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  1. Recently descending a steep part of clearcut woodland, and being in very trippy undergrowth, I noticed that smaller bushes /trees that had been cut, were about 18 inches high and kinda spear pointed and quite closely spaced. A pitch forward would have impaled me, it was a DNF..would you go back ?

    Not me. i hate getting stuck my throrns and stuff

  2. See thats how it should be But thats not what had happened. you see team 360 came up with a geocoin idea. this coin was not going to be supported by GC. so words went on between GC and Team 360 and Team 360 was banned (thats all i know about 360) well my friend Joe liked the coin idea and made his avatar be the Coin in question. The Mod didn't like it and gave Joe a time out for 1 week. at the end of 1 week Joe found himself banned for life and when you get a time out or get banned you can't go on the site and play anymore. this was really only one mod that has done all this to 2 Geocachers but there are the very few Mods that i don't think a thank you is needed nor do i think we need them here yes there are some that do there Jobs and do it well but there are the ones that over step there power and like some one said take his game home and not let us play. i have talked to joe about this thread and all he is mad about is the fact that the Mod said one thing and did another the Mod told him it was a time out and then Banned him for good. i think this is a clear use of over stepping you're powers on the site. so in my Opinion there are still the few that we don't need.


    next time you want to make a bow down and praise the MODs thread make it say that and don't give people the option to make a choice for them selfs. also i don't see how this derails you're thread when it'a all about the MODs. you clearly ask "Do We Need Them?" In my Opinion yes we need the ones that stick to doing there jobs and no we don't need the Mods that act like Dictators we need more Yodas and less Darth Vadors.

  3. Once again I'm going to politely ask you not to derail my topic. This topic is not about who got banned or why.


    Apparently you have a a problem with someone being banned. If you look way up on top of the page you will see a button you can click to start your own topic. I suggest you do that if you feel so strongly about the subject.


    This topic is about appreciation of Moderaters and Reviewers.


    Thank you in advance for your understanding! :lol:


    El Diablo


    Actually, when I look at the top of the page to see what the topic of this thread is, it reads:

    Reviewers/Moderators, Do we need them?


    So that is the topic of the thread, not the appreciation of Moderators or Reviewers.

    Furthermore, you then ask the following questions:

    Have you ever stopped to think where this sport/hobby/game would be without our Reviewers? Or how about where these forums would be without Moderaters?


    You then go on to answer your own questions with your opinion.


    It seems, though, that you are not liking some of the answers by others, and are trying to supress those that express an opinion that is different than your own. If the moderators are the ones who ban users from the forums, bringing up a banning seems on-topic to me, considering that is the motivation of the poster in answering the questions you asked.


    I think if you are going to ask the questions, you should allow the others to answer them. Some of those answers will be different than what you would like to see. Discussion forums exist for discussion, not just pushing one opinion on others.


    If you want to start a post that just praises the moderators and reviewers, you should close this topic and use the button you mentioned to start a new appreciation topic. You can then word the topic and questions more carefully, so that any opposing opinions would truly be off-topic.


    Thanks for starting this thread where we can discuss whether we need the Moderators or Reviewers, and how the forums might be without Moderators. It's an interesting topic, I'm glad you brought it up.

    Well Put.......... I have never said we don't need the MODs. i simply said there are a small few the over step there boundrys. My friend Joe was given the boot by one MOD and Joe said sorry for what he had done. the MOD never responded but the MOD also said the Banning was for a 1 weeks time. with out saying any thing to Joe the MOD made the 1 weel ban to a life time ban. this is a case where the MOD over stepped the Boundrys. in this small case we do not need to have this MOD around (this is part of you thread. you ask "do we need them?") if you feel like i am derailing you're thread I'm Sorry but you left the door wide open on if we need the mods or not. i simply say we don't need the countrol freaks and if a MOD is going to do one thing then he/she should stick to what they said, they Should do not go off and make the punishment harder with out notice. so my Stand is Yes we do need the MODs no we don't need the MODs that are compleat controle freaks.

  4. it's not like he was taking about muggling every cache he came to and it was said in the forums.


    That's true, he didn't threaten to muggle other people's caches here in the forum.


    Steal his caches. nothing will piss him off more then to have to replace his caches.


    I like the peeing on the cache idea.


    You did.



