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  1. Thanks guys, based on the replies been doing a bit more researching and the Dakota 20 looks like definite maybe. Not quite as bulky as the the Oregon but bigger screen than the Etrex. Only concern is that I've seen a number of posts that mention the display can be hard to read, does anyone have any realtime experience of the Dakota when attached to a bike and could comment on this issue ? Just for clarification I intend to keep my Edge 200 for data logging etc so the odometer issue is a non-issue, the extra unit will be for navigtion only. Thanks
  2. Hi all First time post so please be gentle with me ! I'm looking to get a GPS unit for use on my bike so that I can explore new routes etc. I know there are bike specific products eg Edge 800 but these are expensive and as I already have the basic Edge 200 for tracking my ride the 800 would be a bit overkill. After looking around I think the Etrex 20 would fit the bill but can I check a couple of things first 1. My main priority is that I can create a route on my PC, download this to the unit and the unit will then follow the same route ideally with some sort of notification of turns etc If I use the CityNavigator maps will the Etrex be able to do this? I have seen some confilicting posts that the unit ignores the downloaded route at times and tries to force its own suggestion of the best way from A-B 2.Can I have more than one set of maps on the unit at a time eg. CityNavigator, OS 1:50 & OSM 3.If for any reason I go off course during the ride will the unit navigate me back to the next waypoint or straight to the end destination I'm sure I'll have more questions but it'd be great to answer these for the minute Thanks Jim
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