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  1. Would be great meeting you and exchanging some coins and TB's. Our "home" cache is at our business, and is called Where is Jock - between Sabie and Graskop. We will be there most of the time. Send me a PM to arrange a date and time to meet, which will suit you best. Are ther any other cachers in Mpumalanga during the period - we set up an event ???
  2. Great work Crystal Fairy, I enjoyed the program - my parents even phoned to tell me that our crazy sport is on! The nice thing is that we all now know what Loc looks like!! For those who missed it, normally the Mazda Adventure Zone has a Afrikaans program on a monday 21:00 on channel 35 Kyknet. It is usually a week or two after the english program on 22.
  3. Hi QFC, We also luv the ranking site, and I think it has its place. As the saying often goes, each to his own, if people find pleasure in caching numbers so be it. I would like another dimension in the system though, can't we earn points for moving travelbugs? for me it is one of the nice aspects, and I will often visit a cache two or three times, just to pick up TB's, but I don't think it would be practical, as I suspect you'll have to add it manually, but then again, maybe you'll have enough time to calculate it manually
  4. Good idea Fish Eagle. I'm defnitely willing to help.
  5. Hi guys, Drive a bit further 3,5 hours to Sabie-Graskop, you can stay at MacMac Forest Retreat, I'll negociate a good prize! There is a swimming pool, and as a bonus we have a Raincoat party the Saturday night! Mac Mac Forest Retreat
  6. I see they are still quiet on the forums, visit their profile and you will see what happend on the 27th of January!
  7. I also see serieslandrover (in Mpumalanga now) has sneeked by with 200 finds - Congratulations. Welcome to the province of raising sun, and we look forward to more nice cache hides out here!
  8. MeerkatM@X, you couldn't have said it better and I refer to your cache at M@Xshower, I've been busted there by a Parksboard official, (and I still stand by my point, no signs that permit hiking in the areal), you guys did the right thing by contacting the powers to be, and now it can be done legally. I will still visit the cache regardless. I've also heard some rumors about people taking illegial guided trails out in the area and that this is their main concern - so geocachers are paying for the sins of others!! I think cache in National parks should stay, but as all of you said, with the necessary responsibilty in mind. All things are not black and white, there are a little bit of grey in between. And.. Gwarp sorry for the harsh response, as I see it now your comment were not unfair, I took it a bit personally because I own four cache in the Kruger park, and because I have this personal "thing" about the area. If you visit us one day I'll treat you to one day in the Kruger and then we talk again. I also agree with the argument of vervet monkeys that can take caches, but I must say the whole of Pilgrim's Rest is full of them as well, (maybe that is where my muggled cache went!!) As long as we play this game to have fun and dont harm any people or the environment, I'll be there!! I might not have mentioned it before but I'm working for the Department of Environmental Affiars, and we have a slogan that says "enjoy, dont destroy" . I will practise what I preech!
  9. Why do I have a de-ja-vue feeling? Didn't we have this discussion before? I'm just back from a weekend in the Kruger. We found four caches this weekend, two in permitted spots where one can get out of your car, one at a picnic spot and one in a rest camp. To me it all the same, whether it is in a camp or not. I don't see any problem with any one of the caches that I have found or hidden in the park. The argumant of the Game parks or reserves being there to visit for the wild life etc. is not valid, all National Park is there to visit for the for the biodiversity, regardless if game are presentor not, so is Table mountain, so is the wildcaost and other beaches. If caches must be banned from National Parks, it must be banned from all, National and provinsial parks, Botanical gardens and other conservancies. And to suggest that we visit the park for the wrong reasons, is an insult I will leave to fly over my head - We are fortunate enough to visit the Kruger at least six to ten times a year, I have never planned a route to find any caches, If we happen to drive by, I collect them, If not I leave them, we missed a FTF on a new cache today, for exactly that reason, we took a specific road to drive along the river, and missed the cache, If we realy wanted it, it would have been only a 13km detour to find, it, but it was not so important. I also had a cache made up to hide this weekend, but could not find a perfect, safe spot, so it came back home with me. I will also not retrieve a cache in the park If it not in a "legal" spot. And the argument of permission to place caches - do all cachers who hides micros in muggle areas and parking lots all have permission for placing it?
