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  1. Hey guys, I got it working now but sometimes it seems to be a bit buggy... for example the routes from Walkhighlands (the only ones i used so far) seem to be sometimes showing me a different route and sometimes even reloading the map does not fix it.. not sure if this is a issue with my gps or the walkhihgland maps? Also, sometimes I have some sort of naviation running in the background and it always beeps around while i am looking at one of the walkhighland tracks with waypoints, I cant figure out how to stop that nagivation !! And last one: How can i set the display to not show anything if I just want to record the trip data (average speed, distance, altitude etc.) in the background without the need of navigation/display. sorry for those newbie questions
  2. hm i just want to follow the GPX waypoint from here using a talkytoaster british isle maps, that wont work?
  3. hm it got the correct signal/position now but using the GPS waypoints here, the "off road" navigation does not work or rather just points me with a straight line to the next waypoint instead of navigating me through the streets. Using on road it will show me the car roads... any idea?
  4. I dont want it to show my anyhing in the states at all!! I will try again later today outdoors, have to catch my flight now. Thx guys, i hope it was just becasue i was sitting in my room and only waited about 30 seconds until I turned it off again. Cheers CHris
  5. Hey! So I just unpacked my eTrex 30 since it was delivered very late and now its nearly 11pm and I still did not pack for my Scotland WIld camping trip tomorrow. So hopefully some of you can help me out with these issues. First off, I updated the software and then installed the TalkyToaster "New 'OS 1:50K Look and Feel' British Isles Map with Contours" Map. I followed the information on their side, renamed the downloaded British Isle Map to "GMAPSUPP.IMG" and copied it to the etrex 30. There was no file to overwrite though? I then disabled the two standard maps in the system so only the new British Isle map is on "enabled" - When I click on "Map", it would always show me "Garmin USA" in the states. How can I tell the device to switch the map to my current position instead of "Garmin USA" ? - Even with all Satellite Settings active, I only pick up 2 of them from London. That should be more I guess? - How can I change the date as it shows me January 25h, 2013 when I click on "Sun and Moon" I downloaded some GPX Files from walkhighlands.co.uk and will see tomorrow in Edinburgh if the "Route" setting works, but now I am a bit confused about the fact that it shows me the states instead of London where my current GPS location should be. Thanks guys!! Cheers Chris
  6. I bought the etrex 30 now, cant wait for my 16 day scotland hiking trip starting saturday now!
  7. Cool, thanks! Could you just let me know why one should get a GPS handheld such as the eTrex 30 if you can also have the maps on your GPS phone? I think I will get the Galaxy S4 and I just don't want to regret buying the Handheld now if there are some very good Apps around for Android and the S4 will certainly have the power to handle a lot/ offer a lot of features. What do you guys think?
  8. Thanks guys! I am not interested in Geo Caching, so I think i will get the etrex 30. And can u confirm that I can use the GPX maps from this link for example? http://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/sutherland/ceannabeinne.shtml How would I go with getting a map for england for example? What are the best free sites to get those for the etrex? Thansk!
  9. Touch screen would be better for sure. Hmm Ok I will think about the two options I listed and then decide. On a side note: Are there any really good Android Apps out there which would help me as well? I'm not updated about the Apps as I'm using a Blackberry for my work in London but I still have my old Galaxy W and I could just swap SIM cards I guess. I already have an App for running but how about a really good App for Trekking Maps and Navigation? Cheers Chris
  10. Is the Oregon 600 the only one that will come out shortly?
  11. Hey there! I'm completely new to GPS handhelds but I think it's time to get one now! I want to use it for two purposes: - Put on free maps for trekking trips in high altitudes. I want to be able to follow pre made routes and also track my own routes. walkhighlands.co.uk for instance offers maps in qu2 and gpx file formats. - Use it for my weekly runs to track the distance and speed. Important for me: - Should be small and lightweight. - Max. £200 - Best possible coverage / general feature set / performance for this price class - I would like to have a barometric altimeter My current favorites after a quick research: - Garmin eTrex 30 - Garmin Oregon 450 - I'm sure there are more good devices in that price range? Are there any new devices scheduled to release in the near feature? I will go to Scotland on March 23th and would like to buy one in the 2nd - 3rd week of March to get familiar with it before and implement the maps. Thanks a lot! Cheers Chris
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