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  1. well it was not working after all. Now I think I have it going, but I have to take the gpx files out of the folder in the download file and paste them in the download file.
  2. Tried it again. This time it worked. Thank you! John Using Geobeagle, nothing on the gauche list. But it did seem to inport.
  3. I’m still having the problem. It was stated by larryc43230 “Alternatively, you can open the GPX file in a text editor and delete the first three characters in the file. That has apparently solved the problem for some users.” This is what mine says. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> So get rid of ? “<?x” Or get rid of? “xml” Thank you all for your help. John
  4. I really like this unit, it’s the only one I’ve ever had, but I sure think it’s great. Thanks for the input, I check things out this weekend.
  5. I have a Meridian Platinum firmware ver. 5.40. The other day it would not turn on, so I tried new batteries, still no luck. I put it in the car, and still nothing. I tried the original batteries and it would beep but nothing on the screen, then tried the new batteries again, and it came to life, but now the screen has 1/8 inch vertical lines running through it, line, space, line, space. I can see the normal stuff in the back ground, and it seems to be working, I was wondering if a memory clear, and reinitialize would fix it, but if there is a different way, I would like to try, I have not done all my homework on the WASS patch yet. I have found the code to change but I’m not sure which satellite I need for the Wisconsin area (I think that’s my problem, I have to do more homework.) After it came to life I also preformed the trick on the battery connections, not soldering wires, but bending them a little. Thanks for any help This post is going to Groundspeak and Magellan Meridian Yahoo group.
  6. Every thing is fine now! I was going through the personal profile file and noticed my zip code was incomplete, then saw my serial number did not match the one I had written down. Put in the correct one and it works great just like on my home computer!
  7. Can any one please help me? I have a Magellan Meridian Platinum that I love, I use it for Geocacheing. I have Mapsend Direct route DVD v3, I know it is old, but I like it, I’m trying to install it on a lap top computer(with windows ME), but can not unlock it. I think the web page that it needs to go to get unlocked is no longer there. I have paid for the soft ware and should be able to install it on three computers, and only in stalled it once so far, in 2006. Is there a way to unlock it with out the internet? Please, I would really like to use the lap top in the car, hooked to the GPSr. Thanks for any help you can give. John
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