    Back on topic, it's a thankless job. I'm glad they're doing it, because I wouldn't want to.

    you are no better then the news. why only take a small part of what was writen and make me look so bad. while take the whole post out of contex. first i was defending 2 people that got the Boot over a Geocoin idea. you then take 2 quotes out of contex to make me look bad. DUDE GROW UP. i bet i can do the same to you if my whole life was sticking my nose in to other peoples buisness. i was making a point about another cacher that was Booted this was not about me. and he was booted For A COIN IDEA i got the emails from the MOD and Joe i have read everything that the Mod had sent him Joe also had said sorry on 3 different times. but the MOD refuses to contact him back. i also never said it was all the MODs, i simply said the some of the MODs are acting like the Geocaching SS and have handed out harsher punishments to people that through a funny COIN idea out there. By the way the coin in question will be made and sold on Ebay for thoughs that would like to still get said Coin. and as far as Joe goes he said sorry 3 times to the MOD but the MOD has never said anything back to him. all the MOD did was Boot him off for good. all the guy wants is to access his acount and be able to look for caches. see when you get booted off here you get booted off from playing the game. is that fair? he aslo was told that the Banning was only going to be for a week out of the blue the bootting went from 1 week to forever. no reason given just did it anyway. so yes just like the LAPD there are alot that need thanks but there are a few Dirty ones that need to be sent someplace other then here. I Don't Pee in you're Pool, Please don't Poop on my Caches.

  5. Lessee, been in the game all of 3 whole months now, found 90 caches and attended 1 event, blessed us with your wise opinion 143 times, and can't find anything nice to say about the dedicated volunteers that make this site and game work?


    "i bet i'll get the boot for this post. or at least a warning."


    I bet you won't. You evidently underestimate these folks.


    But, if they do...We'll miss you when your gone why?



    I don't have anything nice to say? whare have you been. i was talking about the very few Mods that take the job way over the edge. i have not named any mods but Team 360 was booted for a Geocoin idea and some one else was booted for talking about said Coin. these people didn't get a warning they got booted they can't even go look up caches to find from all this happening. i know Joe had said sorry to the Mod that booted him and the mod has never even made it known that he even read it. so a friend is sitting at home can't even Geocache cuz he thought a coin was funny that Groundspeak made it known they would not suport at all. I ask you is it fair that some one speaks his mind to be given a boot and then can't enjoy a game he loves? it's not like he was taking about muggling every cache he came to and it was said in the forums. i think if he was given the boot at least make it where he can't post in the forums but let him still play.

  6. All that said if fine but there are a few that has taken the Job and it is a Job way over the edge. Team 360 was given the Boot for making a joke or pushing an idea of a coin that Groundspeak doesn't want anything to do with. then a friend of mine was Booted off for speaking of such Coin and made his avatar be the coin. he was told that it was a banning from the post for 1 week then after that week was up, it turned in to for good. nothing was said the bannig turned in to getting Booted for good. yes they are doing a good job but some have taken there powers and turned to the Dark Side. i heard one Moderator described as Hitler. so yes most of them do need to hear the words Thank You. but some need to be moved to moderat some place else. i mean you don't keep a guard that beats on inmates in an area that he can still beat on prisoners you eather fire them or move them in an area that makes it where they can not touch the inmates. this place is for familys but when a kid asks a simple question and a moderator boots him off cuz he thinks that the question is not ok for Groundspeak is getting bad. i bet i'll get the boot for this post. or atleast a warning.


    B1rdbrain :)

  7. What does dissing BMW motorcycles have to do with geocaching? Perhaps you could open a thread in the Off Topic forum for your rants.

    it started as a geocaching thread and i asked the moderators to close it then some one said someithing about bmw and questioned my riding then some one dissed me about my building a bike and this is where it ended up. this is why as the people that do post should be allowed to close the thread at there will. i would have closed this thread like over 10 post ago. but they took that away from all of us. remember?

  8. "garage art"

    I'm Not building Art i am makeing a "BAR Hopper" and you said I'm not building? i am just assembling? dude you have alot to learn about "Bike Building" when you take catalog parts and make them One Off's then you are building but if you are takeing catalog parts and putting them together then ya you are assambling but i didn't go to school to learn how to work with metal to assemble anything. i am building. you can't take a custem frame and just stick a motor in it. you have to fab up some parts to make it work. then you take the mounts to get them powder coated or chromed then there is the tank and mounting it. and when you fab up all this stuff you have a ton of work to mok it up and thats what i'm in the middle of doing is mok up. i'm still waiting on parts and after paint and everything is done i would have paid as much at a nice Fatboy and not much more but it will be at least a $40,000.00 Bike if i sold it when done. and as for BMW tour bikes they suck. hate to break it to you, but they suck. now write me back when you man up and sell everything to build you're dream. cuz thats what i did. i sold everything but my Bird and my GPS to build my dream and no one will rain on my parade. and when it's all done I'll post all the photos on the build on myspace. kinda a how to build you're own so you don't have to pay people like OCC $100,000.00 for a bike that really should cost $35,000.00 and only pay out $20,000.00 - $25,000.00

  9. Yeah, now that we've established that you're better than the rest of us, we can definitely close this thread. :anicute:

    You building a bike? you bust up you're hands building you're dream? i asked a simple question and my riding abelity was Questioned. i dreamed of building a bike and i had to sell my H.D. to do it. so are you building a bike? or better yet do you ride American? you own American Made? At least i'm supporting American small buisnesses. what are you doing other then posting on a game forume?

