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  1. I have confirmed that this caching cruise is completely legitimate. There's not many people going so far so there's plenty of room. The deadline to get the down payment is the 31st so anyone interested only has a few more days to get on it. Hope to see lots of other geocachers there!
  2. The $250 per person is a down payment. The total is $750 per person.
  3. Hey guys, We're looking into this cruiseandcache.com https://www.facebook.com/groups/CruiseAndCache/ caching cruise and wondering if anyone knows more detail about it and can maybe add some validity to the event. We would love to go on a caching cruise and moreso visit Alaska. Though we understand from listening to the Podcachers podcast a bunch of people got burned by a scam pretending to be a geocaching cruise and a lot of people lost the money they invested in it. It's also a little surprising that I wasn't able to find anything else posted on these forums about it. I would assume other cachers would be very excited about such a thing. Any input would be helpful. I waited till the last minute and need to pay $250 per person in advance by Dec 31st.
  4. This only posts to twitter when you log a cache from your smart phone. It does not tweet when you submit field notes which is something that I enjoyed very much. I have added half a dozen new cachers to the community from using this feature but will no longer be able to. I do not care to post multiple tweets at 10pm at night when I'm at home filling out my field notes and finishing the logging of caches from my day. Some people enjoyed following our trip to GWX from MA to IN and to 12 other states over the course of 2 weeks ... as it happened. This was one of the benefits of tweeting from field notes as opposed to logging the cache as found completely. Mind you, it does not tweet out that you found the cache if you logged it as DNF or only wrote a note in the field note. Only when you logged it as found. It would be great if gc.com posted some clarification and acknowledgement of removing this feature and/or if they'll be bringing it back since it was useful and added realtime awareness to geocaching.
  5. quoted from IRC "interesting set of finds for someone that just joined today" http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?ul=spyrider
  6. I notice the Twitter updater is now fixed but isn't part of the update list of bug fixes.
  7. 1 week left till the big day! We still have about 30 left. They're going quick. After they're going there won't be anymore made. Thanks again to all the people who have helped out!
  8. Our event cache and wedding were published in the Boston Examiner today with mention of the geocoins made to celebrate the event: Geocaching Massachusetts: Tying the Knot on 10-10-10 For anyone local and interested in attending the event cache immediately following the ceremony it's GC2CFD4 Still have about 40+ coins left.
  9. I won the bid for one of the Bronze Original Stash geocoins from ebay for $300. Also got the Copper one for $25.
  10. A little over 2 weeks to go. We've been selling a lot lately and they're going quick. I love getting feedback like this: "Received the 3 coins today that I purchased last week - they look great! Going to get a couple more so I can keep one and give 4 out at a 10-10-10 event we're hosting! Thanks and good luck!"
  11. Only 5 more weeks till the big day! Still got plenty for sale.
  12. Still have plenty of these for sale. There were 250 made but only 100 will be sold to the general public. The rest will be given out at our wedding to the wedding guests. Most of them will never see a cache.
  13. Same price, $2.50. It will be mailed out via U.S.P.S.. If you prefer another form of shipment, we can work that out as well.
  14. Our geocoin was mentioned on the Podcacher podcast episode# 280! http://www.podcacher.com/?p=1183 Thanks podcachers and thanks everyone that has purchased one or more of our coins. We were also able to sell some more at a recent event cache. Still plenty left and only 62 more days till the big day!
  15. Thanks DragonsWest! We're really glad you like it.
  16. Thank you for your order. I've packaged it up and it'll be sent out today. Congratulations to your grand-daughter as well!
  17. There were 250 made. Only 100 will be sold. The rest will be given to the wedding guests, most of which will never see a cache. The 10-10-10's go all around the perimeter of the coin if you turn the coin following them. As for it being a souvenir, we tried to make it as generic as possible and kept with mostly a "10-10-10" theme. The items having to do with our wedding are hidden within the design and aren't known unless explained. As for price, I have dropped the price down by $1.00 from $16.50 to $15.50. This is the best we can do for now to try and recoup the cost of minting them. Any lower than that and we'll be losing money. Thanks everyone for the comments. Hopefully we can get more of these sold going forward. It has certainly been a learning experience.
  18. It's been a week any only 3 people interested?
  19. 3 orders so far. Both mailed out First class mail as of yesterday.
  20. UPDATED INFORMATION: This geocoin is to celebrate 10/10/10 which is the day my fiancee and myself get married. We will be giving some out to guests at the wedding and selling the rest to help pay for the wedding. We tried to keep the coin as generic as possible with the "10-10-10" theme while sneaking in some details from our wedding. The coordinates and map on the back of coin are the location of our wedding ceremony. The coin does have a custom icon at geocaching.com . We are also trying to organize a small geocaching event at the wedding ceremony. The event will be brief and will be within visual distance of the ceremony itself. More details on the event as they come up. You can get them at http://coins.thepenguinpalace.net Feel free to contact me at leftyfb at thepenguinpalace.net with any questions or feedback or just post here.
  21. You are the first to order! Thanks for your interest and support. I'll have this all packaged up when I get home tonight and will be mailed out first class mail first thing tomorrow.
  22. The coins are in and for sale! They look so much better in person than they do in the pictures. http://coins.thepenguinpalace.net Feel free to leave me feedback on the website. I'm not the best with design as you can clearly tell
  23. Update: There was a bit of a setback with the design. Somehow, the "track me at geocaching.com" text on the bottom of the coin got left out in the final production. The coins are now being remade and are expected to ship to the vendor on July 19th. They will then be shipped to me. I'll hopefully have them by the end of the month. In the meantime, here is a picture of the coins as they were minted the first time around: Front - full size Back - full size The coin is called "Tying The Knot On 10-10-10" and will have it's own icon:
  24. Thanks. Sounds like a plan. I was thinking posting all the details in the original post as they come in. It will have it's own icon. Pretty excited about it
  25. I just heard from Oakcoins that the geocoins will be ready to be shipped to me on June 30th.
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