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  1. (This is meant for Motorcycles not bicycles)


    Let me guess. you ride a bicycle? check out http://www.myspace.com/b1rdbrain you can see photo's of me with Jesse James and Mondo. Two of the worlds best Bike Builders. (PLEASE DO NOT SAY OCC IS THE BEST CUZ THEY ARE NOT) Paul Jr. would be sitting in a dead end job if it wasn't for Vinny. Vinny does all the work.

    Jr. just acts like an A55! But Mickey is funny at times, but as dumb as a bag of hammers. :D

  2. they told me in trucking school that radar detectors are also illeagal


    Last I checked on that (which has been some time ago) radar detectors, meaning the units themselves, are only illegal a couple states.


    However, some are illegal when placed on the window due to similar laws I mentioned above in CA and MN regarding items on a windshield, but that is due to visibility and not radar detector laws.


    I used to drive all over so I did research on it...now I really don't speed much and I personally feel like detectors are kind of a waste because most of the time it's too late react (not always).


    At any rate...it doesn't seem like there are too many people from CA or MN that have seen this actually enforced. I just kept repeatedly seeing the disclaimers on a few sites when looking up prices and so my curiosity was peaked. Living this close to MN I know a few people from there and spoke to them and they had never heard of it being enforced ever.

    My friend scott got one ticket for the detector and one for the visability at the same time so they seem to be illeagel here in CA. he stopped using it after that. If you ask me the cop was just mad at him cuz he was writen up for the detector, the visability, tinted windows, the cracked winshild, and driving in a car pool lane with no one else in the car. that was a very pricey day for him. i'm glad it was him and not me.


    So what does this thread have to do with Geocaching?

  3. I've only deleted a couple, but they were both from people I knew well and in one way or another, revealed either the location or a vital piece of the puzzle that needed to be solved.


    I almost removed this log for one of my caches, but only because I felt it was kindof rude, but then decided I didn't care that much.

    I'd leave it too. i have felt the same way on a few DNF's but i didn't blame the owner. i blame my self well all but "Tarzana tarpin" but i went there like 5 times and i got some bad clues to the cache from some one else, and i had me and 2 other people looking for it, and it was the owners falt that i could not find it (not really but i did go 5 times so i'll stick to that story) :D:(:D:DB):D

  4. So um who was it that made up bombguy and posted the find? did you really find it or did you just log it to be funny. how many people from that bombsquad became geocachers after that? did the number a cachers grow in that area after the news reported it?


    wouldn't you know it. this was found by doing a search on Ask.com. look up "Phone Home" (GC942E) first off this was inside Disneyland. Groundspeak says you can not place a cache inside a place that you have to pay to get in. (I know it's For Profit places only you can't do) but the same thing happened. a grounds keeper found it the OC bomb squad was called and it was reported in the OC Register


    ANAHEIM - The Tomorrowland area of Disneyland opened 30 minutes late this morning after a park landscaper found a suspicious package at the bathrooms near the Autopia ride.

    The Orange County sheriff's bomb squad declared the incident a false alarm after deploying a robot equipped with an X-ray that determined the object was not an explosive.


    "We don't know whether it was an elaborate hoax or just something left behind," said John Nicoletti, Anaheim city spokesman, who was at the scene.


    The incident did not delay Disneyland's scheduled 9 a.m. opening, but patrons were unable to visit such Tomorrowland attractions as Club Buzz, Innoventions and Starcade until 9:30 a.m.


    Officials said that the landscaper found the object around 7 a.m. at the bottom of a staircase. He notified security personnel, who in turn called police. Police summoned the bomb squad. :(


    God Forbid you can't go to Club Buzz at 9AM.

  5. does anyone Ride a Bike to go out looking for Caches? if you do what do you ride? (This is ment for Motorcycles not bicycles) and do you got to Bike ralleys and go looking for Caches at the same time? (Like West Coast Choppers' "No Love Party" in Long beach) just wanted to know. :wub:

  6. i have 3 caches but i had to remove 2 post on one cache. both posting said where the cache was. i email both partys and asked them to edit there post to not give away the hide. after not hearing from both i posted on the log that i removed them and why i did so. and when they both reposted it, i thanked them for doing the repost. i did all of this as sugested by people on the forums. even know i removed them i did email both people first and asked them to edit there post. everything was done nicely and there was no need to start a bunch of drama over it. i have never came across any other reason to remove some ones log off one of my caches. i don't think you should go around and remove peoples post for any reason you want other then if they spoil you're cache. i aslo think a kind email asking them to edit there log first and give them about a day to do so should be the way to handle it. if nothing is done then remove the log and post why you removed it so when they go back to repost it they can see why you removed it.

