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  1. ***I think a bigger threat to geocaching is uncontrolled growth. Like say the CB radio fad of the late 70's.***


    That fad made me get my Ham Radio License. In the 60's, I had a Johnson Messenger II (Tube set) and some of us even did morse code through a speaker to learn it.

  2. ***I have a question for you. If you moved to a new town, and you went into the local eatery, and you had to listen to the waitress argue with a long time customer about how the menus should be printed, just so you could hear the specials, then have your food slopped onto your table, then when you say something about it, you are told to watch your attitude and mind your own business, while the manager stands there watching all of it and does nothing about it, would you go back to that restaurant? ***


    Try "Dick's Last Resort" in Dallas......they do that.

  3. I have an ATP with 8000+ Hours. My (Gold Seal) CFI, II, MEI expired years ago. I got burnt out and went into computers...started my own business and never looked back....especially with the crazy stuff going on now.


    I learned in Linden, NJ and Morristown, NJ back in the 60's...I taught at Spartan (Tulsa, Ok) in the mid 70's (Elmo was still there)....and Burnside-Ott (both Opa Locka and Tamiami in Florida) in the late 70's early 80's. Then off to Houston, Tx (Hobby) for Charter, Commuter and Corporate.


    Left aviation after the air traffic controller strike in the 80's.

  4. Stop by a local airport and go to one of the FBO's (Fixed Base Operators). They usually sell stuff to used on the plexiglass windshields of small aircraft to remove scratches. If not...ask one of the mechanics for a little. It comes in a plastic bottle...like Elmers glue.


    I see a post up above refering to this too......

  5. When I was placing my Cache (Jenni_&_Kyle_Preserve - GCXYNZ)...I was caught placing it by a muggle. I explained to him what it was...had him sign the log book and help place it...no problems.


    I have seen him several times since and he reports what he sees...he feels part of the cache.


    See the "Muggle Report" on this sites writeup.

  6. My wife wishs that my Garmin Maps would include a Psychotrist locator.


    what's a psychotrist?


    It is something I need after a speelling teachur.


    oh, thank goodness. i was worried that it was some new psychobabble fad.


    "Psychobabble" a new fad? Something new? Can I become a PREMIUM MEMBER? .......No No No...Don't answer that...it was a joke.

  7. What the Non-Members forget...is that they are using a Private (Not Public) computer system...and then complain that they want more for FREE.


    Now that the system is getting overloaded (System Busy Errors)...maybe it is time for these free-loaders to cough up the $30 bucks a year to help support this sport....and if they are not willing to do this...then either find another sport or start your own Non-Member Caching site...and see how long you can support Non-Dues to pay for your system problems.


    If you can't afford $30 bucks a YEAR...then you have deeper problems.

  8. ***JoeX, a premium member, makes his caches available only to other premium members, yet JoeX feels free to find my non-premium member caches--that is just not fair. No one shouild have to pay a price ($$) to be able to locate a cache.***


    You are using a computer system that costs money to run....and the PREMIUM members...like my self are supporting YOU. So, As a paying member...I should be able to see what the NON-PAYING people are doing...like your caches.


    If you can't afford $3 a month...you can't afford a GPS....or this sport.

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