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  1. Yes, TravelerHuntter. Is there any way to block someone? Now it's moved on to the level of spam...
  2. This morning I had a discover log come in for a bug that could not possibly have been found. Several years ago I mailed this brand new bug to my mom, who didn't see the bug in the package and it was lost forever. I figure it's either floating around the post office somewhere or in a land fill. Likely the latter. About an hour later I get discover logs for 7 more of my bugs from this same user. The user's account was created yesterday and they've logged over 500 travel bugs since then. Needless to say I deleted them all. But I'm curious: how do they get the numbers? I get that there may be ways to get the numbers of bugs that were logged at some point, maybe someone posted them or shared them somehow. But that couldn't have happened in the case of my bug that never saw the light of a Geocache. Are they just typing in random numbers hoping to find bugs? Using some kind of hacking computer program? Has this happened to anyone else?
  3. I might be interested.. The cuteness factor is definitely there for me, time will tell how the money factor fairs..
  4. I also like to drop in advance so people can see which bugs/coins will be at the event. I like to see that info anyways
  5. WOW! Why do I always hear about these things too late to get involved? ETA: ahh, I thought this was a race anyone could submit duckies to participate in. Still cool though!
  6. I like the blue Jeep Compass!
  7. Letchworth State Park is a great option. Lots of caches there.
  8. I participated in GeoJellies 3 & did the minimum. It cost me approximately $120. WELL worth it!! The cost, of course, may differ for the next version..
  9. Sad to see them go, but this is a great sale! Thanks for the info!
  10. I bid on eBay if I can't find the coin for sale somewhere else. I often start at eBay, then when I find something I like I search for it elsewhere before bidding. I don't have enough coins in my collection to trade, so that's not really an option for me.
  11. What kind of bags do you fit into the film canisters? I'm new to this and want to start making CITO containers to drop off at caches.
  12. It seems like they're organized by the date that the coin set was entered into the system/minted. The coins I've found that are part of older sets seem to be at the top of the list, and the coins minted more recently near the bottom.
  13. Love this series, bought them last year.. Not sure if I can afford it right now though. Hopefully coins will still be available when I can :-)
  14. I am definitely in, love the idea of 2 coins - 1 to keep & 1 to release!
  15. So pretty! I missed the reservation :-(
  16. I certainly won't be able to trade even close to everyone... I still have to come up with an idea for my flavor too! :-)
  17. A-ha! the Green man is still for sale! Sweet! Thanks for the link!
  18. So... something odd. Background: Recently I tried to start a Labyrinths category which was denied in peer review by Groundspeak. I got a message tonight that someone left the Labyrinths group. So I went to look (mainly because I haven't been able to figure out how to leave a group, myself), and there was a message that said the category is on auto-approve and will not be editable until there are 3 officers. It also said that it wasn't visible in the directory. I clicked a link that took me to category settings where I was able to click a check-box to make the category visible. And now it appears to be visible? I thought the category was rejected? Not sure if this is a bug somewhere in the website and just wanted to make you aware of it.
  19. Pre-ordered 3! Nice work on these!
  20. Here it is: http://www.Waymarking.com/groups/details.a...4b-fe56d0c50419
  21. I agree, there are a lot of differences and considerations between mazes and labyrinths. Unfortunately, Groundspeak doesn't. The final vote had 27 Approves and 9 Denies. From Groundspeak Inc.: Unfortunately, there is already a dropdown variable for Labrynth under the "Outdoor Mazes" category called "Maze Type". An addition category would be redundant. I find the wording ironic since the dropdown was added in response to my category creation I'm not sure why Groundspeak was deadset against this category. As the site grows there will be more and more categories which will become larger and larger. I think I've demonstrated the different motivations behind the two and a need for different variables. The only thing I can think of is that Groundspeak isn't interested in figuring out how to move the existing labyrinth entries to a new category. Unless Jeremy can provide some other insight?
  22. Is it too late to get in on this series? I'm new to geocoin collecting and would hate to miss out on this beautiful series!! Email request sent!
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