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  1. Have you ever gone out with friends who Geocache and find yourself looking at long lists trying to figure out what caches nobody in the group has done? I have done this several times and I am usually the problem child in that I have done more than the rest of the group. The solution is GSAK. Yes I am a registered user and each time I see something I want to do, I can make it work through GSAK. This being no exception. I simply made a new database called “GROUP” and asked the other cachers to send me their GPX files. I placed all of the files into one folder and loaded the entire folder into the new database. Did my sorts to shorten the list and “Presto” I have a working list of caches that all of us can do. We spend more time caching and less time trying to figure out what caches we can go and do. Thanks Clyde. Great job…

    -=> The Ghost <=- :blink:

  2. The Older lap-tops may not have a good battery. Mine is an old Gateway Solo that I picked up at a garage sale for 50 bucks because the owner didn’t want to spend $140.00 for a replacement battery. If I lose AC power from the inverter, the computer restarts. If you have a newer lap-top you may not have to worry about the voltage drop when you start your car. The battery will pick up the difference. I don’t take that chance. I use an external 12 volt supply hooked to the inverter hooked to the computer and I don’t worry about it.

    -=> The Ghost <=-

  3. Okay, here is what works for me! I have a Jeep that has the extra outlet for power toys and of course it looks just like the lighter jack. Mine actually has heavier wire going the it but I still don't use it for the lap top. When you start the vehicle, it drops the power to everything except the starter. I have one of those jump start specials that you usually leave in the trunk of your car for times when you run the battery down and need a jump and nobody is around. It has two 12v jacks on the front as well as lights to tell me how much of a charge it has. I leave it in the back of the Jeep and plug in the 12v to 120v inverter. I then plug my lap top into this. I can run the computer all day on one charge and when I get home, I simply plug the jumper toy in and recharge it for the next use. You can work for hours and never have to worry about that spike. The lap top usually sits in the co-pilots seat with or without the co-pilot. Fur Ghost usually has the run of the back seat so I have to be a little careful of wires but that hasn't been a problem.

    -=> The Ghost <=-

  4. Some people make changes on changes and nobody says thanks. I was introduced to GSAK by Rosco Bookbinder because of my older PPC. He used some pretty nice stuff in his and was going great but I just couldn't use it. GSAK does everything that I need and then some. I still work under the KISS method. ( Keep It Simple)[/b] Thanks again Clyde for all the hard work and "Dog House Dinners"

    -=> The Ghost <=-

  5. Yes they do hold checks. I don't have a clue as to why they would hang on to a money order but business being the way it is these days, I would guess they wait on those too. I have written to them and was told that it taks two to three weeks to process. They make sure that the check clears first and then do the account. I'm still waiting too!

    -=> The Ghost <=-

  6. GSAK has more than one fan. Rosco uses newer hardware than I do. His PPC is almost brand new and mine is a couple years old. I can't use Sonar for that reason but I can take the files in GSAK and send them to my old HP Jornada as HTML files and have everything I need to go find what I need. I also use a Garmin and MapSource as well as Natiional Geographic Topo and it works great with everything that I have running.

    -=> The Ghost <=- :D

  7. Now that you have classes to study for, when are you going to have time to Geocache and play with Ham Radio? ;) Now if you go driving down the road as you Geocache and turn on that radio, you might hear others doing the same things but who knows what frequency anyone will be on. It just goes to show you once again, just how small the world really is.

    -=> The Ghost <=-


    -=> The Ghostly Tribe <=-


  8. I especially liked the virts in Spokane, especially since we don't plan to be going to Spokane ever again. It combined caching event and city tour all in one.

    I live here and wonder why you will never ever return? Cache Machines are fun even if we didn't get to fully participate. We did have fun at the Ghostly Mansion playing with cachers arriving to find "Lady Ghosts Favorite Haunts" :P I'm just a cuious Ghost!

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