  7. I'm new to this and would appreciate some advice on a low end gps unit to purchase. I've found the Lowrance Ifinder, Magellan Explorist and I believe that Garmin has one also.

    Many, many geocachers use the little yellow Garmin Etrex.

    thats what i have. i got it from W*L*A*T for $100. i should have waited a week, it was on sale for $90. :blink:

  8. Interesting that he screws it up right in the third paragraph.


    There are only three rules to the game: You take something from the cache. You leave something in its place. You record the visit in the enclosed log book. [site] see link to the actual post in the OP [/site]


    I didn't know one of the rules was "I take something from the cache."


    I always thought that IF I took something, THEN I leave something. Can't I just leave something?


    Edit: thought Electa was a woman, not positive and don't want to assume, changing to anonymous "he".

    I agree i leave things all the time and don't take something most of the time there is nothing to take. so i place something that fits for some one that wants a traidable. by the way any one know where i can get more hommies i'm running out cuz thats what i tend to leave.

  9. Just sitting around looking at my NASCAR Stats and hoping that i win the NASCAR pool today and i was thinking.


    Are there any NASCAR Themed Caches? Has any one done anything to tie NASCAR and Geocaching together? What about the NHRA or even the AMA stuff? has anyone ever tied anykind of racing to Geocaching?


    Just thinking about what can be done and i would like to know if anything has been done. :laughing:

  10. only one DNF ever made me not sleep and thats at this little park in Tarzana, CA and i sware it walked off only to find out that some one had found it. i went to this place 5 times and came up empty only to have brought others with me to look for it and still nothing. some one found it today and i was sure it was muggled. how can 3 people looking for 3 days not find it. I really thought it was gone but it was found today. i have lost sleep over this hide. now i'm going to go over there to look again and if i can't find it i'm going to explode inside and be crushed for ever. i will be placed in the loony toons wing of Northridge med. center.

  11. I'm tempted to change mine..but I cant, 'cos I've made a great breakthrough.

    Like the Oxygen Bottle thing on Everest, I place stashes of water on the way out, if only I could find them on the way back.

    But I've got a thingy that says you could suck sewage thro it and get a clean drink, and clean socks for filters and bleach and iodine and plastic bags.....good thing I've marked the umpteem mom and pops with cold ones.

    I don't get it. what is it you are saying here? you can suck sewage through some socks with bleach and iodine and it becomes clean drinking water? :laughing:

  12. Go caching in Compton for a couple days and then come back here to complain, tough guy. No one here is impressed. Most of all, me.

    I'm applying for my CCW and Abrems Tank Lic. so I can cache in Comton and Watts.


    By the way who ever said i was a "Tough Guy?" and sorry, all i am trying to do is Impress you and you only. So I can see i have Failed. :laughing:

  13. I have done both my first cache Reseda Pepper Tree Cache was thought out ofr about 2 days and then my other 2 caches i had a super micro made up and said this would make a great plae to hide a cache. I'm Still thinking about my "44 Minutes Cache" (I don't know if I'm going to do it) but i am planning it and researching all i can about the North Hollywood Shootout. so i have done Both. :laughing:

  14. i think it's just better for you to say "found it" in the web log then to post what you think of every little tid bit. when i fist started i posted every little thing i saw and did but still didn't say the location of the cache. but i have learned people, including my self will go through every log to get better clues. so now i will say if there are muggles or just found it or if Mamabird818 found it first before me and thats it. i don't give anything away in the logs. why? cuz 2 people logged my first hide and said right where i placed it. i then kindly emailed them both and asked them in a nice way to edit there logs when i got no responce i deleted both logs and sent an email saying why i deleted there logs and asked them kindly to repost in a way that will not give away my cache. i did this under the advice from every one here at the Groundspeak Forums. it's not hard to log "Found it TNLN SL TFTC" in fact most of my logs are now saying that. with a few that i did something that was fun or funny like (GCJ1KX) "Vector Sees Stars!" my post was like this:

    August 15 by b1rdbrain (85 found)

    Found a whole snakes skin when i found the cache. i made Mamabird818 jump a mile. it was sooooo funny. thank you EMC of Northridge for telling me about this cache. we paid the $3 and kicked it up there for about 1/2 hour. TNLN SL TFTC


    My moms post says this:

    August 15 by Mamabird818 (85 found)

    dadgum that son of mine. he chased me with a snake skin up here. TNLN SL TFTC




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