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  1. oh, BTW, they are all more than 1/10 of a mile, but not more than 10 miles apart from each other. Its going to take a few hours to figure them all out and scoot around town. Most of the time will be spent puzzle solving. Etombs
  2. I am fully prepared to give the first set of coodinates. in fact, I would love to give ccodinates for all of them, but I would like people to follow the clues I leave in the geocaches, instead of grabbing them all on line. Is there a way to post the treasures so they won't be connected to each other? for instance.... it says at the bottom "Other geocaches submitted by this person" Etombs
  3. Do you speak french? I found this , although my french is a bit rusty. http://playtofind.free.fr/caches/search.php The Search on "Rechercher par département" when I select Mayenne gave me no selections though.. Désolé ! Aucune réponse de trouvée Go figure ...when I searched Paris, I also found nothing. perhaps there is a problem with the search engine? I'll keep looking. Etombs
  4. Hi All, I am in the midst of setting up a series of Multi-caches, from paperless to traditional style cach boxes with goodies in them. The problem is it literally is not just two stages, but more like 4 or 5. Each place has another box with more stuff and more riddles. My first thought was to only register the first Geocache and let them find the rest on thier own, but then I thought I could make it a circular-multi with the last cache in the puzzle leading back to the first one. That way , the multi-cache can be picked up anywhere along the route and everyone can get a chance to find all of them no matter what cache you find first. How do I register these caches so people can find them, but not know they are linked to the other ones? It would kind of spoil the fun if you already have the coodinates to all of them before you even start. I'll post the first riddle here (without the coodinates, of course) if anyone is interested to give an idea of what the puzzles look like. Etombs
  5. google the name of the cache. you may be surprised. My kids and I use this one a lot.
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