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  1. The same experience here today: I tried to send a message with text and photo with the message center, the message was sent but without the photo. I updated the page, the message has disappeared. I went back to the user to whom I sent the message and tried to send another message: The message is there - but still without the photo. Another attempt: the same result. Even the usual mail with the copy of the message I did not get.
  2. The main problem at the message center: it is still very controversial and is only used by few users. So I never know if the person I'm writing to will get my message. Now that an e-mail notification needs to be turned on, it's even more likely that my messages will never arrive and be read. I have already experienced this several times. It would be better if the email notification did not need to be turned on, but deliberately turned off if I don't want to get it.
  3. We're not talking the dashboard - but this: https://www.geocaching.com/play/search "Whats New" is located bottom right. Hans Ok. Thanks and sorry. I've never before looked at or used these quick searches ...
  4. "viewing geocaches near you on the map" is still not at the new dashbord like before at the old one but still needs two more clicks. This is one reason why I prefere the old page. The “What’s new?” section is nowhere to find. Should it be at the new dashboard?
  5. Thank you! I really enjoy this! But may be there is a bug: if I zoom in, some of the solved puzzle icons disappear from the map. (I'm sorry I don't know how to upload pictures here to show this problem). So I have to decide between seeing the caches at their right places or the paths to walk to them.
  6. For me too the cache type is more important than knowing I already posted a DNF for a specific cache. I support the idea to make a kind of combination of the cache type with a sign for DNF. The best way would be, not to use the coloured dots but symbols for the cache types like in earlier times in this combination. Normaly I have no problems by posting DNFs, but if I'm not able to see the cache types in future, I would change to write notes instead of DNF, like other users already proposed. If too many geocacher do so and stop logging DNF the new health score would no more show when there is a problem with a geocache.
  7. At last 10 hours later I got my PQs ...
  8. Those, I already used in past, still don't run, whatever I do. Those new created do.
  9. Have there been changes with PQs? In the past I created them and they were available at once. Now - without any changings - I'm waiting and waiting. So what is wrong?
  10. Same here: In one moment I'm logged out without doing anything by myself. With little luck I can log in again, but not everytime, and one minute later I'm thrown out again. On and off.
  11. "500 - Server Error" if I want to look at the Geocaches found in several of my friends profiles. The same in my own account.
  12. You describe precisely the problems I'm also struggeling with. Exactly the same here.
  13. You've just earned an old fashioned blue ribbon for your post. In this case I'd guess that a wide enough premium members' collective refusal to use the hearts could do the trick. Thanks! I made a public bookmarklist for those who are worth a blue favorite ribbon.
  14. Now you did the same stupid heart-thing like twitter or crazy facebook. For me a heart will never be the way to show an owner I like his/her cache an show respekt for his/her work. In this way I will never again use this funktion in future. For me it's an absolute wronge decision you changed ribbon into a heart. But who is interested in users opinion...
  15. Danke für die schnelle Antwort!
  16. Ich habe heute einen Fund von vorgestern geloggt und wollte anschließend - ebenfalls mit Datum von vorgestern - NM loggen. Bei zweimaligem Versuch stellte sich das Datum aber immer wieder automatisch auf heute um. Ist das normal?
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