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  1. ***I just don't see any support for the argument that virtuals bring you to a mystery/surprise location.***


    Neither do a lot of micros under a lamp skirt, but the only difference is that the micros have a "Log" to sign.


    I don't go to Waymarking because I don't want to go to two different sites just to play a game where everything (like counts) used to be integrated into one site.

  2. ***My Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief Communications team is headed your way on Monday***


    I'm in Richardson, TX...right where the George Bush Turnpike crosses over Highway 75 (Central Expressway). I think we will be on the West side of the storm (Dry Side) and do OK.


    My wife's relatives (The Outlaws) are in NW Houston...about 260 miles from me... where highway 290 crosses higway 6 and FM1960. It should go right over them at about 80 MPH.


    If you are up near this area, drop me an email through my profile and maybe we can get some coffee.




  3. ***Your placing of caches has nothing to do with it -- you don't hunt (hence, log) your own caches.***


    No I don't, others do...and they can write what they want in the log...and I don't get upset over verbage.


    ***I thought that attitude was particularly arrogant***


    Such is life. If your looking for a message board fight, you ain't going to get it...because, it does not bother me one bit if you write 1 word or use every word in the dictionary...in multiple languages. You can even write that my cache sucked...hey, thanks for stopping by...and I never delete logs.


    If you want long stories, then make sure your web page has "Additional Logging Requirements" in it. Explain that in order to get credit, you require a minimum of 1000 words in 5 paragraphs and each paragraph must be numbered and begin with a capital letter...and the words must all be verbs and nouns describing the adventure.



  4. ***I liked the way you phrased this response a lot better than the previous post you made. It gives more perspective about where you are coming from and give you more credibility. ***




    Sometimes we write things in a hurry knowing what we mean...but others then read it differently and get offended.


    Like I said, English was not my Forte...so I became a computer programmer, Now I only have to know a dozen words or so.

  5. Trying to post a message to the forum...it happened a few times today.


    PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 45 seconds exceeded in E:\Inetpub\forums\GC\ips_kernel\class_db_mysql.php on line 457 PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 45 seconds exceeded in E:\Inetpub\forums\GC\sources\ipsclass.php on line 1111

  6. ***That's about as arrogant an attitude as I've ever read on these boards. If that's true (the "I'm into geocaching..." part), imagine if nobody puts out any caches - where would you be then?***


    I don't know how you read or decipher a message, but since I'm into Geocaching, that means "I also place caches".


    I am happy that people come to mine...they don't have to, they can read the cache page and skip it. But to entice people, all my caches are a 2 and below and some are "Handicap Rated", because I want people to find them eaisly.


    As far as logging, I don't care what they write...a Long Thesis, a Short Story, Poems, an "X"...etc. What I like is that email to me, telling me that someone took the time to find my cache.


    Maybe the Original Poster likes to read the stories and sometimes I enjoy reading a story on my caches...but I never put "TNLN", I usually write 1 sentence...


    Hence, my crappy school grades in English.

  7. ***Sounds as if you've got some money burning a hole in your pocket and you want a new toy.***


    I do want a new toy.


    On my 60Csx, the face is cracked.

    The paint on the buttons is worn off.

    Sometimes you push those buttons and nothing happens.

    The memory chip under the batteries is loose and that aluminum thing is broken (i put glue on the chip to hold it in).


    But otherwise it works.

  8. My Garmin 60Csx is getting old. It has found me caches and has been through some Bush-Whacking Hell.


    I'm looking for a replacement after the first of the year and with all the problems of the newer garmins, I just might change to a Delorme PN-40. It ain't out yet, but there have been some good writeups on it and it sounds much better and faster than the PN-20.


    I only use the GPS for geocaching and occasional street locating.


    A few more months to go...and we shall see.


    (If you are looking for a question...there are none...just a thought)

  9. Using the Geocaching Icon, you will only see the caches that have the BoxTop down(Closed - not found).


    If for some reason they got loaded with the wrong Icon, BoxTop up (Open - Found) then you won't see them using the Geocaching Icon.


    To see all (Found, Not Found, POI's), use the Waypoints Icon and see if you can spot them.


    If not...then they arn't there.

  10. ***Not this again! ***


    Oh Well, I usually don't read beyond the first page.


    But now that I see you gave so many links (right at your finger tips)...and this topic is getting old...the moderator can delete this topic if they want.


    But...Thanks For Playing

  11. Sure, I pay dues and get that Raduim ++ Member listed under my name...but I pay to get some extra stuff like pocket queries.


    Even though I believe all Geocachers using this site should be a Premium Member...I don't prohibit those non-members from seeking out any of my caches.


    What are your reasons for having a "Members Only Cache"?

  12. ***I wish I knew what the solution to this was. People are so used to clicking on checkboxes that very few people actually stop and read what they are agreeing to by doing so. I'll admit it, I never read the End User License Agreement when I install software -- "Yeah, yeah, I read it, let me get on with the install."***


    A multiple-choice quiz after you check those boxes. Questions will be drawn from a question pool...and you have to score 80% or beter to get your cache in the reviewers que. If you fail, then you keep taking the quiz until you pass.



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