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  1. I was going to hide a mini cache and then everbody says they are bad for geocaching so I hid a bigger one. Then one guy said you have to trade for stuff but you don’t. I resd that you don’t have to swap and you have to sign it but then someone said you don’t have do do that ether. I think Diabo is right and Quiggle but some of them realy make me mad. This is just a game the way you want to.

    Dude i have 2 micro's out there and they are log only bring you're own pen. there is nothing wrong with that. also i have placed traid items in caches big enough for traid items that didn't have any traid items. you can do that too. if you hide a 55 gallon berrel and just put a log book in it, then do it. or if you have an ammo can with CD's or DVD's you can do that. i still don't see why any one would tell you that that stuff is wrong. just play the way you would like to find stuff if people don't like it then they can move on to there next cache. me personaly don't like certin types of hides. i find them all the time, but cuz i don't like them just means i don't hide them that way. i sign the log, thank the owner, and move along. Hide em the way you like to find them. if some one don't like then tuff. there are plenty of people that will like it.

  2. To quote the guidelines on event caches:

    Event caches are gatherings that are open to all geocachers and which are organized by geocachers.


    I've seen event caches that require attendees to go find x number of traditional caches in order to attend the event. The coords to the event cache can only be obtained if you find all the required traditional caches before the event, and, according to one particular cache page, "To attend this event, you must find all 10 caches." (This is just one example, there are many others I'm sure)


    The guidelines clearly state that event caches are "open to all geocachers". Do such requirements for events go against this guideline? It can be argued that "open to all geocachers" means that anyone is free to hunt for the prerequisite caches therefore the requirement is met, or it can be argued that such an event isn't open to all geocachers, because some folks may simply be unable to score all the prerequisite finds and are therefore excluded, even if they'd otherwise be able to attend the event.


    Now, if such a prerequisite is acceptable, how about one which states "you must have at least 2000 finds to attend this event"? Is that prerequisite still acceptable, and "open to all geocachers"? What's the difference if the requirements are to find 10 caches, 100 caches, to have 2000 finds, or to own 50 or more hides? What if the requirement was that you "need to have been caching for 5 years or more"? If there's a line as to what's acceptable as "open to all" and what isn't, where is that line drawn?

    WOW people are really that picky??????????????????? If you do stuff like this, GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Recently I placed a multi that had two clues that had to be found/solved. The first one, which was the published one, involved "fishing" in a metal sign post tube with a metal object to retrieve a 35mm film can that had a magnet glued to it. Inside of the can was the co-ords for clue #2. This was a strip of flexible magnetic material that was attached under the top of a steel culvert, hidden by the corrugations. Printed on this strip is the location of the actual cache. I had stated in the published instructions that items such as a length of string, a hex nut and a mirror may be needed. There were several other items listed that were false/misleading. So far this one hasn't been the easiest for the seekers!


    I want to put a little bit of deviousness in my next hide. It's more fun!


    Anybody have any cute ideas for turning simple hides into real hair-pullers?

    Use a fake sprinkaler to hide the cords. to the next part

  4. I'd like to know if there is some place to go that we can get answers to why we didn't find a certain cache.I'd like to know where some of the ones are that we didn't find...make sure we were at least close. And they must be very very very good...or we're blind and well.......dumbfounded.....So where can we get answers to that?

    i first email the owner and ask for another clue. if that don't work i ask other people that have found it for help. but i have been given wrong clues by people that have found a cache that i got a DNF from.

  5. Interesting.


    At first I thought it was a game where you left cards in caches for the FTF and then they had to make hands (like poker hands) out of the cards they got out. Wouldn't that make the FTF hunt even that much more crazy...

    that would be cool and i will talk to the people in my area to see if i can get that started and have it where everyone meet in a month and the best hand gets a prize. i would think you would mark the deck or use a deck that is different to keep people from cheating

  6. What's your best cover story?


    Imagine the following scenario:


    Your GPSr directs to a location where muggles are enjoying the day outdoors (barbecue, picnic, family reunion, etc.). You can tell that the coordinates for the cache are pointing to a wooded location at the edge of the park, so you'll need a good cover to keep your actions secret.


