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  1. Are you talking about a sound file with a play button somewhere on the page, or a sound that automatically plays when the page is loaded? If it's the later, please don't- it's the second most annoying thing you can do to a web page, right after the < blink > tag.


    If I go to a web site and some sound starts playing....I'm gone...I hate that.

  2. I am getting VERY tired of this problem. I am a premium member and I expect my dues to go toward adding new servers or whatever is neccessary to fix this problem, and I think that we should all demand the same! I don't care if it is Saturday or Sunday... if the demand is too great, upgrade to what it takes!!


    Here is an Idea...if a Premium Member tries to log in...and the "Server Is Busy", then a Non-Premium member should be dropped off-line to make room for the Premium Member...that could be another Premium Member Benifit.

  3. ***You guys hear the choppers coming yet?***


    I don't hear the Choppers .... But ...


    I hear the train a comin' it's rollin' 'round the bend

    And I ain't seen the sunshine since I don't know when

    I'm stuck at Folsom prison and time keeps draggin' on

    But that train keeps rollin' on down to San Antone

  4. ***only those of us who are Platinum members and who have the Polonium 210 endorsement -- and there are only about eighteen of us worldwide, last that I heard -- are able to log in with Grade B1 supervisory privileges and use the control panel to see who has watchlisted our caches.***


    Polonium 210 & B1 Privileges? That was yester-year. Better renew your membership to get upgraded.

  5. ***You are already a Premiun Member. You could extend your current membership to put the money in their hands faster.***


    How about other level's of membership to show one's contribution?


    Hey, what about that "Titanium" membership I always hear about...for an extra few bucks a year?


    Premium = $30

    Gold = $40

    Titanium = $50




    Platinum = $100 which includes your own personal IP address on the Geocaching.com servers. This enables you to your own thread on their server's CPU...no waiting, no Busy Server messages...just raw power. Be able to connect when others can't.

  6. Well, it finally hit 40 degrees here in Madison, Wi. The snow is starting to melt some and soon my caches will be accessable once again (Not burried in snow or Frozen into the ground).


    Got to get ready for the Geocaching Season by replacing pens, damaged log books, clean out junk and make sure the caches are hidden as before.


    I take some pride in my caches...do you?

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