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  1. Dude i have 2 micro's out there and they are log only bring you're own pen. there is nothing wrong with that. also i have placed traid items in caches big enough for traid items that didn't have any traid items. you can do that too. if you hide a 55 gallon berrel and just put a log book in it, then do it. or if you have an ammo can with CD's or DVD's you can do that. i still don't see why any one would tell you that that stuff is wrong. just play the way you would like to find stuff if people don't like it then they can move on to there next cache. me personaly don't like certin types of hides. i find them all the time, but cuz i don't like them just means i don't hide them that way. i sign the log, thank the owner, and move along. Hide em the way you like to find them. if some one don't like then tuff. there are plenty of people that will like it.
  2. WOW people are really that picky??????????????????? If you do stuff like this, GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Use a fake sprinkaler to hide the cords. to the next part
  4. i first email the owner and ask for another clue. if that don't work i ask other people that have found it for help. but i have been given wrong clues by people that have found a cache that i got a DNF from.
  5. that would be cool and i will talk to the people in my area to see if i can get that started and have it where everyone meet in a month and the best hand gets a prize. i would think you would mark the deck or use a deck that is different to keep people from cheating
  6. i just looked i have 692 in a 10 mile radius. so how many do you have in just 10 miles from you're house?
  7. I'm in 3rd place so far and i too have the ocean only 10 miles from me so it's mostly east of me for the over 6,000 caches
  8. Try this one: Tell people you're geocaching and teach them how to play. i got caught in the bushes at a park by the land owner that owned the bushes i was in, and this one worked real good. i even had a print out of the cache. the next week i got an email from her. she got a GPSr and had found the cache i was looking for. (i got a DNF).
  9. That is a great idea! I think we will do that. That ammo can definitely reminds me of my time playing battlefield2 against the legions of the much more skilled 12 and under set. PWN3D for sure. i want some. can you send some to me in reseda, ca?
  10. I carry a Deviding rod and a Hamster. thats all you need.
  11. if none of that works you can use a deviding rod and a hamster. that's what people used before the GPSr back in the 70's. but you never saw the same numbers back then as you do now. it's a lot easyer with a GPSr. back in the day you was the king if you could get 3 in a day. most people got 1-2 a week. now it's all about the numbers and no hamsters.
  12. . your kidding. Come on, what do you think? get real.
  13. Geocaching gets me out more then 100 feet away from my car.
  14. God don't belive in Athiest. JK just had to pull you're chain
  15. how is it you are playing wrong? are you not being Stealthy? are you showing everyone around you what you are doing? are you using some kind of magic cache finder? how are you playing it wrong? what are the old timers telling you that makes it wrong?
  16. not really just log it as you like and try not to spoil the hide in you're logs. post photos if you want but again try not to spoil the hide in them too. but just do to have fun. thats why you should go caching.
  17. so are you going to post that on ebay now? it could pass as the O.C.B.
  18. ya this is a normal urban hide. and the bases don't have the wires. you need to open the doors for that and no one hides them there. so you just lift up on the base and bingo theres an altoids tin with a magnet some times. mostly spiders with the tin.
  19. I can wield my belly as a weapon? but i just posted i don't carry any weapons when i go out caching. thanks alot. now i have to go find that post and update it. thanks man.
  20. That's it? Just "no?" No arguments? No debate points? No logical reasoning? No explanation at all? Where's the fun in that? Why should I. My Opinion is Simply "NO".
  21. Nope. i just know that a Cyclist wears skin tight shorts and alot are from West Hollywood, if you know what i mean. and Real Bikers are not to be messed with. (like H.A.'s or 81's you know 1%ers)
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