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  1. I'm a tech coordinator and 4th grade computer teacher. I ordered a set of 5 eTrexes for next year, and I'm planning on a similar lesson. I'd be happy to send you (or post) my lesson plans. I won't get started until next school year, but if you send me what you did this year I'll look it over this summer. Warren
  2. Howdy -- I'm an American living in India. I really want to upgrade my Venture to a Vista this summer, but I need the Pacific Basemap. I found a few Australian websites that sell it for more than twice the retail price ($750 US compared to less than $300 in the States). Does anyone have a used Pacific-version Vista for sale, or know of a website that might have a more reasonable price? (Note -- US-based dealers do not -- and can not -- carry this unit. Garmin has some kind of awful restriction on it or something. But if you know of a Taiwanese or New Zealand e-shop I'd love to hear about it!!) Warren
  3. useful to search first. .. found the answer I need! "Do a waypoint find by name. (NOT by nearest) When alpha/numeric selectionindow pops-up press quit then menu. You will then see delete all as one of the choices."
  4. I've got a Garmin venture, and I've downloaded EasyGPS, Trackmaster, and a few others. Here's my deal -- I moved and I have saved all the tracks and waypoints from my old location by sending them to my PC and saving that file on the hard drive. Each time I sync by uploading today's tracks, Trackmaster pulls in ALL the GPS's data -- including stuff from my old city. I hate deleting it all by hand. I wish there were some way I could do a general reset or have trackmaster somehow delete all the data on the unit and replace it with my fresh tracks and waypoints. Suggestions? Warren
  5. quote:Originally posted by Gliderguy:getting close to being a useless technology Agreed -- but why does it keep being used? the solution is convincing companies like garmin to use USB ports instead. I just got a brand-new computer with ONE serial port and 4 USB ports. It comes with a USB mouse, printer, keyboard -- so I'm practically out of them anyway without buying a USB hub. And my (also new) GPS, UPS, PalmVx (well, almost new) all want a serial port. I've got a Belkin USB/PDA adaptor, but I just wish these were all USB appliances, and that new computers shipped with twenty USB ports. Grrr. Warre
  6. I've got a Garmin venture, and I just moved to India. My main use for the unit will be navigating the streets while I bike or drive. I didn't get the fancier unit with the street guide, since Mapquest doesn't make an Indian CD. What I want to do is use a nice piece of software (free would be great!) like EasyGPS or something that would let me scan in street maps, syncronize them to my waypoints, and plan routes. Since the USGS doesn't cover India, most of the popular packages won't work well. I downloaded a few to try out, but it's really tough to get a scanned map resized and dragged around to match up with my tracks. Any suggestions? Thanks! Warre
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