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  1. Hallo makabo, ich gehe gern in SH cachen, allein macht es aber nicht so viel Spaß. Melde dich doch, wenn du mal los willst. Das ist ja mal ne Abwechsleung zum Corona-zu-Hause-sitzen. Ich wohne im Nordwesten von Hamburg, bin mobil. Mo von 4kidssearch
  2. Hallo, ich wohne im Hamburger Nordwesten, suche noch Cacher für gemeinsame Runden in und um Hamburg und fahre auch gern mal Richtung Nordsee. Wer hat Lust gemeinsam zu cachen? Mo
  3. Hallo Maren, noch Interesse am gemeinsamen Cachen? Ich wohne im Hamburger Nordwesten, also nicht soweit von Quickborn entfernt. Melde dich doch Mo
  4. Hi, I've been reading the post from the beginning but I have no clue where I can see the right picture to find the trackable? Can anybody help? Cheers, 4kidssearch
  5. Melde dich gern, wenn du eine Tour planst. Ich bin auch manchmal auf der Suche nach Mitcachern 4kidssearch
  6. Hi, I need a translation from an English description into Croatian. Is there anyone that can help? 4kidssearch
  7. Well I am no ttalking about a needs maintenance LOG but a needs maintenance attribute listed bey the owner for his cache under attributes. Another cacher has posted a Needs Maintenance log. The site adds the attribute, as many cachers using Pocket Queries filter out caches with the attribute. Cache owner has to post an Owner Maintenance log, after doing the maintenance, to remove the attribute.
  8. Well,I'm not a newbie cacher but I now first came across an attribute that I don't understand. It's a white cross on a red square and the word to describe it is needs maintenace. What does that mean as an attribute?? Usually needs maintenance is used to tell the owner there is something wrong with his cache. 4kidssearch
  9. Hello, I just want to give feedback to the pages of geocaching.com I really don't like the pages at all now after using them for a while. They are very unhandy and take longer to find caches than before with the old pages. Two things that are really bad: 1. when you start the page there are ALWAYS preselected caches shown and I need several clicks to see ALL caches what I prefer. Why isn't the setup the other way around: people that want selections can set their preferences that way. I don't want this and it's time consuming and enerving to have to click through the pages especially using mobile devices on the way. 2. The list of the preselected caches has changes to a very 'unorderly' appearance that takes up lots of space and thus is not handy. The former compact display was much mor useful. So I don't use this feature at all any more. It's the same as with point 1. Especailly on the go outdoors with mobile devices it's often difficult to display so much unneeded information. It' s too bad that the really good pages have changed to so negative. I hope this will be revised.
  10. Hallo, ich cache seit gut einem Jahr, komme aus Hamburg (weiblich) und bin meist mit meinen Kindern unterwegs. Aber ab und an würde ich gern in S-H cachen und hätte z. B. Interesse die Nord- Ostsee Tour in Etappen zu machen. Gruß Mo
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