  10. Congratulations to Crystal Fairy!! Well done - 500 well deserved cache finds!! and another congratulations on your sucessful event!!
  11. I see the meerkatte are very quiet about their not so geocaching news - but I believe that CONGRATUALATIONS are in order!!!
  12. Wow, One misses quite a lot if the telkom lines are off (again!!!!!). I have not done the cache, but will defnitely go sometime - I recon if you are prepared to place it - and maintain it, then there should be another cachers who will be prepared to go and find it. One can always take enemies (oops sorry), friends with and introduce them to the game, by sending them up.
  13. Well done Huskies, may there be many more!!!
  14. Received one with a diffucult mission in the post this morning. Padalarang Indonesia. The closest cache is 54 km from it, on top of a volcano, 5 hour hike up and 6 hours hike down. the cache was placed in december 2004, but seemingly no FTF to yet. Come on - who is up for a real challenge? I see TV &M also has a tag with Indonesia as destination, what about a sense of adventure, why don't you guys take this two bugs personally to their destition? Padalarang Indonesia
  15. Congratulations Erik, and thanks for all those typo errors you've fixed for me in the past! I've never waited longer than 24 hours to have a cache published thanx!! We all waiting for your cacheraid in South Africa one day!!
  16. I must agree, I've lost one cache this year and was quite upset about it. What do you think they do with the stuff? What upsetted me most is that the cache had a TB in, what do muggles do with them, do you think they display it on they mantlepiece?
  17. my goal: I want to find a cache in each of the nine provinces of SA - I can tick off two so far.java script:emoticon('', 'smid_5')
  18. This must be the cutest and most exiting forum I've ever read. Your baby is sooooo beutiful - may he be the best geocacher in the family!! CONGRATULATIONS A little bit of advise - if he can't sleep - take him on a long drive, maybe you can find a cache or two on the way!
  19. Yipee! A new race!!! Our TB Baiesukkel (yes that is afrikaans for bicycle) will enter this race. Does anybody know about a lift from Mpumalanga to the starting point? The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine. ~John Howard
  20. I would like to join some one in the game. I live close to the Kruger National Park in South Africa, and would like to do something regarding gameparks, maybe a puzzle cache with someone else close to a park, exchanging info, or altenatively I'm close to a botanical garden. Where do I put my contact detail or where do I find other cachers taking part ?
  21. Seeing that everyone is having breakfast in CT, we can organise a breakfast in the Eastern Transvaal (they call us Mpumalanga now ) as well. We don't have fancy bagel places around here, but we can have coffee and pancakes.
  22. do you guys have Rolls Royce's? [/i] I was thinking today as I was driving my little Tazz up a small two track road (off road) to get closer to a cache, what do other people use for geocache hunts? Luckily I did not have a break down yet, so maybe you must invest a little money in a Toyota Tazz - I found 88 caches in mine! If you want to read a similar story, read Mount Carmel - Broken but not beaten by GPS storm - they've hidden a cache at the spot where thier vehicle broke down.
  23. Calling on cachers in other areas to create similar Project 2010 caches which we can hyperlink and perhaps create an interesting collection of images as the clock ticks away. I think this is a geat idea, we will go and have a look at the Nelspruit one, maybe we can do something similar.
  24. Hi, I've seen Aushiker's request on the South African forum. I stay in Mpumalanga South Africa (close to Pilgrim's rest and the Kruger National Park) and will release any trackable in this area on even in the Kruger National Park if you wish!
  25. You know you are addicted to geocaching when... you want to pay for coffee in the coffee shop and your newly discovered TB falls out of you handbag (check No 3), while you search for the money. (mind you sometimes I need a GPS to find things in my handbag !)
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