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  1. There are no single coin sales planed right now.


    I may sell the 20 two-toned coins as a single but I am thinking I would like to sell them as a fundraiser to the MnGCA but I haven't figured out the details yet. That’s why I am withholding those from sales right now.

    I may offer those only to MN cachers too? I just don't know yet.


    Right now there are 4 sets left.


    If you want one I would suggest getting a set then trading the other coin.


    Find someone else that has bought (or will buy) a set then trade with them.


    There will not be reminds on this coin so once they are gone they are gone.

  2. Just to make sure -- did you get an e-mail from me w/ the "Hers" edition as my preference for one set?? If not, then please one of that set and I'll send more info.


    Yes you should have seen your paypal invoice by now.

    I will resend it just to make sure.

  3. Ok I will clean this up a bit.


    ****************** NEW Uncirculated Trackable Minnesota Lady Slipper Geocoin Set ******************


    email merk(AT)prodigy(DOT)net to order


    Here is what is left for sale right now.


    Silver Sets - Light Mint Green Band


    Here is the back of the coin



    The front of the coin can be seen in the last two shots on this pic.

    The first four shots on this pic are the coins that are sold out.



    Must purchase in sets.

    Order Details:

    Two (2) new, unregistered, geocoins straight from the mint in their original cases.

    1 Antique Coin

    1 Shiny Coin.

    When ordering please let me know how many of the Light Mint Green silver sets you would like.


    Orders will be processed by e-mail date/time until these coins are sold out.


    Coin Details


    Dimensions are 1.75" diameter and 4.0 mm thick

    All color is done in synthetic hard enamel.

    6 color front.

    4 color back.

    This is a high quality coin with a "very nice feel" to it (4.0 mm thick).

    www.geocaching.com Trackable Shared icon with MN Loon, MN Walleye.

    This coin would make a great addition to your geocoin collection.

    This coin is on hand and will ship in a padded envelope via the USPS First Class Mail

    Shipping insurance is optional

    The Gold or Silver set (2 coins) is $20 plus shipping

    In the set you get 1 Antique Coin and 1 Shiny Coin.

    Shipping, within the USA , is $1.50 for the first set and $.50 for each additional set.


    I can invoice you via pay pal or make arrangements with me to send a check or money order.

    I prefer pay pal since I don't have to wait for the check to clear but I will accept checks and money orders.


    Thanks for your interest.


  4. Alvin’s Phone Line - Comes with the coin; contact Merkman to look it up for you


    You are correct.


    I print the codes out with the coins as a courtesy, but if you ever need a coin code for any of my coins and I am not available they can be found here also.



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