    I've grown tired of the old GPS-as-a-cell-phone bit, and I'd like something new. Anybody got any suggestions? :laughing:


    And how can my wife and I walk into a wooded area without looking like we're sneaking off to find a 'quiet location for a romantic interlude'? (People always give us the funny eyeball when we hop out of the bushes!) :laughing:

    Try this one:


    Tell people you're geocaching and teach them how to play. i got caught in the bushes at a park by the land owner that owned the bushes i was in, and this one worked real good. i even had a print out of the cache. the next week i got an email from her. she got a GPSr and had found the cache i was looking for. (i got a DNF).

  7. :laughing:


    Why not have another cache the same size or slightly bigger, and leave chunks of the ammo can in plastic baggies as trade items? :laughing:


    That is a great idea! I think we will do that.


    That ammo can definitely reminds me of my time playing battlefield2 against the legions of the much more skilled 12 and under set. PWN3D for sure.

    i want some. can you send some to me in reseda, ca?

  8. My wife and I are so competitive that we want to have our own accounts and a team one as well I am haveing trouble coming up with a team name thought. What are you team names and how did you come up with them. Thanks


  9. I have a Garmin eTrex Legend Cx. For several months I have successfully downloaded cache waypoints from the geocaching website using EasyGPS, both from my desktop and laptop computers. Tonight nothing is working. I can download the waypoints into My Documents, I can open them in EasyGPS and edit them, but they will not send to my Garmin. I have tried every combination of UBS ports possible (that has proved to be a problem in the past with my laptop).


    Any ideas? :o

    Update drivers.

  10. if none of that works you can use a deviding rod and a hamster. that's what people used before the GPSr back in the 70's. but you never saw the same numbers back then as you do now. it's a lot easyer with a GPSr. back in the day you was the king if you could get 3 in a day. most people got 1-2 a week. now it's all about the numbers and no hamsters.

  11. Not sure what the smallest 'acceptable' size is, but keep in mind that it's gotta be big enough to hold a logbook or log sheet of some kind... and it's usually coertesy to have a writing instrument in there. Unless you have everything needed printed on microfiche, you may have difficulties cramming anything into there.

    . your kidding.

    Come on, what do you think? get real.

  12. I have only been geocaching for a couple a weeks and it is a fun game. Thesee forums are fun to but there might be another game going on in it. I have notived that sometimes an old person all the way back to 2001thinks he plays it wright and we play it wrong. Maybee everyone plays it right.

    Anyway it is annoing when the old guys tell us we are doing it wrong. How would they like it if a newbie told them how to do it?


    D newbies imake old players as mad as they make us?

    how is it you are playing wrong? are you not being Stealthy? are you showing everyone around you what you are doing? are you using some kind of magic cache finder? how are you playing it wrong? what are the old timers telling you that makes it wrong?

  13. I'm new to the whole geocaching thing. We just started doing it this week.


    I tried to say a bit, but don't want to bore people either. I'm not sure what to put or what people expect. So, I always say thanks, and try to give a bit of info about what we thought.


    I don't know, is one method of logging preferred over another?

    not really just log it as you like and try not to spoil the hide in you're logs. post photos if you want but again try not to spoil the hide in them too. but just do to have fun. thats why you should go caching.

  14. Sorry to go off-topic, but do people actually place caches in the inside of light pole bases?!? :laughing: This seems like a really bad idea to me, and a good way to get eletrocuted... :laughing:

    ya this is a normal urban hide. and the bases don't have the wires. you need to open the doors for that and no one hides them there. so you just lift up on the base and bingo theres an altoids tin with a magnet some times. mostly spiders with the tin. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

  15. ever wonder why a motorcycle rider is called a 'biker,' but a bicycle rider is called a 'cyclist?' :laughing:

    Nope. i just know that a Cyclist wears skin tight shorts and alot are from West Hollywood, if you know what i mean. and Real Bikers are not to be messed with. (like H.A.'s or 81's you know 1%ers)

  16. In our area we have some caches that ask you to log your finds in a specific manner. One asks that you log in Haiku form and another asking you to tell a tall tale. The owners of these caches are fun easygoing cachers, but for the sake of discussion lets say after I used my GPS, found the traditional cache, signed the log and replaced the cache EXACTLY where it was found would the owners be in the "right" to delete my log and declare that I did not find the cache if I did not follow the logging requirement?


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