance, so in his short time here he maintained the other caches he has around the wide area. I fixed it up, let him know, and when he's back he's going to go through and fix the entire trail. If that's something to complain about, some of you need to relax. When posting a cache one agrees to the guidelines regarding maintenance which state "You are permitted a reasonable amount of time – generally up to 4 weeks – in which to check on your cache". Neat. I gave him even more time by helping him out.
  12. Some people have full time jobs. The CO in this case not only has a full time job, but that full time job causes him to travel and relocate often. These days, he isn't here through half of the year. When he placed it, he was here all year long. No one logged that it needed maintenance, so in his short time here he maintained the other caches he has around the wide area. I fixed it up, let him know, and when he's back he's going to go through and fix the entire trail. If that's something to complain about, some of you need to relax.
  13. If you don't want to find crappy geocaches, stop geocaching. It's completely subjective as to what you find crappy and what everyone else finds crappy, and honestly I've never found a cache I didn't like because someone took the time to place it, and it gave me something to do. That's what it's about. If they aren't up to your standards, maybe you'll have a better time making and publishing caches instead.
  14. May as well. The CO asked people to take pictures of themselves enjoying the swag in their new years cache. I was FTF at 7:15am in freezing temperatures. In my other hand was an air horn.
  15. I think it's an awesome idea. Maybe not a cache type, but an awesome idea still. I'm going to start making up swag with the "needs maintenance" logo on baggies and leaving them in caches for people to take and keep on them. It's not about enabling poor caches, it's about helping out in the community. OP, make the cache I think it's great. You could have the best idea in the world that would appeal to absolutely everyone involved with geocaching, but if you post it on these boards people are just going to moan about it whether they agree or not. I'm not okay with people placing throw down containers. I'm completely okay with someone adding new paper when my logs are full or new pens when my pens die. It saves me time, and I'm thankful for it. I recently did a puzzle cache that consisted of a bunch of caches throughout the woods. Great time had by all, but it's been there since like 2005 or so, and wasn't completed since 2009 until we got there. Each cache had a new math problem we had to solve and it was hard to make out sometimes not because the cache was wet, but because it was old. The containers were all fine. So, leaving the original in there, I made a new card in a new baggie with the problems written up more clearly for the next people to find it. It's just helping out the next finder and the CO themselves. I think it's good cacher etiquette, and should be practiced whenever possible.
  16. Our group put out 12 caches to be published a few hours before the event. We have many prizes including coins and ready to place caches made up, also some tools of the trade. I'm also throwing a can of beans into the prizes.
  17. Coming home from two FTFs this morning after work. Just in time to catch this beautiful picture.
  18. I've had a similar idea. I would set up a cache page and every so often (with a few weeks notice) I would post the coords to a location I was to be at for lets say 3 hours. I would simply sit at that location with logbook in hand (and a few travelers) and wait for anyone to find me. You could post different locations each time. No permission necessary as long as the location had public access. Great way to meet other cachers and introduce people to locations that you normaly couldn't place a physical cache. An event cache, right? Be sure to understand the "cache permanence" guidelines. I would also like clarity. An event cache or a geocache?
  19. I turn the M and E into one letter, and draw a scribble for the *.
  20. In other news, Coffee Shops are now considered a danger to all children ever because predators MIGHT live near by.
  21. That's weird. I rarely move trackables (only removing them from extremely low-traffic caches or taking them to another continent) and when I do I never log that I have taken them until the same time as I place them. That's because I don't care to receive emails from trackable owners who want to "remind" me to move them more quickly than I have planned. But I never take them from caches I have already visited, so I always leave a Found log. ... that's not cool at all.
  22. Cape Breton, Nova Scotia representing 5000. http://coord.info/GC4VWMY
  23. I have to talk to a couple people I'd like to hold the event with, and then I'll leave you the code Dragon.
  24. As a CO, I generally check my caches at least once a month to make sure they aren't wet and that they're still there. If someone logged a find and didn't actually find it, oh well. I'm going to be there soon enough to check on it. Also, even if someone has found it doesn't mean it's going to be there for the next person anyway. People worry too dadgum much about how other people are playing the game. I'm over it. I'm not playing to please other cachers, I'm playing because I enjoy it.
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