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  1. Ahh yesterday.... what a fun day.


    I had taken a half-day off work to finish my college term paper, and there I was, 2 hours before class, stressing over a term paper that had at least 3 hrs of work left on it. My sister-in-law, niece, and nephew all show up to add to the fun. Kids are running around tying to play with their uncle, My wife is asking me questions, the phone is ringing, Dardevle is e-mailing me to let me know he got his new wooden nickels and to ask why I didn't drop his Travel Bugs last weekend, and I am trying to focus on getting through the day to get my paper handed in on time. I know I can't get wrapped up into the geocaching or my paper is a goner. If it weren't for geocaching I would have completed this paper days ago and wouldn't be stressed out at the last minute trying to get it done.


    OK, Focus.... no geocaching ... paper... paper... paper...


    The phone rings... I look at the caller ID and it is Dardevle. I say to my self "I am sorry Dardevle but I can't pick up the phone right now"


    OK, Focus.... no geocaching ... paper... paper... paper...


    I glance at my E-mail there are 2 new messages in the geocaching folder.


    I click on one and see GSA. I look again 'cause I don't believe it!!


    2 rapid-fire e-mails come in from Dardevle. GET TO YOUR CACHE QUICK THE GSA WAS THERE!!! That is all I see the rest was a blur.


    My wife says "what the heck is wrong with you" as I go screaming, like a little school girl, across the kitchen, dangling my Niece and Nephew off me as they hold on for dear life.


    I look at my niece and nephew and I say "Get your shoes, we are going treasure hunting"!!!


    "Woo hooo,” they say. I hurry them along and get them rushed out to the truck thinking I will never get there in time.


    We race off to the cache. Both the niece and the nephew look at each other and probably think, "What is wrong with Uncle Bear?"


    I think "well at least I will get to see Dardevle tonight 'cause I was sure he was on his way to the cache.


    We get to the cache and there is no one there.


    No tracks left behind, that is a good thing.


    The kids pile out of the truck and we make a mad dash for the cache.


    We pull off the lid and there it is!!!


    Wow. I think to myself they say lightning never strikes in the same place twice, but it almost did.

    1 GSA coin in Braham and now 1 in Isanti. Wow. That is amazing!!


    Suddenly, I remember, I need to get back home so I can get to school in time.


    I race back home and off to class. I managed to finish off my paper in class and give my presentation with out problems.


    It was a huge relief to get that paper done. Top that off with a GSA coin find and I don't know if the day could have been better.


    I kind of chuckled to myself since I was out caching 2 weeks ago and I made my first unactivated coin drop in a cache near Fargo ND.


    Earl J. Hickey would be proud, Karma has paid me back.


    I will place 3 more unactivated geocoins in caches throughout MN in the coming weeks in honor of the GSA.


    Ohh did I mention... Thank You GSA!!! I owe you a full rack of Famous Daves BBQ Ribs!!!


    I will post pics later this week.


    GSA #091 reporting for duty!!

  2. New coin release.


    e-mail me if you would like one or more.





    and I will paypal invoice you


    ****************** NEW Uncirculated Trackable Alvin's Phone Line Geocoins ******************


    This is the first coin in the Minnesota Geocaching History Series.

    This coin honors Minnesota's Oldest Geocache - Alvin's Phone Line - GC9FF - by Ken Walker


    This coin was created with permission from Ken Walker


    There were 310 coins made.


    There are:

    75 Antique Sets (1 Antique Gold & 1 Antique Silver) (Limited Edition)

    125 Antique Copper Coins (Standard Edition)

    25 Multi-Finished Copper Coins - Not For Sale

    10 Multi-Finished Nickel Coins - Not For Sale


    Order Details:

    Limited Edition Set

    Two (2) new, unregistered, geocoins straight from the mint in their original cases.

    1 Limited Edition Antique Gold Coin

    1 Limited Edition Silver Coin


    Standard Edition Coin

    One (1) new, unregistered, geocoin straight from the mint in its original case.

    1 Standard Edition Antique Copper Coin


    Image Links:


    Dimensions are 1.75" diameter and 4.0 mm thick

    2D front with a 3D Back

    No Color

    This is a high quality coin with a "very nice feel" to it (4.0 mm thick).

    www.geocaching.com trackable

    This coin has its own custom icon.

    This coin is on hand and will ship in a padded envelope via the USPS First Class Mail

    First Ship date is Tuesday May 1, 2007 (I still need to organize these coins this weekend)


    Shipping insurance is optional



    The Limited Edition (Antique Gold and Antique Silver) set (2 coins) is $20 plus shipping

    The Standard Edition (Antique Copper) Coin (1 coin) is $10 plus shipping


    Shipping, within the USA , is $1.00 for the first coin ($1.50 for the first set) and $.50 for each additional coin/set.

    I can invoice you via pay pal


    email me





    to order


    I prefer pay pal since I don't have to wait for the check to clear but I will accept checks and money orders.


    Thanks for your interest.


  3. Well not in my mailbox but it was a delivery! My first child was born yesterday! A beautiful healthy baby boy!


    Oh and today my set of Gold Keep On Cachin' coins! (They are very cool)




    Congrats Jayman11!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)


    Thanks Merkman!


    Got the MN Walleye Geocoin today for doing the icon designs!




    Thanks for the design!!!

    I have heard nothing good comments for the icons!!!

  4. I had a design similar to this mocked up and the price of the larger states would be well over $10 per coin.


    Are there 50 people out there that can put up the $500 at least ($10 per coin per 50 states)?


    If there are and enough people would be willing to prepay, I would be willing to move ahead with this as a limited edition coin run trackable with no icon (I am thinking 50 sets).


    The only way I would do it is to have the entire 50 coin sets made at once though.


    Maybe I would be surprised, but I don't think there is that much interest.


    geo-mail me if you are interested......... but I won't hold my breath.

  5. I'd be interested in hearing about any others.


    The other Minnesota coins that I know of are:


    Minnesota State Symbols Series (Expanded from original MN Loon Coin)

    MN Loon - Sold Out

    MN Walleye will start selling tomorrow.


    Minnesota Geocaching History Series

    #1 Alvin's Phone Line - On sale in aprox 2 weeks

  6. 2. What would be the best group to give the proceedes from this sale?[/b]


    I vote for the Patriot Guard Riders



    Patriot Guard Riders Mission Statement


    The Patriot Guard Riders is a diverse amalgamation of riders from across the nation. We have one thing in common besides motorcycles. We have an unwavering respect for those who risk their very lives for America’s freedom and security. If you share this respect, please join us.


    We don’t care what you ride or if you ride, what your political views are, or whether you’re a hawk or a dove. It is not a requirement that you be a veteran. It doesn't matter where you’re from or what your income is; you don’t even have to ride. The only prerequisite is Respect.


    Our main mission is to attend the funeral services of fallen American heroes as invited guests of the family. Each mission we undertake has two basic objectives.


    1. Show our sincere respect for our fallen heroes, their families, and their communities.


    2. Shield the mourning family and their friends from interruptions created by any protestor or group of protestors.


    We accomplish the latter through strictly legal and non-violent means.


    To those of you who are currently serving and fighting for the freedoms of others, at home and abroad, please know that we are backing you. We honor and support you with every mission we carry out, and we are praying for a safe return home for all.

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