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  1. <Yes, but you didn't get Über Genius - v3.0> What do you want for $30 bucks....?
  2. If I didn't give my $30 bucks for Geocaching....I'd just spend it somewhere else. And I got another "+" in my "Radium Upgrade".
  3. <past couple sprints> Good....Agile Thanks for the info.
  4. <My vote is for using off the shelf software and start new.> No off The Shelf Software does everything you need it to do. There is always some customizing to do...
  5. <And I think the main reason for that was that I *gasp!* read and understood the guidelines BEFORE submitting the cache! > Maybe you were lucky and didn't place it near an Invisible Cache (Part of a Multi-Cache)....that you have no way of knowing it was there...unless you ask the reviewer if your cache placement is ok before hand.
  6. I can't even get in to log my finds today....it just sits there saying "Waiting".
  7. <he only time that I have a problem with the Forum's is between 1100 and 1430 CST.> Yea...it didn't work for me at 1355 CST
  8. <Actually, TheTexasGringo and Drooling Mongoloid are one and the same. Name was changed for PC reasons. Right, TG?> Yes....I originally had this kind up in Madison, Wi....then when I moved back down here to Dallas....people didn't like my name...they said it was not Politically Correct and I got some bad emails expressing that.... So, I became the Texas Gringo.....Now all of the Gringo's in Texas are mad at me...for making fun of them....and so it goes.
  9. <Are you still looking for a spoiler on that one? I'd tell you the deep, dark "secret", but the thread title suggests I only give spoilers for my own hides.> Go ahead...be my guest....Don't hold back....Give him all the help he needs.
  10. <Make sure it's legal to use one - they're commonly banned in city parks and the like.> I have used metal detectors since the Fisher M-Scope (Tubes)....and always searched in parks...until several years ago when they were banned....I now have a Fisher CZ-70 Pro that I use where allowed. The problem was that people used to dig holes looking for something and then never covering the holes back up....leaving a mess.
  11. <I have a complaint. I wasted my time solving that puzzle, only to find out it's a micro.> BUMMER.....That is 60 Seconds you will NEVER get back. Maybe I should have just put the Coordinate picture First and you would not have to waste 60 seconds to see it is a Micro....LOL
  12. <Nice. Are you the same guy that makes those anoying halloween emails (look realy hard at this picture to see proof of ghostes...BOO).> Thanks for an Idea.....BOO !!! LOL
  13. <There are 4 Wherigo caches within 50 miles.> I'm in the Dallas area....and there are only 6 within 100 miles.
  14. Here is my Puzzle Cache that ANY GEOCACHER in the world can solve in under 60 seconds. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...ba-966914bf53f1
  15. This is a more popular Forum to get an answer than the Wherigo one...last post there was a couple days ago. Are any of you playing Wherigo or making Wherigo cartridges? If not now...Are you thinking about doing it in the future? Just wondering...if it is becoming popular...maybe I'll upgrade to the Garmin 550 when it comes out and try to write a couple cartridges for people to play....if not...then I'll just keep my 60csx.
  16. I leave the original DNF and make a new FOUND log entry.
  17. The other day I kept getting "Server Busy" and "Service Unavailable" for quite a while. Usually (including today) I just get "Waiting For Geocaching.com" or "Waiting For Forums.Groundspeak.com". These messages have happened much more frequently in the last month or so.
  18. I buy the new ones every year...not an update. I have used GPS City for a couple years to buy stuff...no problems. https://www.gpscity.com/ I have a 2 gig card and it holds the whole USA on it with some room left over. It just takes forever to load it. My 60Csx works fine too...no problems.
  19. At least the cops were nice enough to posted new coordinates.... (44 degrees 44’ 29.70 N by 92 degrees 53’ 09.72 W)
  20. There are some "1 degree of seperation" caches that I just drive by when I see GZ...I hardly ever do them because it looks too suspicious to others hunting around someone's house.
  21. This gets me through most of the brush....
  22. From the complaints on the previous Garmin Units...I wish they would just fix them instead of announcing new units. I'd hate to buy this and be unsatisfied like the previous owners who bought the newer units. For now, I'll stick with my 60CSX...it has done me good.
  23. For a particular cache...a 1.5 rating may mean different challenges to different people. There are a couple 1 ratings that I have never found....people before me have found it and people after me have found it....but me...Nope.
  24. I've upgraded my 60CSX with 3.9 when it first came out. I have since then loaded the whole USA (City Navigator 2009) on mine with no problems. I have geocached without a single problem...no hangups no blue screens...no slower lock-on's...nothing. The only thing is the "D" missing on the sattellite screen.
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