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  1. wow! lots of things happen when you don't readthe forums every week. thanx for your dedicaion and hard w Erik. Well done Andy (and Lindy for all the support!) Saw a new cache listing in the area which is still open to a FTF - do you wanna race?
  2. We say goodbye to Half Bait and Baiesukkel ... Just as well, Baiesukkel was picked up by a team from the Netherlands and are now in the land of many Bicycles.
  3. What would we do without such a strong bird in the air? Thanx Fish Eagle Congratulations on your birthday! From all the birds on ground level i.e. all the guineafowl
  4. We are keen - can I forward my details to you, to book our air tickets?
  5. Hi to all, Sounds like we're going to miss out on a great event! Especially the Geofeasting sounds great! If anybody going to the event can possibly pick my TB Baiesukkel up from A Lesson in Hist-Anglo Boer War/Voortrekkers *GP* and take it to the event I will highly appreciate it. The Mpumalanga team (watch them out for the competition) will then grab it for me. PLEASE!!!!!!!
  6. 20 - 30 in a dense area is possible, if you only geocache, and do not do anything else. like stopping for viwpoints, doing shopping or drinks at waterholes. Our best was 10 one day in Nelspruit with the two kids aged five and seven. Today I did five on my own, but was quite exhausted afterwards- It is all about planning where to go and what you intend to find, and remember at the end it is about the experience and not the numbers. I also find it easier if you geocache with other teams. I must say the ventura kids look like professionals!
  7. If I can add my little piece of mind: I don't think any geocacher will specially book the trail to go and find the cache ( or are there really no caches left for you to find ?). On the other hand a motivated hiker will do the trail regardless weather there is a cache or not. With all the hassle of maintaining it and above point as mentioned by c'nc I don't think it is worth it - Die kool is nie die sous werd nie! I will for that matter also not place caches on the Fanie Botha trail, even if it is not to diffucult to maintain for me, and even if I can get permission to hide it, it might cause illegal trespassing on private land. As c'nc has seen some people go for the grab only and don't do the whole trail.
  8. The fish Eagles made did an extensive trip today to check on caches, it seems as if the damage (to the caches) are not as bad as I thought. Thanks Fish Eagle, I'll check on the rest of mine this week!
  9. Hi all, What a terrible experience! As Fish Eagle said it is worse than three years ago and we thought that was bad. The male part of Guineafowl is a forester and he recons he has not seen something like this before. He's been at the fires since last Friday (with a few hours sleep every now and then) and was there until last night half past ten, when they got the last big fire under control. Meerkats you must actually come down to the area now it is something to see. The smoke is also starting to clear now, and we can start to breath properly. This is aslo one of the main reasons why we (as geocachers) are not allowed on the roads in the forests. Therefor I ask once again for geocachers please not to hide caches on the plantations - unless off course you have permission from the land owner. I would also like to thank all the concerned geocachers who phoned / sms me to hear of our place is still OK at Mac Mac - we were lucky fires were near but not close! London and In-de-diepte is also still fine. I think we should have a big maintenance day soon, because many of the cache sites were affected.
  10. I realy like the way your calender work. Saturday the 7th was quite busy for me (as I told you in the PM), but now that the 9th is also declared a Saturday as well, I can geocache the whole day!! Now just have to convince the boss that I don't have to work, cause its Saturday!!
  11. A venue in Pretoria would be just perfect Wouldn't it be more fun in Mpumalanga - I'll put some accommodation prizes in.
  12. Another round of geofeasting?? Now that we decided geofeasting is an unofficial sport - please log your comments on the food too!!! Enjoy your day
  13. To all the TB's and Unite for diabetes TB's who are seeks an adventure to Europe - There is plane leaving to the Czech Republic on 14 June 2007. Any TB's that want to come with, are welcome. I will also visit Austria, so any diabetes tags or TB's interested in a summer holiday in the alpes are welcome to join, just catch a lift to Mpumalanga or meet me at Oliver Tambo and I will give you a lift!
  14. I'm also pleading for some help to move this poor bird. I've placed him there when it was a new cache - thought the geocachers would all run for this one in the Nylsvlei reserve, but it seems not to be so popular. It is in Limpopo, so anybody with a race TB that needs to go to Limpopo, this is a chance!
  15. Hi guys and girls, Are ther anybody out there who will please help my TB Baiesukkel to come on the move again. It is in Retail therapy #1. Would'nt mind a bit of retail therapy myself, but it just out of bounce for now. Thanks
  16. Sorry to bring the news of the second casualty in the race - Terri tiger is no longer living in geocaching country. Sadly, he had to depart (against his will - believe me!!) to muggle land. I only found a destroyed cache hole when I went to recue him - but too late. I could see the signs of how he tried to defend himself against the muggles, but they were too strong for him. He even tried to use the help of a rubber snake, but all in vein. Sorry Seeker two!!
  17. Sorry Triptick, I have to break more bad news to you. My six year old also got addicted (GAD) as her mom. Her comment the other day was, when I we drive somewhere and I see a rock, I just want to hide a cache there! We found family therapy helpfull, go out as often as you can, and it helps for sustaining other life support systems such us breathing fresh air and working those leg muscles! We also found that group therapy such as geocaching event and get together helps, as it make you feel not so lonely!
  18. Mmm.. if we go on like this I will no longer be able to run up the hills behind geocaches. I think we must go with LeonW's idea of geofeasting as an official sport. I will be one of the publishers of geofeasting caches, provided that I must first ry and test all the menu's.. I love Harry's in Graskop, but isn't Sabie closer for the Nelspruiters?
  19. So how did this gastronomic tour of the capetonians went ? Report back on the Pancakes in Sabie - it was realy great!! Asparagus and cheese sauce to be recommended. Four Mpumalanga teams enjoyed the company of the Western Cape cachers Trackinfind, and admired the huge coin bag and all those adorable TB's. They will put it in caches along their way and we will move them around. It was good to meet you guys and your enthusiam is just so great. Lastly a special thanx to Fish Eagle for the treat!
  20. Thanks Fish Eagle for the detailed information, the guineafowl was obviously already busy thinking about something else when she typed this. So to be complete: Friday 6th April, 9:00 at Patena's pancakes in Sabie. All welcome We will be one female bird and two chicks.
  21. Unfortunately we are to late to organise an event but we've managed to get a few geocachers together over the holidays to meet each other and to exchane stories. A pancake breakfast in Sabie. 9:00 at Patena's. All geocachers welcome. O, yes and bring some of those glittery coins and TB's along to swop.
  22. My all time favourites, depends pretty much on my mood for the day. When the days are open and clear in Sabie, nothing beats Mauchberg cache. I love Nature's own for the good hide in a beautiful spot, and because it gave me a hard time before I found it. Surburban wildlife was my favourite urban cache, and I will always have a soft spot for Sabie falls (my first cache and close to home.) Then ALL three the Trout hideaway caches are on my list of favourites. O, and then there is the few I found in Finland, which Kanuspaa is one of my favourites. The caches in the Kruger Park is also special - I like You're on the menu best of all. Then I also have favourite caches hidden, Pilgrim's Secret and Forest falls will be top on the list, obviously hidden at ny favourite spots in the area. But then last but not least - I think my favourite cache (for today) is What a wonderful world, I've visited it six times already, there is a very good "feel" at the place.
  23. For those geocachers who still did not see this: Monday 19 March - 21:30 on Channel 35.
  24. Will defnitely try to move it, but I think I'm going to be in Pilgrim's Rest before you
  25. I'm always keen to help a TB. I've send you a PM already
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