  10. does anyone Ride a Bike to go out looking for Caches? if you do what do you ride? (This is ment for Motorcycles not bicycles) and do you got to Bike ralleys and go looking for Caches at the same time? (Like West Coast Choppers' "No Love Party" in Long beach) just wanted to know. :anicute:


    Okay, we've given up what we ride, what about you?

    i got rid of my 92 fatboy and now building my own bike i have a rolling chassey from AZ Bikes it looks ridged but it's air ride i have an S&S 118 coming a 280 rear tire fenderless drop seat i have $15,000.00 into it and i am still making it up and looking for a good painter. i'm thinking of a Dukes of Hazard thyme. so i should be riding again in Jan. just got the 6 speed trans in and as soon as the motor comes in i'll get them together getting Jesse James Crack Pipes and Big Bear controles with a exile clutch controle. So to put it short I"M MAKING MY BIKE it's been a 4 year dream and it's only a few more months that it will be done. it's all American All My Own and i didn't use 1 credit card to buy any parts. so take you're little hondas and you're BMW's and go fly a kite. i'm the only one here that seems to be a real "Biker" and with that said Moderator, Please close this thread.

  11. BTW -- ever wonder why a motorcycle rider is called a 'biker,' but a bicycle rider is called a 'cyclist?' :P


    Motorcycle riders are called motorcyclists. Bikers are too busy hanging out in bars to actually ride much. :)


    I sometimes ride my Kawasaki ZRX1200 or my BMW R1150RT to the trailhead (if it's off a paved road), but neither bike is well suited for dirt roads.



    so in realy you are just a Cyclist. i mean a BIKER wouldn't be seen on you're scooter right? BMW HAHAHA get a real bike. BMW makes cars for complete <edit by moderator> not Bikes for real Bikers by the way what credit card did you use for that bike????????? (Please don't post anything back about me making fun of a Credit card biker. i only made fun of him cuz of the BMW bike)

  12. Which 5/5 caches have you done?

    Good catch, LadeBear. All 88 of his logged finds are on caches that are terrain 1 or terrain 1.5.


    I'm betting he posted just to test the language filter.

    I posted to see how fast you hard core guys would respond. don't fool you're self to think anything different.


    I don't Pee in you're pool, please don't poop on my cache.

  13. Well this was DNF and the owner needs to look-up on the cache. Maybe we just suck, but with 240+ caches just myself I think not.


    I just love the arrogance.

    With over 500 finds I still miss the occasional 1/1.

    No one is perfect.

    thats funny i seem to miss alot of 1/1's but man do i find the 5/5's real quick. it's missing the 1/1's that make you go "What the <edit by moderator> am I Doing Wrong"?

  14. Not according to what the puritans have told me. They could care less about the number next your log. Their problem is that you logged a "find" when you didn't find the cache. Let's face - the majority of "found it" logs are when people found a cache. Most of these even meet the puritans' definition: the person looked for a cache that is listed on geocaching.com, found the cache in roughly the same location where the hider had hidden it, signed the log, and replaced the cache. The others may have done somethings the puritans don't like but the cache hider has said go ahead and log it anyhow. Or the hider may have some additional logging requirement. I think the frisbee analogy is meant to address the minor deviations from the puritan requirements. A frisbee puritan may complain if you are not using an official Whamo! flying disk you are not playing frisbee. Disks made by another company are not frisbees. A frisbee puritan may claim that unless you are using an approved throwing technique you are not playing frisbee. Rolling the disk on the ground is not frisbee. The geocaching puritans feel the need to have a definition for geocaching (or for finding geocaches) in order that we don't fall into practices equivalent to rolling frisbees on the ground. Occassionally, TPTB decide to accept parts of this definition. Examples like requiring a log in every cache and the removal of new virtual caches, show that sometimes the definition of what geocaching is does get refined. I personally hope the most important part of the definition continues to be that you should have fun looking for hidden caches, much like most people realize that this is the important part of the definition for playing frisbee. Let's not go adding rules that aren't neccessary.

