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  1. Try the Lithium, they last longer than alakline, We went through alkaline in less than two days, the Lithium have been at full charge for two weeks. It is worth the extra money.
  2. Wife and I just starting geocaching about a month ago, we are having a blast,for me its the journey and the search and the actual find is the topping. It gets me outdoors in all kinds of terrain and allows my Canadian wife to see more of our area. She is loving it. Actually she is somewhat addicted. LOL. She likes the number of caches we find, as barometer of how we are doing, so far 169, she seems to never be satisfied, she is very competitive.I need to keep up with her.
  3. Just purchased an Garmin Oregon 450 gps, having trouble downloading maps, I need any help I can get. thank you
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