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  1. as for a Flame Suit why? I have bullet proof armer due to the fact that i live in Reseda, CA you have to be Nuts to cache in my neck of the woods. just today i went out and got 3 caches and had to duck not from muggles but from Drive By's. when I was in high school here at Cleveland high in Reseda, CA if there wasn't a shooting in a week that just ment we had a vacation at that time. so you think i'm going to Stress over a few Geocachers on the internet when i can get shot just getting my mail? Ya right. Hell i still have the T.V. I got during the L.A. Riots. you know it's not even safe to get some of the caches for real check out "No walk in the park" (GCTX7N) this is not a joke read everything the O.P. Says about this park. I am way safer in the Groundspeak forums.
  2. Uh, you mean Mitsuko? (YES! I said her name out loud. ) She was just a picture... Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! She's so dreeeeeemy. WOW i know a girl from tokyo that looks good look up Saori Yamamoto on Google
  3. i already got you beat there too. i have been on workers comp for almost 2 years now. Then, stick to those 1 star terrain caches, door bangers, and skirt lifters and don't do too all fired many in one day or even a week. Ya wouldn't want any of the local GeoCommunity who might become jealous of your fame to report ya to the fraud division. Naaaaaa, what am I sayin'? A geocacher wouldn't do that to another geocacher. We're like family. it's cool i stick to everything i said i can do whan i got my Depo taken. so it's not like i'm out doing a roofing Job. and i stick to park and grabs i mean i live in Reseda, CA and the biggest hike i have had to do for a cache is 20 feet across a parking lot. i'm good at super micro's
  4. WOW i can't belive the amount of People that talk so much trash on this site and can not tell when someone is being sarcastic. WHY THE HELL WOULD I PLACE A STICKER ON A POLE THAT MARKS THE CACHE FOR THE NEXT PERSON. that kinda Defeats the Purpose of this game. man that was to Easy to get you up in arms. I should try more often. I think next time i'll tell you all that i video tape the find and post the video to really spoil the hide. or how about i do what 2 people did to me and post the spot the cache sits for every log. But i do Hate Light pole hides.
  5. i already got you beat there too. i have been on workers comp for almost 2 years now.
  6. Dude i Know where that is. It's In Downtown Reseda, CA next to the 7/11 near the Projects. you need a machete there. not to cut grass but to keep you safe from the Gangbangers. essay.
  7. Wow i thought i was bad by placing a stickers on pole caches. yep you place a cache on the inside of a light poles base, i place some kind of car sticker on the pole. i just got tiered of the same kind of hide every place i went. 6 caches in one day 3 where light poles. people find some new ways of hiding the caches. o wait i got one 2 days ago that was a new pole cache they used a magnet and stuck it under the base of a light pole but this time they stuck it up under the top of the base so when you pull up the base you don't see it. man you got to love urban caching.
  8. I'd guess you could get one listed, but you'd need to contact Groundspeak about it. The reviewer has to work the guidelines. The guideline wording above seems very specific. If the Quarry placed the cache it is not permitted, if you placed it and are you not associated with the quarry, it is permitted. I don't know your specific arrangement and perhaps your reviewer doesn't either. As far as how much $$.... there is nothing written, but there are lots of caches in Disney World which I'm sure charges a bunch more than the quarry. i think it's a no go i mean if i placed a cache inside disneyland they for sure wouldn't let it fly right?
  9. That's cool... I was just watching "Who wants to be a Superhero" last night. She's got a great costume she got booted cuz they made her think she wasn't on the show and was talking to some guy. the show is funny. i've been watching it.
  10. Thats Funny, When i was a Kid someone set a car on fire across the street from my house and i video taped it with my old VHS Camcorder. i called to see if the news wanted to buy the footage. they asked, "did some die?" the car was empty and when i told them that they said no thats not news, call use when you have a body. I got them back that same year on 4th of july. I told them I had Real Footage of a Real U.F.O. and they bought the footage with out looking at the tape. i had Skydivers at night over pierce collage and the lights that looked like a U.F.O. was the flairs they used. i got $400 for that. (4X the normal stringer video) that was back in 1991. I got to meet the skydivers after the footage aired. they all where the stunt men that did the skydive scene in Point Break. the main skydiver just Died 2 years ago BASE jumping. just funny what is and isn't NEWS also how much they pay the guy for the tapes. Stringer video is paid $150 per tape today that only a $50 raise in the last 15 years.
  11. Wow, Slamm'n Stew has me beat. I'm in a indy movie where a beautiful vampiress causes great bodily injury to me. i did a lot of background stuff too. i was on 90210 2 times, lois and clark and a few movies and other stuff including a Coca Cola ad in sports illastrated. now i'm just a no body sitting around looking for log to sign my Geocaching name to. i do have the Big Swaghs phone number sitting around some where (he was on Monster Garage) and i have some photos with me and Jessie James and jay leno and Mondo from Denvers choppers on my MySpace page myspace.com/b1rdbrain check it out.
  12. I Am Slamm'n Stew. i was on KLSX on the Nasty man show and i was a Pro-Wrestler here in Southern California. I worked with Yokozuna, Grage the Hammer Valitine, George The Animal Steel, The Iron Sheak, SABU, The Bushwackers, and so on and so on.............. i was on Jay Leno one time, a main actor in "A Wolf's Tail", and coming this September 2ND I will be Shooting my new T.V. show Slamm'n Stew's Rock Show. but i don't want to Brag.
  13. You said you're OLD now my take is what if that old Cache was brought back to life? can some one take a really old Archived Cache and bring it back to life? that would be cool for some of us Newbies.
  14. You said you're OLD now my take is what if that old Cache was brought back to life? can some one take a really old Archived Cache and bring it back to life? that would be cool for some of us Newbies.
  15. well the only thing i do is print out the cache page and use my GPSr and i really don't use the google earth but some of the hides i have look for i could use the google earth to help. i guess it's just to hard unless you pay thats the only way i have seen where i can change it.
  16. how do i set my Google earth to read like my GPSr? My GPSr is set at read out like Hddd' MM.MMM' but my Google earth says Hddd' MM.MM now how do i change my Google earth to match my GPSr? (By the way my GPSr is set up for the Geocaching site.) ?????????????????????????
  17. I Agree, this is a Family activity and the logs should show the same. i don't have kids but i do think you're logs should be writen as if a kid would read it, cuz so many people take there kids. as do i think when you log it on the web site you should keep the same in mind. kids do read that too.
  18. Dude you won the Nigerian Lotto too? i thought i was the only one that won.
  19. (selling avg. $800 per ring) how many of these One Of A Kind Rings does he have?
  20. People will sell anything on ebay. i'm thinking of selling the space on my back for a tattoo of the highest bidder..................... NOT
  21. I'll sell you 10 of them if you want. i have some already made up for GeoCaching and I have many diferent sizes i can give ya.
  22. I posted a thread that asked about the O.C.B. and the Moderater closed the thread and i reopened it to say a few last words. but the person that i wanted to hear from was booted. so after a few days i then closed the thread my self. i never got a warning but now the mod button is now gone and i just want to say sorry for being one of them people that helped mess it up for everyone.
  23. Yes, and it is a method I recommend to all gun-owners. The .38 and .22 caliber, and I am sure others, come in what is called snake-shot for just this purpose. Instead of a hard ball tip it is like a miniature shotgun shell, filled with small BB-like shot. I have used the snake shot in .22, .25, and .32 but i found that .25 and .32 work just fine. .22 you need to be closer to the snake. but the best protection from snakes is a high top boot like my 18 hole Dr. Martin Boots.
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