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  1. I keep a few Homies cuz i like to place Homies in caches along with other stuff i have taken or traided, 1 micro cache container with a log just incase i find a good place to put a micro, and some AA batterys a pen and a wooden nickel. all in a zip lock bag that i keep in the glove box.


    the first traid item i got was a yellow lizard and he is on top of my T.V. along with all my Geocoins and a mini trafic cone that some one left in my cache call Reseda Pepper Tree Cache (i thought it was cool so i took it and placed a Homie). what i think i need to start carring is Gloves i hate having to stick my hands in places that are full of spiders.


    but to keep to the Thread, YES i keep a Caching Bag full of stuff i need to have with me for caching. :ph34r:

  2. I'm a relatively new geocacher, but I've done enough reading of log files and forum posts to see that good manners are a large part of what makes this sport fun.

    After some thoughtful searching, I set up my own cache and it was approved yesterday. Within two hours someone posted a DNF with several complaints and a statement that they didn't enjoy the site. :ph34r:

    Since then, two other people have found it with relative ease and no complaints.

    I don't want to be a whiner, but I'm disappointed that the first log note on my first cache is so disparaging. The only DNF I've posted was after returning to the site several times and searching thoroughly with a couple of other people. To post one quickly suggests lack of searching effort rather than a bad hide.


    Would anyone care to give their opinion? ;)

    don't sweat it, this guy complains if he finds them too. if you want, you can deleat his coments as the owner of the cache. Do Not Let This Get You Down. some people are just like this guy and by reading you're other post on that cache it looks like a good one. so what if that guy didn't find it, then wrote a mean post about it. go out and hide 3 more just like it. also check out the thread about Rude Cachers.:P;):P:blink:

  3. I have a small gun collection, but they're sitting locked up in the basement, virtually untouched since I discovered that I enjoyed the "getting outdoors" part more so than following the seasons and regulations for hunting animals. I'm only hunting tupperware now, and I figure the odds are better that I'd shoot myself in the foot while reaching for a cache in some awkward position, vs. actually being in a situation where I would need a gun for personal protection AND be justified in using it.


    In my 2000 or so cache hunts, I've been in exactly *one* situation where I was justified in using force for self-defense. I don't think I would have been justified in using deadly force. So, with those odds, I am comfortable geocaching with trekking poles and pepper spray as my personal protection. I would have been justified in using either of those in the one bad encounter I had. As luck would have it, a right uppercut was sufficient to defuse the situation. :rolleyes:

    that happened to me one time. i think the guy is still in jail and still can't walk straight and i had only my hands to defend myself. i broke his leg in 3 places. man that was fun. he tried to sue me but the judge through it out of court. :laughing:

  4. Also an NRA member here.


    The "Cop kill rounds" you mention wouldnt be hollow points, as hollow points tend to flatten out when hitting a hard object (like body armor) I believe what you thinking of, is armor piercing rounds, which I dont even think they make for a 9mm.


    Thanks for the advice on location awareness I do know there are quite a few locations where its still not permissable even with a CCW. National Parks come to mind but again they dont like caches either. I am not looking to do this only for caching, its just that caching would be another time where it MIGHT be a good idea depending on location/situation.


    To try and drag my comments back on topic, the reason I prefer hollow points for carry is the lack of overpenetration they offer. What that means is if i run across a predator (not snakes) and I have no choice but to use my firearm, ALL of the energy will be applied to the target by the bullet flattening out, instead of using a standard round nose bullet which would pass THROUGH the target (thus wasting energy) and possibly become a hazard for someone standing downrange of my fired shot.


    The Laughing Gnomes


    p.s. If this thread developes much farther to the gun choice topic vs the do you carry "protection" topic I may start one in off topic to carry on with it....

    i had "Black Talends" they where hollow pionts too but they had the tephlon coating. and thats what made them go through a vest. they also make a nylon coating that will also go through a vest also a hollow point.


    all you need is whats called a soft round. they fragment on brick walls but will stop a person in one shot. these rounds are to protect the people around the target. like here in Reseda a little girl was shot through a wall with a hollow point and killed in a drive by shooting. she was asleep in her own bed during the shooting.


    i personaly hate all kinds of Gun Conrtol but if you are going to Carry then Carry safe. think of everyone around you're target not just the target and don't say that hollow points stay inside a person most gun fights take place in a 10 foot range or less a hollow point will make an exit wound the size of you're fist and that round needs to go some place.


    as a geocacher i do not carry anything. when i was a secerity guard i never carried anything i only carried when i drove a cab and belive me i protect my home. just think of whats behind you're target if you are going to carry.

  5. gees 3 in a row!


    Ive also been looking into purchasing a treking pole as Im sure they would come in handy with difficult terrain. Ive also found myself on more then one occasion looking for a stick to poke into some area I didnt want to put my hand, AND looking for a stick to carry in front of me to knock down spider webs I didnt want to eat while bushwacking.

    i scrub my hands all the way up to my elbows after Caching for this same reason.

  6. I dont carry yet but we are going for our CCW's in the next few months. (will be carrying a Beretta 92FS 9mm with 18round mag loaded with 147 gr hollow points)

    I'm A Member of the NRA and the CPRA, and that Ammo is a bit much to be carrien. i know that has been outlawed here in LA, CA for some time hell we can't even have the 18 round clip. if you really are going for a CCW then think about anything around you and change the Cop kill rounds to a soft target round. i mean how many freaks in full body armor are you going to meet Geocaching. i don't have a CCW and when i was a cab driver here in LA, CA i had a snub-nose 38 Tores. it had a 5 round carasel and was hammerless. i had black talends in it cuz i had to shoot through a devider if i was going to shoot, i didn't think i would need more then 5 shots. i thought if i had to use it, i would shoot and eather i was going to be dead or the guy shooting at me was going to be dead. so keep all that in mind. and if you carry a CCW remember to read everything that says when and where you can have it. the last thing you want is to go through all that work to get a CCW and then get arrested for the carring in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  7. I'm curious to hear about some of the best trade items you've ever picked up from a cache.


