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  1. That's more of a possibility than the firmware. I'm not getting what was described as the garbled/pixel stuff. It was a quite uniform crisscross pattern that would appear in different areas of the screen. I've already updated it to 2.07. I have been driving and caching around the boundaries of the map I've installed. Could be it. Once I'm totally out of my map area and into the "base" (I new at the terminology so bear with me...) map of the V it totally goes away (And the detailed roads go away as well but that's expected..).
  2. I've only had my V for a couple of days but have noticed that sometimes part of the map I see is covered with crosshatches (Crisscrossing lines) and in that are the streets aren't showing. If my route happens to go through that area it will make the line through it but no detail until it either changes maps or zooms as I get closer to the location. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, is it normal or not??? Thanks!
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