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  1. Yes to CO did state that in the logging requirements. I had read the description in detail in March 2019 and made notes when planning this trip so I missed this update. I guess for me - no I don't need the find but at the same time I spent ages doing what I think are the key earthcache elements... I feel a bit cheated.
  2. It was a 2017 published cache and edited in June 2019 following the changes to the guidelines - so its not been approved by a reviewer.
  3. I had a very disappointing experience due to the change of the rules....was on holiday getting caches around Europe's First. So after doing all of the geological naming of the rocks etc and maths calculations for volume and mass for the (originally published 2017 and updated last month with photo log) Earthcache requirements, the CO refused my find because my photo despite having my caching mascot in it did not have my name clearly visible and therefore my log was deleted...... if people start going down this route more - goodbye Earthcaches, might as well make it a virtual.
  4. Question on event stacking - the guidelines seem to be greyer than I remember. I am part of a committee who was organising what I hoped would be a Mega event and as part of the fun weekend we had organised some events and CITOs. As different cachers and reviewers have their own views - would be good to understand what is the definition for: Events that are near the same time or location Also does that mean all event types - including CITOs?? I had submitted my events before the new rule changes 2nd but on 11th sep told I'm now event stacking and based on the rules at the time I didn't think I was... so looking for some clarification to reassess our plans for next month.
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