    So far, we've logged 13 finds. The best trade item so far has been a $1.00 bill. Many of our finds have been micros so obviously we couldn't trade anything.

    so far i got 1 FTF $1.00 but i like the Travel Bugs and Jeeps. i have had 1 yellow jeep 1 green jeep and i'm holding a white jeep but i'm looking for a big cache to move it along. i told EMC i would pass it along. :huh:

  8. After watching and reading the long discussion on you greatest fears while geocaching, a number of people mentioned that they carry some form of protection. What does everyone have with them?

    I Carrie Nothing! but if you saw how big i am you wouldn't mess with me ether. i can't tell you why but 99.999% of the time people walk away when S**T is started. and i don't need to start it ether. :huh:

  9. I like the peeing on the cache idea. you know what would be better find out where he lives and T.P. his house. thats what we did back in high school to people that pissed us off. 4am about 200 rolles of T.P. and a bag of flour to get the walkway up to the house. make it look like snow in augest. man thats some fun stuff.

  10. I find the concept to be morbid and rather grotesque. Even worse than stomping on someone's grave site to get the year tha they died to finish a multi.

    I guess I don't understand why you would want to put out such a cache. Oh, well.

    as i read you're post i see you don't even get the idea of this cache that i'm thinking of doing.


    O.K. i have read everyones input and first off i just want to say that the research for this cache is inprogress. i would like to make it a multi if i can. there where like 4-6 cops that had been shot that day and i would like to find the spots where that happened. the only people that died that day as a resolt of the shootout where the 2 gunmen. one took his own life on the sidewalk and the other had his feet shot up due to the body armer that was the only place that was not protected. and i was thinking of the corner of that street where he went down as somebody had pointed out he was in the middle of the street. my main consern about this cache idea is, the time it will take to make it, the placing of a cache in the parking lot of a bank where an event like this took place looking like a bomb being placed, and what Groundspeak thinks of the subject all around. (one time i placed a cache under a mail box and the website didn't like that)


    I think that if i do this cache that i will have to post all of the history about that day and if i do a multi cache i should place one at every spot that some one got shot no matter who they where. and i should also place one at the building that had the Gun store that gave the armor piercing rounds to the LAPD too. even know the store is now gone but the building is still there. i do not know if i will do this cache i am still thinking about it.


    if anyone knows any LAPD officers that where around for that day can you please have them contact me i want to really know everything before i get into it. also if the main people from Groundspeak don't like this idea please let me know. i would rather be told now then after i do all the foot work in placing this cache.

  11. I found my 100th cache on the day of my two month caching anniversary. I wanted it to not be a lamp post micro or something like that so I picked a full sized cache up on the North Rim of Bidwell Park. (El Jeffe's Cache in Upper Park) It was a nice hike up there and, when I found the cache, there was a great spot to sit and look out over the canyon. I sat in the sun and read every entry in the log book. It turns out that the cache had been found several times by geology students from the local university. Each time they entered a nice log and returned the cache to its hiding spot.


    I hadn't planned on trading anything but I found an Indian Head Penny in the cache so I traded out for it. I still remember this cache and the day and I'm glad I picked one like this for my 100th cache. Most of my other milestones (except for #500) have just kind of happened as I was caching along but that one was my first "biggie" and I was still new enough that I wanted it to be special. I'm glad I did.

    thats cool.

  12. I would hunt it - it certainly makes more sense than a WalMart light-pole placed just because the light-pole was there!


    Everyone is different, but me I would reverse the logic, use the event and place to honor the policemen, show how and where they made their stand to duty and justice... I could care less where the bad guys bought it. Wouldn't their death location qualify as a garbage dump?



    i'll need to work on this one for some time.

  13. I just got my 100th last weekend. I had about 6 to go so I planned a road trip where I hadn't cached before. 100 ended up being on the side of I-15 where I placed a TB. The cache itself wasn't spectacular but the journey was very rewarding.

    I like this idea i should make #100 a road trip up the coast like in ventura or Santa Barbra.

  14. I didn't think about the numbers so much. it's just i see i'm coming up on #100. i plan on buying the 100 find coin but i really want the 100 find to mean more then just another cache. Geocaching has become a lifestyle to me and i want it to mean something to me when i get my first big milestone. i feel like a virgine about to pop my cherry and i want it to mean alot to me.


    Leave something special in the cache (I leave $20 bills).



    I invite you to come find one of my caches for your next milestone. Please? :grin:

    For my 1800th find, see my log at Fredericktown Train Bridge, where I hinted at a "special prize." Then see the owner's note, where he made the hike just to see what I left in the cache. He didn't take the $20. Then see how my bonus gift made a newbie's day after he had a bit of trouble finding the cache.


    That is what geocaching is all about. :)

    I'm Poor so $20 is out of the question.


    Leave something special in the cache (I leave $20 bills).



    I invite you to come find one of my caches for your next milestone. Please? :)

    you are a bit to far to go caching out there for #100 i am in Reseda, CA thats just north of Hollywood.

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