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  1. I believe it is very much a part of Geocaching. It requires me to use my GPS to locate a position. Then I find the object and log my find.


    As far a Rules. The most important rule is if you are having fun doing it, keep doing it. I don't see the need to worry if someone else is doing it right. Right for me may not be right for them. If they are enjoying it, then great.



    Been there, Logged that, Got the T-shirt

  2. I personally like the site as it is.

    I don't plan on going after the locationless caches that let you determine the location after you find the spot. I do check out what is available and may go after a set of coordinates if it sounds like an interesting adventure.

    Today I logged my first two of many benchmarks, and will probably include one in a multicache. By keeping everything available in one site, somebody may find the part of the game that they like.

    I just don't see any reason to spin off items that don't meet the pure geocaching concept



    Been there, Logged that, Got the T-shirt

  3. I agree a virtual cache should have coordinates to find then go find them. I don't care about making it a race to be first.

    I have found the Palindrone cache, and am slowly working on the Benchmark. Although these have many possible locations, you must decide on finding one and then looking for it, using your GPS.

    I am not wild about the ones that have you go somewhere take a picture of where your at. I know where the Reno Arch is and can get there without a GPS. (although it would be an easy find.)



    Been there, Logged that, Got the T-shirt

  4. Today I had a visual on the cache I was looking for, but did not remove it from it's hiding place. There were a few occupied vehicles parked about 100 feet away and in clear view of the cache. We went to dinner then returned and they were still there.

    Instead of exposing the cache with likely noncachers watching we left the cache in place and did not move it.

    My question is that a find, or a close but no cigar?



    Been there, Logged that, Got the T-shirt

  5. I would love to see some type of verification, but only on caches that the chache owner chooses. I have been toying with setting up a multiple virtual cache around town but would like a way to verify the find without alot of work.


    For most caches I don't feel it would be necessary. I would hate to be the new cacher that just hiked 5 miles and did not realize they had to get the code to log the cache.

  6. Posting the entire track may be too large.

    But, I believe, you can save a route into an EasyGPS file then post that file. You can find EasyGPS links on the cache pages, for more information.

  7. I visited Vegas last October and would have loved such a cache. I was staying on the strip with no car. Virtual would have been great.

    If you are planning a virtual cache in an area like this check out the Disneyland cache in California. It had a great way to allow verification without emailing the cache owner.

  8. I have become a charter member to help pay for a great site.

    When I place new caches in my area, I plan on making it available to charter members for the first few weeks. I have spent more on gas and trade items than the charter membership cost.


    I believe the main portion of the site needs to remain free for new cachers, so they can see what caching is about. Then they can choose to get more and pay a little for it.

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