    Nicely Put. :rolleyes:


    Whats TPTB?

  15. Why is it always brought up that I'm 13 years old? :)

    Cuz we all where 13 at one time in our life and we already know what you are going to do before you even think about doing it.


    thats why some one brings up that you are 13 all the time.


    you really shouldn't log the find. most people don't think it's fair to log you're own hides. now go get some mentos and Diet Coke and drop 3-4 mentos in the Diet coke, to see what happens. :laughing:

  16. I hope some of y'all are being purposely obtuse, or carrying this blather on simply because you like argument.


    Some of this senseless emoting and twisting torturous logic might be understandable if you are just 'playing forums'.


    All the Frisbee Rule tries to relate is that if people can freely go to a place, play frisbee (or whatever) without attracting undue attention, then geocaching can be assumed to be ok there as well.


    “Would I play Frisbee here without feeling a need to first ask permission?” is the first step in determining adequate permission.


    The OP trying to link human behavior to one game or another is of course flawed. Golfers, hunters, frisbee players all have their own rules, guidelines and ethics and are just as resistant to change and hard on percieved cheats as is this community.


    That said, the basic question I get from the OP is 'Can't we all just get along?'



    i see what what you are saying. as in Hunting if you look for caches in Reseda, CA you too can get shot by a fat guy that has money. kinda like that guy in TX that got shot by the vice prez. but if you play frisbee you're just a stoned out hippie.


    that sounds about right as for getting along? no some one will always mess it up for the rest of us. so thats not going to happen.


    as you can see this tread is really not about the game as much as it's about telling some one you are playing wrong. come on people if you can't play nice go find another game to play. like frisbee, cuz we all know most Geocachers are Hippie scum and people that play frisbee are also hippeies. so if you can't play Geocaching nice then go hug a tree and play another game like "Go get lost in the woods" thats a great game to play. if you don't know how to play "Go get lost in the woods" then go out to the woods with out you're GPS and get lost out there real good and then start playing. souds like fun to me.


    If you don't like how some one is playing then get over it. cuz you will never find some one that plays the way you play this game. i play if you can't find it then you never found it. if some one plays hey i was there but i didn't find it and marks it that they found it. then thats how they play. if you feel you have waisted time looking for the cache thats not there when some one marks that it was there and never found it, then maybe you need to look a new caches and quit looking up old ones. just move on and leave the new guy alone. he will play it the way that makes him happy

  17. The funny thing about this whole Frisbee anology is that it is very simular in history and game-play to geocaching!


    Originally a Frisbie Baking Company tin pie plate, it was marketed in plastic as a Pluto Platter, and the device and game have evolved over time... and continue to change.


    There is little if any pure black and white anywhere that humans are involved.



    you must have played frisbee Golf. i use to play that in Pasadena, CA now that park is used more for Geocaching then Frisbee Golf. and now i play Geocaching and not Frisbee Golf.

  18. I’ve been thinking a lot about how so many people criticize other geocachers because of how they play the game. It has been going on a long time, but it seems to have escalated in recent months and I think it has gotten out of hand. So, I propose a new adaptation of “The Frisbee Rule.” The current Frisbee rule applies to placing caches. When determining whether permission is needed in a specific location to place a geocache, one should ask themselves, “Would I play Frisbee here without feeling a need to first ask permission?” That seems like a pretty good guideline. After all, geocaching is really no more intrusive than tossing around a Frisbee.


    But, I propose the adoption of “Frisbee Rule 1.02.” This rule shall state that whenever faced with the dilemma of whether or not to criticize another geocacher for how they play the game, one should ask themselves, “Would I criticize someone so harshly for how they play Frisbee?” Let’s face it, even though some of us put on a costume that looks like we are about to go into combat every time we “play” geocaching, geocaching is really no more significant of an activity than Frisbee.


    Would you call someone a cheater or a liar for how they played Frisbee? Would you ridicule someone who feels that throwing a Frisbee back and forth twenty times constitutes playing Frisbee not just once, but twenty times? How harshly would you come down on someone who said that they played Frisbee today, but never actually caught the disk? If someone marks the outside of someone else’s Frisbee with a permanent marker, they have been inconsiderate, sure, but have they really committed a crime against the game of Frisbee?


    Let’s focus our criticisms on more important things in life and let people “play” geocaching how they choose. Thanks for reading.

    I Agree but don't use a Permanent Marker on my Caches. a pen will be just fine. a pencil if you must is OK but a pen will do. I don't Poop in you're pool, please don't pee on my cache. <_<

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