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  1. The update i tried to install (at least 15 times, with different cables, settings, computer etc.) didn't complete, but the GC seemed to work, but i had no maps.

    I Tried to figure out where it went wrong. After Unzipping the install file I found out that the script conains a file: \eXplorist_2_15\COPY_GROUP_9\MAPWWEU_BM.mgi of 1.17 GB, while the space left op the exporist was around 500MB, that doesnt work!

    So I transferred the old map data file ( in \APP\MapData ) to my PC and gave it a retry..TADA that was the problem.

    Now the script succeeded perfectly..

  2. Did anyone have trouble updating their software on the eXplorist GC? I just bought one and when I try to install the software update from the preinstalled v. 1.0.1085.145 to the latest I keep getting an error that says: “The product identifier of the uniteXplorist is not compatible with this upgrade.” I definitely have the GC and otherwise don't have a clue what this means.


    I imagine the problem is simply due to my inexperience but have no clue how to proceed. I found nothing on their FAQs to help.


    was all excited about playing with my new toy later today... :(




    I doubt it is you.


    Sounds like Magellan is outsourcing some work to Garmin software engineers :)


    Contact Magellan Support yet?


    Thanks for the response!


    I did shoot Magellan an email since I couldn't find anything on their site about it. Haven't heard back yet (it was only 1.5hr ago) but when I tried searching on Google found this thread and thought I'd give it a shot. Will post anything I find out here in case it comes up for someone else in the future.


    Here is a more direct contact, may get you quicker response:


    Jeff Caulfield

    National Product Trainer/Brand Advocate

    Magellan Outdoor GPS




    Thank you so much, BMW Jedi! I have already heard back from Mr. Caulfield. We don't have it fully resolved yet but I am already much further along than I was this morning. :)


    Hi M,


    Can you send me that link as well? I have the same problem

  3. I was on v1.7 and I've upgraded to v2.15 - but the install won't finish cleanly. It installs the system, tells me it's not installed - and when I turn on the device it's on v2.15 with no maps! Anyone got any clues as to what to do to resolve this? I've used vantage point to put on the most basic basemap - but it's very basic and has absolutely no detail for where I live (central Scotland) over basic coastlines.


    Same Problem here, Updated from version 1.6 and no maps either.

    tried to reïnstall version 1.6, but that doesn't work either.

    I've contacted the helpdesk, but but no response yet.

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